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Sea Shepherd Brisbane

Upcoming Events 2015:

Please check our facebook page for upcoming events.


Greaze Fest 1st and 2nd August


Regular markets at Westend Saturdays.

Come visit Sea Shepherd Brisbane chapter at one of our westend market stalls every Saturday 6am-1pm!

We have a large selection of merchandise to choose from and loads of friendly volunteers to chat to about what is happening to our oceans. We also have Eftpos available for your convenience.

Westend -

Volunteering with Sea Shepherd Brisbane

If you are interested in volunteering Sea Shepherd Australia in the Brisbane area, please contact our enthusiastic and active chapter on

Find us on facebook for more information!


Past Events:

Redcliffe Sails Festival 3rd April

What a massive day! Sea Shepherd Brisbane were delighted to be invited to attend Redcliffe Sails Festival on Good Friday. We met lots of lovely people and their dogs and had huge support from the crowds. We also found a lot of support for Sea Shepherd from locals. Thank you Sails Festival for the amazing day and support of our cause. We look forward to joining the event again next year!


redcliffe Sails festival


Dustin Thomas 29th March 2015

Sea Shepherd Brisbane would like to thank The End at West End for their wonderful hospitality and for having us along on Sunday Night. Forget the Cricket Final, we had a fantastic time dancing along to Dustin Thomas and Pat Tierney. And of course a big thank you to all the Sea Shepherd Supporters who were there on the night. With your ongoing support we can continue protecting our oceans with campaigns such as Operation Icefish and Apex Harmony.



Xavier Rudd 22nd March

Xavier Rudd was a successful event over all. Their was a fair amount of interest from the audience. We had an awesome position close to the stage so we were able to enjoy the concert and also catch the crowd on the way out to source donations.  Thank you Xavier for your continued support of Sea Shepherd and the Environment.



Soundwave 28th Feb and 1st March 2015

The RNA showgrounds was full of music and ocean lovers this weekend with the Sea Shepherd Logo splattered all throughout the venue! Both days our volunteers were on their feet rushing to meet the demand of interested patrons wanting to represent our cause. It was fantastic to see so much support for the cause in one weekend. The vols loved rocking out to some great bands whilst shaking the tins and seeing lots of smiling faces. Thank you everyone for your incredible support over the two days and thank you Soundwave for having us at your event.




Veronicas 21st Feb 2015

What an amazing night Sea Shepherd Brisbane had at the Veronicas show! We had a fantastic time talking to fans and raising awareness about what Sea Shepherd does to fans who knew a little bit about our organisation thanks to the “if you love someone” film clip. Our volunteers got to enjoy the show and enjoyed waving our flags high with the girls at the end of the show! We had the pleasure of sharing the foyer with some ladies from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and had a great time discussing Steve Irwin and our mutual appreciation for all he has done for conservation over the world. Thank you to all those who donated on the night and thank you to Jess and Lisa for your ongoing support of our cause.




13th Feb 2015 The Beautiful Girls

Sea Shepherd Brisbane would like to thank The Beautiful Girls and The Triffid for having us along on Friday night. We had a wonderful time dancing to the great beats and chatting to people about the work we do and our current campaigns.

A big thank you to all those fans who supported us. All your support goes towards the fight to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

We are very appreciative for The Beautiful Girl's on going support and the great hospitality shown to us by JC and The Triffid staff.

Awesome music combined with a fantastic venue created a successful night for Sea Shepherd Brisbane.

the beautiful girls 2


20th December 2014- Brisbane Alternative Expo

On the 20th of December, Sea Shepherd Brisbane were invited to attend the Brisbane Alternative Expo. The day was an interesting one, as we had the chance to check out the stalls, watch wrestling and listen to some awesome bands in the evening. It was a long day from 9am till 10pm but this gave us a good chance to promote what we do and have some in depth conversations with patrons and what they can do to help protect the oceans. Thank you Brisbane Alternative Festival for inviting us and we look forward to attending again in 2015!



Nahko and Medicine for the people - 19th November 2014

A Thunderstorm, flash flooding and terrible traffic could not have kept us away from Nahko and Medicine for the People playing at the Hi-Fi in West End. We are not only very thankful top Nahko and Medicine for the People for having us along but also for their engaging song writing promting and actively advocating to protect our wonderful oceans and land. As always we were blown away by their talent and energetic performance. A huge thank you to their fans for their support of Sea Shepherd. All the much needed proceeds we raised on the night will go directly to fuelling the ships for this year's Antarctic Campaign, Operation Icefish 2014-2015. We had a wonderful time chatting to all the supporters. We could not stop singing, shouting and dancing right from Dustin Thomas, Trevor Hall and of course Nahko and Medicine for the People. We were proud to have been a part of the night along with Lock the Gate who were also present raising awareness and campaigning against coal seam gas mining in Australia, particularly focusing on the NSW Northern Rivers. We had a wonderful night, thanks again to everyone for their support.


Bretts Operation Pacuare - 15th November

Sea Shepherd Brisbane Volunteer Brett Bradley returned from Operation Pacuare on the 15th of November. We are very proud to have Brett as part of our crew at Sea Shepherd Brisbane as his passions for the environment is obvious in how he lives his life and gives endlessly to the cause. Here is the link to his editorial on Operation Pacuare.


End of Year Event - 1st November

Sea Shepherd Brisbane was first of the cities to kick off the Operation Icefish Ocean Defence Tour Fundraisers and what a great start it was! Sea Shepherd supporters got to enjoy the sounds of musicians Lilly Kendall, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate and alibrandi who all donated their time to the event. Money was raised through merchandise sales and raffles with prizes such as beauty and adventure packs up for grabs! We would like to give a special thanks to all of our volunteers who gave their time on the night and also to all the supporters who purchased tickets to come along. The night wouldn't have been the same without you all.

 Motorroom Brisbane 2014

Photo: Pauly Suters ( IT Manager Sea Shepherd Australia)


Beach Clean Ups Burleigh and Redcliffe - 18th October 2014

On the 18th of October Sea Shepherd partnered with Natureluster and eco group the 5000 to host a nationwide beach clean up! It was a big success, all volunteers did an awesome job this day to collect a massive bunch of rubbish !! PET drink bottles, bottle caps and lids, chips/ confectionery bags where the dominant plastic items found beside of heaps cigarette butts, aluminum cans, alcoholic beverage bottles, and some electronic waste. The day definitely bought the issue to peoples attention as they got a lot of positive responses and people from the public started picking up some rubbish and bringing it over to us which was very encouraging. If everyone made sure to collect their rubbish when leaving the beach or better yet not use single use plastics it would make clean ups like these less necessary but thanks to the team the day was a success.

Redcliffe beach clean


I Killed The Prom Queen September 12th 2014

Sea Shepherd Brisbane were luckily enough to be invited along to attend "I Killed The Prom Queen Brotality Tour". I Killed The Prom Queen have invited us to many of their shows and we are grateful for their continued support in helping us fight for the oceans. The night was amazing with lots of support from not only the bands but also the crowd. The music was incredible and we absolutely had a great night rocking out! Definitely can't wait to see these boys again and help raise some much needed funds and awareness.

1st September 2014

Several volunteers of Sea Shepherd Brisbane joined many other passionate people outside the Japanese Consulate in Brisbane to Protest the Slaughter of thousands of Dolphins and Small cetaceans in what is known as "The Cove" in Taiji, Japan. Here is what one volunteer had to say about the day. "There were about 15 of us and we stood outside the embassy for about 2 hours. We had lots of people "honking" to support our cause. We had people asking questions about why we were there. For which we explained and they happily said "we support you". 

Taiji protest


5th, 6th and 7th of September 2014

Our volunteers were invited to share some Ocean Love with the wacky and wild people of Comicon! The weekend was full of meeting all kinds of new people and this is what volunteers had to say about the event. "Comicon was a sensational experience for us! Loads of love from lots of new faces and support from some really rad characters and we made lots of new friends! We raised some much needed awareness and funds as we head into whaling season. It was great as we got to meet lots of people who dont get a chance to see us often or ever but have been long time supporters and we also met lots of newbies,it was very cool. Sea Shepherd Brisbane wishes to thank Comicon for the oppotunity to be at the event, we had so much fun and can't wait to be back again!

lincolnlewis comicon

2nd and 3rd of August 2014 Greazefest

Our volunteers got to enjoy the rockabilly lifestyle at Greazefest. Amongst plenty of hot rods and hot clothes our vols got to spread our ocean conservation message to the patrons who showed plenty of support. Our volunteers Joel and Sara bought in their motorcycle "Conchita" which is decked out with the Sea Shepherd logo and people were able to get their photo taken with it. The weekend was enjoyed by all who got to go.

IMG 20140803 124054

IMG 20140802 145906


The Last Paradise Film Premier 16th June 2014

Volunteers had a great night out at the Last Paradise Film Premier on the 16th of June. It was a great way for our volunteers to spend their night being able to network with other volunteers from organisations such as Save the Reef and The Australian Marine Conservation Society as they were also represented on the night. The volunteers got the share their passions with like minded people who understand what we all do and why we work so hard, the night was one of positive energy from a varying age demographic. Our volunteers had a busy night as the movie goer’s were nuts for the tie dye shirts, some didn’t even get to see the whole movie. Our volunteers were also lucky and got to meet Clive Neeson, the Creator and Producer of the Last Paradise. Over all the night was a successful night of awareness raising and passion sharing and we are grateful for the opportunity to have been there.

Last Paradise


In Hearts Wake Tour 15th June 2014

In Hearts Wake were kind enough to invite Sea Shepherd along to the Brisbane date of their Earthwalker national tour. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet their fans and chat about the work that we are doing. Everyone was really generous in their donations and eager to talk to us. We spotted a number of Sea Shepherd shirts in the crowd which was really great to see! It was fun to spend the evening with so many environmentally aware and switched on people. We were also impressed to find out that In Hearts Wake have teamed up with 'Carbon Neutral' to ensure their tour is as environmentally friendly as possible! Everyone was lovely and really generous with the majority of people happy to give us their loose change and even notes. All in all it was a great and positive experience with evidence of how important our organisation is and how many people really love what Sea Shepherd does.

Electrical Trade Union Talk 10th June 2014

Several Sea Shepherd Brisbane volunteers were invited to speak at the most recent meeting of the Electrical Trade Union (ETU) in South Brisbane, along with representatives from two other organisations, 'Not for sale' and 'Lock the Gate'. This weeks topic for the meeting was "campaigning in the community", which gave Brisbane's education manager the opportunity to speak to some 25+ members of the union about the vital work Sea Shepherd conducts in carrying out our many campaigns globally, both land and sea based. It was great to see an audience consisted of people of different ages, ways of life and nationalities which made for a very rewarding experience for our volunteers as we were given the golden opportunity to spread awareness as well tell personal stories from their experiences volunteering for Sea Shepherd to a new group of people. After the presentations all the representatives sat on a panel, answering countless questions from the audience, as well as receiving a gift in the form of a beanie from the ETU, perfect for the coming winter months.



Propaghandi 8th June 2014

Volunteers Brook and Nichola had a great night on the 8thnof June as we were invited to have a stall at Propaghandi’s gig at the HiFi in West End. The support band Crisis Alert gave Sea Shepherd a shout out and before the show and Keebler from Propaghandi came to visit the stall and thanked us for our efforts. The support from the bands and the crowd was amazing as they spotted several Sea Shepherd shirts throughout the crowd. A huge shout out to Propaghandi and their on going support of Sea Shepherd.



Logan Eco Action Festival 8th June 2014

On the 8th of June Sea Shepherd Brisbane held a stall at the Logan Eco Action Festival (LEAF). The day was lots of fun with volunteers being on their feet all day with the influx of people wanting to share their passions for the oceans or wanting to learn more about what we do. The day was a huge success for Sea Shepherd Brisbane as we were able to build new partnerships and raise awareness in a community we do not normally get a chance to do outreach. Thank you to all those who visited the stall on the day and showed their support.


Brigidine College talk 4th June 2014

Two of our amazing volunteers had the opportunity to attend Bigidine College's day for the environment! Kate and Alison were able to return to their old high school and speak to many of the girls about what they had been up to with Sea Shepherd since graduating. They said that it was such a rewarding experience to see the amount of passion young people have when discussing the work that Sea Shepherd does and their concerns for overall marine conservation! We had a lot of support on the day from not only the girls, but the teachers too. It's so important for the younger generation to understand the increasing risks endangering our oceanic ecosystems and all the creatures that live within it! We've even received messages from girls asking for advice about projects their working on relating to shark conservation in particular! Keep up the great work Brigidine College!


Michael Franti Concert 23rd April 2014

Sea Shepherd Brisbane had the pleasure of attending Michael Franti and Medicine for the people’s concert on the 23rd of April at The Tivoli in Brisbane to set up a merchandise table and share awareness for the ocean and of our cause. Here are the volunteer’s reviews of the event:

“We volunteered at the Michael Franti concert last night and I could not prepare myself for how wonderfully awesome the night would be. Michael is a beautiful human that radiates such love and kindness. He actually thanked Sea Shepherd for coming! (Like it was a chore to be there ) his performance was epic and they all seemed to have so much fun they just kept dancing in the audience and on stage after they'd finished their set. The support act Nahko and Medicine For The People were outstanding!! They even expressed their respect and gratitude to Sea Shepherd and said THEY were fans. Eeek! Overall perfect night” Annelise.

“With sincere gratitude to Michael Franti and Medicine for the People! For such amazing support.
We had a great fundraising night. The support was incredible and we sold out of a few things before the doors even opened to the bands alone. Michael is a beautiful human being, he was gracious kind and didn't play a show, but hosted a kick-ass party and gave Sea Shepherd Australia a great shout out! I really recommend catching him if you get the chance. Medicine for the people whom supported Michael, are also huge supporters, they rocked the SSA shirts on stage and spent allot of time hanging out with us...or rather, Annelise as half the band fell head over heels in love with her Haha.....who wouldn't! Sales were amazing it was a great night!” Rach.

We thank Michael Franti and Nahko and Medicine for the People for their ongoing support of Sea Shepherd.

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Hotel Brunswick 'Welcome Home' Sea Shepherd Benefit 5th April 2014

On April the 5th Brisbane Volunteers worked at Byron Bay's 'Welcome Home' Benefit Show. They spent the day working tirelessly shaking tins at the entry ways to help raise as much funds as possible to go toward the ships. The event couldn't have had better timing after the ICJ ruling against Japanese whaling made the event an even larger celebration and had everyone is positive spirits. The event was an undisputed success as volunteers and patrons alike got to enjoy the music stylings of Matt McHugh, Darren Middleton, Wandering Eyes, Pilots and many more and also the inspiring speeches from Sea Shepherd Australia Director Jeff Hansen and Antarctic Crew Members.

We congratulate Byron on the awesome event they put together and look forward to supporting any future events.

Rach Alison and Nichola

sharnee and jess

Soundwave 2014

Volunteers from Brisbane Sea Shepherd were privileged to attend Soundwave 2014 this February to help raise awareness, funds and some ocean love to the masses on the day! The volunteers were met with surprising support on the day with lots of visitors coming to just have a chat, make a donation and one particular man stocking up on several shirts for his family and having them zip tied to his pants so he wouldn't loose them in the mosh! Several bands were large supporters of Sea Shepherd either rocking shirts or stickers on their instruments which sent their fans our way after their sets! Overall the event was a huge success and Brisbane vols can't wait to get back next year and thank everyone who attended and came and said hi for their support and making it an unforgettable event.


Chinese New Year

Sea Shepherd Brisbane held a stall in King George Square Brisbane to help raise awareness of the sale of Shark Fin soup, how it is cruelly collected and the impact it has on the Ocean and the environment for the number of sharks being killed to sustain these sales. The volunteers were lucky to me met with good attitudes, people willing to learn and lots of support from the public.

Chinese new year market

World Whale Day 15th Feb 2014

World Whale Day was a success at West End Markets on the 15th of Feb with a team of 5 volunteers there to raise awareness on whaling issues throughout the world and what Sea Shepherd is doing to make a difference. The volunteers spent the day handing out colouring sheets and stickers to the young people at the markets and talking with their parents about the issues. One of our volunteers also made an amazing whale blackboard where the public could write their messages of support to our crew down in Antarctica. The support from the Brisbane public was outstanding and it definitely goes to show that more people are becoming aware of the issues and our work does not go unnoticed.

Whale Day vols at West End 1


WA Shark Rally

On the 4th of January, surfer's, divers, snorkelers, conservationists, general members of the public and a number of different ocean conservation organisations united against Barnett's and Buswell's new shark policy. They gathered in Justin’s Park in Burleigh to ask the Australian Government to stop the shark cull in WA, ask for the removal of shark nets and raise awareness to the public about the importance of sharks in our Eco System. We had special guest speakers Pauly Suters Sea Shepherd Brisbane Coordinator and Fin Free Brisbane, Nicole McLachlan and Stephanie Ashton – Walters from Sea Shepherd Gold Coast and Hannah Smith. This protest was held simultaneously with other protest right around Australia the turnout was incredible with approximately 200 people in attendance at Burleigh and almost 4000 at Cottesloe Beach in Perth. All the people in attendance were there to share their same passion for the ocean and the protection of all its creatures. These protests will be ongoing until the Australian Government understands what the majority of the Australian population wants and abolishes the shark cull policy and promises to protect our sharks.

Pauly Suters speaking at WA shark rally

Beach Clean Up

Volunteers from Brisbane Sea Shepherd helped to support the Gold Coast Chapter on a few of their beach clean ups throughout December and January. At the Spit a large number of cigarette butts and fishing line was collected. At Burleigh it was largely cigarette butts and micro plastics such as plastic bottle lids. There were a large number of volunteers in attendance at both and it was incredible to see the support from the public with some just picking up bags to help us clean up the beaches and a lot of people just giving us encouraging words of support. The number of bags of rubbish collected was despicable though and should be a reminder to all those who visit the beach to enjoy it should also make effort to keep it clean for others and protect the animals who call that habitat home by ensuring you take all your rubbish with you when you leave.

GC beach Clean up

Christmas Party

To celebrate our hard work for the year Brisbane and Gold Coast Chapters combined our Christmas parties and spent the day at The Spit on the Gold Coast, sun baking, Snorkeling and Diving. The day was an awesome chance for the chapters to catch up, socialize and spend time enjoying what we work so hard to protect, the Ocean. Here is one of our volunteers Alison’s diving experience on the day: “We saw heaps of beautiful things! Our dive pretty much consisted of hanging around an area of rock and peeking around finding all sorts of beautiful critters. :)We saw octopus, and a big range of fish life. We got to dive for almost an hour which was the longest dive we've ever done and also had the opportunity of collecting a massive entanglement of sea weed, rubbish, lures, hooks and fishing line! Brook and I feel that when the ocean provides us with such beautiful things for us to see and discover, it seems only right to give something back to the ocean and ensure we can do everything possible to help preserve it. We encourage all snorkelers and divers to collect rubbish, especially fishing line as it can be very harmful to beautiful marine creatures.”


Jess and johnno beach clean up


Operation Relentless Tour Fundraiser

The Operation Relentless Tour kicked off in Brisbane at Casablanca’s on Caxton Street on the 2ndnof November, 2013. The Tour was to raise funds for Sea Shepherds 10th Annual Antartic Whale Defence Campaign.

Thanks to the hard work of our Brisbane volunteers and the staff at Casablancas the night was full of live entertainment, speeches from special guests, raffles and auctions. The contempory folk sounds of Clouds for Kings created the atmosphere for the event as well as having inspirational speeches from Captain Peter Hammarstedt, Vincent Burke, campaign veteran and Brett Bradley, Brisbane Volunteer and Cove Guardian which were all moving and full of passion for the oceans. The crowd then got to spend the night mixing with the Captain and having him answer all their questions.

Sea Shepherd Brisbane would like to thank all our sponsors who donated prizes for the raffles and auctions, the money has gone a long way to help support our crew down in the Antarctic.

Pirates relentless tour

Hammarstedt and Johnno


Flake Education Project

Sea Shepherd Brisbane volunteers ran the first ever approved onshore direct action in October to help aid the protection of Sharks by raising awareness about buying and consuming flake and its contribution to the shark fining trade but also the impact it has on your health. The night was spent in Brisbane handing out flyers with information in regards to the level of mercury in shark meat such as flake and educating the public on the side effects of consuming the meat and the devastating effects it has on shark populations.

The public’s reaction to the flake education was very positive and they were willing to learn more about the issues. This was a very positive outcome for the Brisbane volunteers who look forward to pushing this movement further in the future. Watch this space for more information.


Shark Project Daniel


29 September - 1 October 2013
Parkway Drive

A big THANK YOU to our good friends Parkway Drive for inviting Sea Shepherd Brisbane to not one, but all 3 shows at the Tivoli in Brisbane!

Our volunteers had an amazing time at their show celebrating 10 years of hardcore music and received some much needed donations towards our upcoming campaign, Operation Relentless.

parkway drive

11 August 2013
Languages and Cultural Festival

Sea Shepherd Brisbane reached a new area this week and traveled to the Languages Cultures Festival, Queens Park Toowoomba. With the help of Bob a local supporter and his amazing family helped make this event happen.

SAM 0691-small

26-28 July 2013

Our Brisbane chapter had an interesting time at the recent Sexpo Exhibition . What a great excuse to tell your friends why you were going to Sexpo - to support Sea Shepherd. This was the only PG rated pic we could share - see below.

For more info check out their website:


I Killed the Prom Queen tour
27th June at The Tempo Hotel

Sea Shepherd Brisbane was proud to be present at the "I Killed the Prom Queen" show at The Tempo Hotel on Thursday 27th June. We loved being apart of the tour and had a fantastic evening!

Thank you to everyone who stop by for a chat or to purchase some of our merchandise, we loved seeing you all.


Paddle out - National Whale Day
1st June 2013

Some of our Brisbane crew traveled to be apart of the Paddle out on National Whale Day hosted by our fellow Gold Coast crew members to help celebrate National Whale Day.


April 2013

The dedicated Brisbane Chapter's recent volunteer meeting with all bar 6 of our volunteers, and our newest pirate - Camden 1 month old.



October 2012
Tangalooma Resort Beach Cleanup

Sea Shepherd Brisbane (with the help of Sea Shepherd Gold Coast) travelled to Moreton Island and helped clean up Tangalooma Resort's beach. Tangalooma Resort is a huge supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Even Captain Watson has written a message for them, which is proudly displayed in their visitor information centre.



September 2nd
Bridge to Brisbane - On-shore Volunteers Run!!

A team of our On-Shore Volunteers are joining forces for the Bridge to Brisbane 5km run/jog/walk on Sunday 2nd September 2012. Their fantastic efforts can be supported by donating to their nominated cause; Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Donations can be made viathis website. A target of $1000 has been set to help DEFEND, CONSERVE and PROTECT the biodiversity of the worlds oceans, so what are you waiting for? Get clicking and help spread the word!

To keep informed with the teams fundraising progress, followSea Shepherd Sunshine Coast on Facebook!

Goodluck to the Sea Shepherd Sunshine Coast, Bridge to Brisbane team!


Byron Bay’s 23rd Annual Bluesfest

Sea Shepherd was present, with a spectacular stall jam packed with merchandise, set up by Adam and his Byron Bay team. This year’s Bluesfest was especially memorable because it brought together Byron, Gold Coast, Brisbane and even Antarctic volunteers. It was several days of work mixed with fun and good music.




25th March, 2012
Xavier Rudd Gig

Our on shore volunteers joined the man himself Xavier Rudd at his Brisbane concert this week and as you can see from the photos they had a fantstic time. Xavier Rudd is a massive supporter of Sea Shepherds work and always has time to chat to our volunteers and supporters.


September 10th, 2011
West End Markets

Sea Shepherd were out in force early again last weekend at West End, a fantastic day was had by all again. Dont forget we are at the markets EVERY Saturday, so come along, bring a friend and drop past and show your support to these dedicated volunteers.


August 27th and 28th, 2011
West End Markets and Family Fun Day

Was a busy weekend this past weekend, as our Brisbane Chapter made a show at two events.

The rain might have put some people off the West End Markets this past Saturday, but it didn't dampen our spirits! With a brand new marquee donated by the Light House Ministries, we were warm and (mostly) dry under our shelter.

The following day, we were invited to attend a Family Fun Day at Raymond Park in Kangaroo Point, which was hosted to raise awareness for mental health issues. With bouncy castles, face painting and fairy floss, as well as some great live music, it was a fantastic day and we had a lot of fun - some of us even ending up with some great face art! Not to mention, the sunny, warm weather gave us a great chance to dry out our marquee!

We'll be at the West End Markets again this coming Saturday, so make sure you come down and check us out. We've just received a fresh batch of cool new merchandise including beanies, tote bags and a new range of ladies & kids shirts - stocks are limited, so it's quite literally first in, best dressed!

By Brisbane Co-ordinator and on-shore crew member Ross Currie


August 20th, 2011
West End Market

Sea Shepherd Brisbane Commandeer the West End Markets

The moon was still awake and the sun still asleep at 4:30am when the brave volunteers of our Brisbane chapter began setting up their stall at the West End markets this past Saturday, for the first of many market stalls to come at our favourite Brisbane market.

With the freshly acquired merchandise laid out, with sleep still in our eyes, and with buckets ready to shake, we were set to tackle the hordes that descend on this iconic Brisbane market every Saturday.

Having not been at these markets for almost a year, it was great to see that we'd been missed, with lots of people asking where we'd been and with many of the other stallholders stopping by to buy merchandise or to see what we'd been up to. Everyone was happy to see us again and, before the end of the day, we'd already been invited to two more events!

So if you live in Brisbane and haven't got your Sea Shepherd shirt or hat yet, or you just want to say hi, make sure you stop on down at the West End Markets in Davies Park next Saturday. We'll be there bright and early - and will happily accept donations of coffee!

By Brisbane Co-Ordinator Ross Currie



August 13th, 2011
Sea Shepherd Brisbane Back in Action at Australia Zoo.

After 8 months shore leave, the Brisbane chapter of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is back on deck with a fantastic new crew at the helm! This past Saturday marked the first of many events to come, with four of the shiny new on-shore volunteers turning up to man the Sea Shepherd stall at Beerwah's Great Garage Sale at Australia Zoo.

The event, held to raise funds for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, brought sellers and buyers alike, with everyone looking to turn trash into treasure. And of course, nothing was treasured more than the fantastic Sea Shepherd merchandise that got taken home, with our jolly roger beanies being the hot seller of the day.

Starting next Saturday, the team will be at the West End markets in Davies Park every Saturday from 6am-1pm, so show your support by coming down and saying hi.

By On-Shore Crew Volunteer and Brisbane Co-Ordinator Ross Currie



October 29th, 2010
Cocktails with the Captain - Mantra on Queen

On Saturday 30 October 2010 Sea Shepherd Brisbane held it’s 2nd annual “Cocktails with the Captain” fundraising event at the Queen Ann Conference Centre, under Mantra on Queen, in Brisbane’s CBD. The event was attended by more than 150 guests and featured colourful complimentary cocktails (and mocktails for the non-drinkers!) on arrival.

Channel 7 TV’s weathergirl Liz Cantor MC’d the evening introducing Brisbane's up and coming band ‘Local Residents’, Captain Paul Watson and Wolfmother.

The live auction featured a Sea Shepherd logo SuperFish surfboard (signed by Wolfmother, Liz Cantor and the Captain), swimwear from Lisa Blue (Byron Bay), dresses from Ultrasuite (as showcased by Liz Cantor) and other amazing prizes like works of art from local marine artists like Karlee Mackie, David Williams (Wild Oats Gallery) and Maureen ‘Mo’ Riggs.



More photos from the night are now available for download at:

Cocktails with the Captain photos

July 12th, 2010
Brisbane Screening of 'The Cove' - Tribal Theatre

50+ people turned out to see the latest Brisbane screening of the award winning documentary “The Cove”

Guest speakers were Dr Kumi Kato, a Japanese born University of Queensland lecturer who has also lectured at Wakayama University (the prefecture where Taiji is located). Kumi has spent a lot of time in Taiji getting to know the locals and met Ric O’Barry out there last year with her partner, Simon Wearne, a videographer from Whale Wars Season One –our other guest speaker.


March 13th, 2010
Green Earth Festival- Botanic Gardens Brisbane

Sea Shepherd Brisbane attended the Green Earth Festival, a family orientated, drug and alcohol free, community event which aimed to stimulate awareness by bringing environmental, green, health and lifestyle, cruelty-free, recycling and sustainable issues into the public eye; encouraging people to make simple changes in their everyday lives to help our environment and the world we leave for generations to come.

Over 3,000 attended with people coming up from Sydney and Melbourne just to be a part of Brisbane's newest environmentally friendly and cruelty free festival.

Photo Credit : Wills Photography



February 19th, 2010
Black Sea Event - Hilton Hotel Brisbane

Ady Gil, an Israeli born, Los Angeles based business man, keen philanthropist, passionate conservationist, animal rights advocate and Sea Shepherd sponsor behind the wave piercing trimaran bearing his name, flew into Brisbane on the morning of February 19 to be our special guest at a mid campaign fund raising event.

The evening attracted over 150 supporters from Byron Bay, north to the Sunshine Coast and west as far as Ipswich.

Entertainment was provided by Byron Bay locals, Greg Sheehan and Low Pressure System (Dave Rastovich’s band).

Our first speaker was Isabel Shannon Dow (7), a passionate Sea Shepherd supporter and Wildlife Warrior who read a poem she had written for a school project.

The highlight of the evening was the live auction which featured items like a one-off Sea Shepherd surfboard donated by Gary McNeill, Formula Energy Surfboards , a George Gross designer dress donated by Terri Irwin, Australia Zoo, Emporium Hotel and Porsche package, surfboard donated by City Beach signed by Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrows, Mark Occhilupo & Andy Irons (also signed by Dave Rastovich on the night) and many more …

Guest speakers included Senator Andrew Bartlett (The Greens Party), Wayne Poole (Australia Zoo International Business Development Manager) who explained the history behind Terri’s dress and the relationship between Sea Shepherd and Australia Zoo and Dave Rastovich (Surfers for Cetaceans).

Ady Gil, yet to experience his first surfing lesson, won the Gary McNeill (Sea Shepherd) surfboard (pictured below with Dave Rastovich) just after he was auctioned off for $950 as a date for a night.


February 6th, 2010
Conservation Party - Hollywood Gardens Spring Hill

A group of passionate Sea Shepherd supporters hosted a small informal fund raiser at the Hollywood Gardens pub in Spring Hill on Saturday 6th February from 2pm.

Money was raised from a raffle and cash jar from the 20 supporters in attendance.

Michael Dalton, Sea Shepherd Brisbane Coordinator, was on hand to provide guests with more details about the history and work of Sea Shepherd and to answer questions.


Party organizers: Sandy, Matt, Kirby & Sally


January 12th, 2010
Japanese Consulate Demonstration

On Tuesday 12th January 2010 at 10.30am 60 Sea Shepherd and anti-whaling supporters descended upon the Japanese Consulate in Brisbane. A peaceful but noisy protest was planned to raise awareness of both the continued slaughter of whales by the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Oceans and the recent ramming and subsequent sinking of the Ady Gil, Sea Shepherd's recently introduced fast interceptor wave piercing trimaran.

After initially confirming that the Consulate-General would come to the lobby to accept anti-whaling letters from the demonstrators, including supporters of Sea Shepherd, Surfers for Cetaceans and Byron Whale Action Group, the Japanese Government representative refused to leave his office. After considerable negotiations two demonstrators with a Channel Nine television cameraman were finally allowed to the consulate offices to present the letters.

The Consulate-General was advised that further protests, this time against Japanese companies with state head offices in Brisbane, were planned if the Japanese Government refused to act on the written requests to cease their violent action against Sea Shepherd vessels, immediately withdraw from the marine sanctuary and likewise immediately cease the slaughter of whales.

The protest ended shortly afterwards.



November 24th, 2009
Cocktails With The Captain

Brisbane hosted a cocktail event in late vember in support of the current campaign, Operation Waltzing Matilda, Sea Shepherd’s sixth campaign in Antarctica.

Terri Irwin, environmentalist, author, owner of Australia Zoo and long time Sea Shepherd supporter, along with Bindi and Robert, were special guests and were kind enough to provide some great items for the silent auction, including a VIP tour of the Zoo with a meet, greet with the Irwins.

After enjoying ‘Deep Blue Sea’ cocktails guests were invited to hear Amy Barker, environmentalist and author, read excepts from various writing of Paul Watson, before the Captain himself provided the attentive audience with details on the campaign and the defining moment in his life that has secured the life of tens of thousands of whales over the last 32 years while at the helm of Sea Shepherd.

The silent auction, pictures below, featured many great donated items from supporters from all over Australia, including Oliver Hill Winery (who donated vegan wines for the event), Australia Zoo, David Williams (Wild Oats Gallery – Placebo Soup sculpture), Bob Timmons (‘Voyage of my Soul’), Tangalooma Resort & many more.

The evening concluded after The Red Paintings performed along with their stage painters with help from Bindi & Robert Irwin and Isabel Dow.

The picture will soon be auctioned.


Photos Credit: Kathy Hill, Whisper Images


November 21st, 2008
The Red Paintings Benefit Concert

Approximately 700 people turned up to support Sea Shepherd at the Benefit Concert put on by Trash McSweeney and The Red Paintings on vember 21st, 2008 at The Arena in Brisbane. The band donated their time and worked tirelessly to promote the show with a grassroots marketing campaign noticed all over Brisbane leading up to the event.

Promotion included billboard posters, flyers, ads in mags and local street press including MX, Courier Mail, Rave Mag, Time off Mag, Tsunami Mag, an interview and mention on Triple J (Rosie beaton show), and a 4zzz interview and mention of show with Sea Shepherd crew members. The Red Paintings MySpace campaign promoted the show to over 35,000 friends.

Volunteers with masks featuring the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger logo patrolled the crowd seeking donations for funds to help cover the Operation Musashi campaign. The attendees generously donated while enjoying the good music including a set from Aboriginal musician Bunna Lawrie and finally the passionate and artistic performance by The Red Paintings to end the night. Captain Watson was invited on stage to say a few words on the imminent departure of the Steve Irwin to defend whales in the Southern Ocean and he surprised Trash by presenting him with a medal of honor for putting on a benefit concert to support the work of the Sea Shepherds! Sea Shepherd wishes to thank The Red Paintings and Trash McSweeney, Michael Dalton, Jeff Hansen, and the rest of the Brisbane volunteers for putting the event together for the benefit of Sea Shepherd and the whales.


Photos Credit: Susan Weingartner

To view the official music video for The Red Paintings song, "Whales Are Dying"
co-written by Trash McSweeney and Captain Paul Watson, click here


November 20th, 2008
"A Night with Captain Watson" in Brisbane

Reported by Michael Dalton, Brisbane Coordinator

Brisbane unleashed another storm on Thursday night (20th vember 2008) just as we were setting up for 'A night with Captain Paul Watson' and meant that we had to open the doors early which also dramatically reduced the anticipated 250 guests down to an estimated 120 at Kurilpa Hall. The night was opened with a couple of acoustic classic guitar numbers from 'Sanat' (Raymond Oliver), a conservationist composer and songwriter followed by a preview of Animal Planet's 'Whale Wars' and the much anticipated arrival of the Captain. Captain Watson captivated the audience for a full hour before opening up the floor to a Q&A session. Food was provided by the dedicated galley volunteers and well received by the guests.


Photos Credit: Susan Weingartner


November 15th, 2008
Steve Irwin Day at Australia Zoo

Reported by Sea Shepherd Australia

Captain Paul Watson was the featured speaker for Steve Irwin Day, hosted by the Australia Zoo, on vember 15th, 2008. Captain Watson focused his speech on whale conservation and Sea Shepherd's global campaigns to defend ocean wildlife. Local Coordinator Michael Dalton and other Brisbane area volunteers set up an information table and educated people about Sea Shepherd's work.


Photos Credit: Susan Weingart





Captain Paul Watson calls on the Japanese Consulate in Brisbane

Report by Michael Dalton

Tuesday 21st September 2010 started with the disturbing news, from Sea Shepherd Investigator Scott West on the ground in Taiji Japan, that 15 pilot whales, caught over the previous few days, had been slaughtered.



In response to this horrific act and in contradiction to the media claims from the Taiji fishermen that no killings would be conducted throughout September (2010) Captain Paul Watson, supported by local volunteers, called upon the Brisbane Consulate-General to Japan to protest the killings and explain the Sea Shepherd position on the issue.

At shortly after 3pm the Japanese Consulate sent down the vice Consulate-General to meet Captain Watson in the lobby of the building, surrounded by local police the Captain handed over the latest Sea Shepherd log book, detailing all work undertaken by Sea Shepherd in 2009 around the world, and a copy of ‘The Cove’ DVD. Media waiting outside to interview Captain Watson, eager to hear what response the Japanese officials had given to the protests from Sea Shepherd.

We know that in Brisbane, and every other capital city, the embassy and consulate officials have to report to and bow down to the views from the Japanese Government in Tokyo but we cannot stand idly by and allow the brutal and unnecessary killing of innocent cetaceans to go without our protest and condemnation. Our work in Japan will continue until the lives of dolphin and whales, around places like Taiji, are safe from herding, hunting, killing and life in captivity.




Lure Restaurant Brisbane joins the fight to save Australia’s Tuna


Many people have now heard about the Sea Shepherd Mediterranean Campaign “Blue Rage” which is now intervening against illegal tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bluefin Tuna is geographically represented in 3 areas within the world’s oceans; Atlantic (or Northern), Pacific and Southern Bluefin Tuna.

Whilst insufficient data has been recorded on the populations of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in terms of its threat of extinction, both Pacific and Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) species have been listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Since the 1950s, when industrial fishing commenced, the total population of SBT has declined by approximately 95 percent.

SBT have been heavily exploited over the years and are being fished to the brink of extinction. Australia has the largest quota for Southern Bluefin Tuna: it can legally harvest 5,265 tonnes per year. Japan has the second largest quota at 3,000 tonnes per year. However, the Australian government stated in 2006 that Japan had admitted to taking more than 100 000 tonnes over its quota.

The quota alone are not the entire problem, an overwhelming majority (98%) are caught as juveniles in the Great Australian Bight before being fattened up in sea cages and exported to Japan.

Targeting large numbers of young fish flat lines any chances of recovery and robs the ocean of future generations of this species. So, while the tuna fishers claim their industry is sustainable, the ocean heaves a deep sigh at the disappearance of one of her most iconic creatures.

In Brisbane we have been working on helping to conserve SBT by speaking to restaurants that are listing it on their menus and asking them to consider removing it for the sake of the species.

Chris Willis, General Manager The Coro Hotel/Lure Seafood Restaurant ( has agreed to remove SBT from the menus out of good ethics and has offered to work cohesively with Sea Shepherd in the future.

Following on from Cloudland Restaurant’s decision, in January this year, to no longer offer SBT, we applaud Lure Seafood Restaurant and their management for helping us to stop the extinction of this species.

We commend these, and any other restaurants, who maintain the required ethical standard to put sustainability in front of short term profits and invite any other restaurants, eateries or wholesalers to join us in saving the Bluefin Tuna.

More information on our Mediterranean Tuna Campaign can be found

- By Michael Dalton, Sea Shepherd Brisbane Coordinator 26 May 2010



A great day for Southern Bluefin Tuna

On Monday 23 October 2009 a group of Sea Shepherd volunteers and Sea Shepherd CEO, Steve Roest, visited Brisbane’s Cloudland restaurant, a newly opened ‘urban oasis’ bar & restaurant spanning four floors with a glass opening roof located in Fortitude Valley, but were horrified to discover that the critically endangered Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) was listed on the venue’s menu.

SBT are a very large species and if they reach adulthood (at around 12 years old) before being caught, can grow up to 2.45m and weigh up to 260kg. Unfortunately they do not reach anywhere near this potential in Australian waters . The SBT is a large pelagic species that could live to between 20 and 40 years of age.

SBT is classified as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Since the 1950s, when industrial fishing commenced, the total population of Southern Bluefin Tuna has declined by about 92 percent.

Around 98% of Australia’s SBT quota, over 5,000 tonnes per year, is taken by purse seine vessels fishing in the Great Australian Bight and catch juvenile fish weighing between 15 and 25 kg. These are towed alive back to static grow out cages off Port Lincoln and fattened for up to 6 months before harvest and mainly exported to Japan. Poor management and overfishing is rapidly diminishing spawning stocks and leading to the extinction of the species within the next 5 to 10 years.

Sea Shepherd are happy to report that after numerous discussions with Danny Blair, General Manager Katarzyna Group, owners of Cloudland Restaurant, Southern Bluefin Tuna will be removed from sale with effect from 22 January 2010.

Cloudland management are commended for making this landmark decision, Sea Shepherd is hoping that others will follow suit and not continue to contribute towards the extinction of this important marine species.

Sea Shepherd’s founder, Captain Paul Watson, has frequently warned “We will lose more species of plants and animals in the period between 1980 and 2045, than we have lost in the last 65 million years.” Cloudland will no longer be contributing to one of these being the Southern Bluefin Tuna.

~ Report by Michael Dalton, Brisbane Coordinator


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