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Sea Shepherd Canberra 

Upcoming Events 2013

Please check back here for upcoming events in the Canberra area! If you are interested in becoming an onshore volunteer please contact for more information.


A Big Thank you Canberra! Your generosity has been amazing. Not just financially, but your words of support and signing up to receive mission updates maintains our strength. We are passionate and committed to saving the whales and will continue our Canberra stalls throughout the winter evenings.

Your contributions go towards repairing the fleet while Sea Shepherd prepares for our next mission, Operation Relentless. Ideally it's a mission we won't have to undertake since Australia has taken Japan to court to put a stop to this so called scientific research programme.Until we know the outcome though, we assume the Japanese death star Nisshin Maru will be down in our whale sanctuary hunting and killing whales. We won't stand for that , we want whales swimming up and down our coast, not being served on sushi plates in Japan.



Past Events:

(most recent events first)

Dec 7th - 5pm - 9.30pm
Eco Elves Night Markets

Cnr Lennox Crossing and Lawson Crescent, Acton Peninsula, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2600

Ethical & eco-friendly gifts, food, music & a starry summer evening! Stalls, Music, Wine and Food

December 4th, 2010
The Tassie Forest Spectacular - Corroboree Park Hall, Ainslie

The rain did not keep Sea Shepherd supporters away from visiting our stall at this fundraiser event for Tasmania's forests, which featured music, films, workshops and kids activities. Many people stopped by to pick up one of our cool tees, to discuss current conservation activities, or to just say thanks!

Nov 30th - Dec 2nd
Corin Bank Festival

Come visit us at Corin Bank Music Festival where we will have a 3 day stall.

November 18th, 2010
A Night for the Whales - Tilley's and the Front Bar

It was quite a balmy night in the Nation's Capital for what turned out to be an awesome event. First, Captain Paul Watson began his visit with a traditional indigenous smoke ceremony held at the Tent Embassy on the lawns of Old Parliament House. From there, we had a meet and greet with the Captain at the Front Bar. The main event, held at Tilley's Divine Cafe, was a huge success! We held both a live auction and silent auction, and a raffle of prizes that were generously donated by local artists and businesses. Paul, and Sea Shepherd's Australia Director, Jeff Hansen, spoke and answered questions put forward by the large crowd. After the main gig we headed back to the Front Bar to celebrate what was a fabulous night.

A big thanks goes out to Tilley's and the Front Bar for kindly donating their venues for our use, and another thanks to all the artists and businesses that donated to our auctions. Finally, a huge thank you to all the wonderful people that supported Sea Shepherd on the night and enabled us to raise significant funds for this year's Antarctic campaign, Operation No Compromise.


October 1st - 4th, 2010
Dragon Dreaming Festival

The Dragon Dreaming Festival celebrates art and nature, and the freedom of self expression in a safe, family friendly, tribal gathering not far from Canberra. From the family type, to the man dressed head-to-toe in wood and bark, we were happy to get to speak to a lot of Sea Shepherd supporters! We raised awareness for our cause and many funds for our campaigns. Thank you so much to the many people that generously donated. 

May 16th, 2010
Inner North Community Fair

An annual fair held in Canberra wanting to bring the community together to raise issues and awareness about environment food and animals. A great day with lots of amazing raw, and vegan food and incredible chai!


March 25th, 2010
Junior Girls Grammar Talk

Ellie and her class mates embarked on a project to discover who it was they most admired in life and felt inspired by the things that person had done. Ellie chose Peter Bethune and she contacted Sea Shepherd to ask us to come to her school to talk about what we do and how the children can be more involved and supportive.

Thank you Ellie. It was a pleasure meeting such bright young your girl as yourself. Keep following your heart.



February 26th - 29th, 2010
Corin Bank

Was an amazing weekend of informed folk who were interested and supportive of Sea Shepherd. Thank you Corin Bankers! What a great weekend!



February 20th, 2010
Rally with 'The Greens' for Captain Pete Bethune's release

Sea Shepherd Canberra attended a gathering outside the Japanese embassy in the ACT in order to send a message to Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okado that whaling is unacceptable, and also  to encourage the Australian Government to keep its promise of taking Japan to international court over the illegal slaughter of whales in the Southern Ocean.



August 10th, 2009
Screening of 'The Cove'

A very successful and well received evening with guests from all walks of Canberra including Labour, Liberal and Greens politicians, ANU lecturers, conservation members, artists and many other concerned folk. The volunteers were amazing and assisted in successfully getting the Sea Shepherd Canberra group off the ground




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