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Sea Shepherd Perth

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Perth Chapter Establishes Dedicated Beach Clean-up Team

The Perth chapter of Sea Shepherd Australia has formed a dedicated beach clean-up team. Made of up of local volunteers, the group will carry out monthly beach clean-ups around coastal areas of Perth, Western Australia.

The team was formed in January 2015 in response to the growing amount of rubbish being dumped and its impact to the marine environment - in particular plastic which is choking our oceans and precious marine wildlife at an unprecedented rate. Plastics are the most common man-made objects sighted at sea, with 18,000 pieces of plastic litter floating on every square kilometre of the world's oceans, outnumbering sea life 6 to 1. It’s estimated that 44% of marine mammals and 86% of turtle species have plastic in their guts.

All rubbish collected by the clean-up crew is sorted and recorded. Statistics are sent through to the Tangaroa Blue Foundation which coordinates the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. The database is used to firstly identify what is impacting different sections of the coast, and then to track wherever possible where those items are coming from.

If you're interested in volunteering with Sea Shepherd Perth, please email for more information.



Past Events: (most recent events first)

Perth Crew Clean-ups Up at Coogee Beach 1st Feb 2015

Whilst volunteers from the Perth chapter have participated in many beach clean-ups over the years, the 1st February hosted the inaugural clean-up for the newly formed Perth Chapter Beach Clean-up Team.

Coogee Beach, located south of Fremantle, was the chosen location for the team’s first dedicated event. Coogee Beach was selected in support of the Eco Shark Barrier and the City of Cockburn’s willingness to support a new technology that provides safety to beach goers and one that doesn't trap and kill marine life.

Over 12 Sea Shepherd volunteers and five mini-Shepherd’s (all under the age of six) spent the morning together collecting nearly 2,300 pieces of rubbish. In an area of around 1km to the north and south of the jetty at Coogee, the volunteer crew collected 1,200 cigarette butts and over 220 glass bottles and tops, aluminium cans and lids. A huge amount of plastic food packaging and paper/cardboard was collected as well as fishing line, hair ties, discarded balloons, nappies and even a baby picture.

Many thanks to the City of Cockburn for their cooperation during the planning of this event.


3rd January 2015– Port Beach Festival

2015 kicked off with a bang with a stall in North Fremantle, on the beach. The huge winds, volunteers holding down merchandise and even chasing it down the beach, didn’t stop us from having a successful day.

In typical Sea Shepherd Spirit, whilst others packed up due to high winds, we remained steadfast raising awareness for our cause.

Thank you to all those who stopped in for a chat and for your generous support.

Sea Shepherd Perth thanks Salt on the Beach for inviting us to hold a stall in this stunning location



3rd January 2015 – Claim the Throne – Amplifier Bar

Folk Metal band Claim the Throne held their final gig at the Amplifier Bar in Fremantle prior to heading on tour to the United States.  Sea Shepherd, as usual, were invited along to hold a stall.  A few of our Volunteers are fans of this band, and it was a favourite of our late leader Louis Bell.  The stall was a success and topped of a great start to 2015 for the Perth Chapter.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers for running this event late into the evening and to Claim The Throne for their ever constant support.



December 13 – 2014 – Cowspiracy Screening

Sea Shepherd Perth were invited by Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc. to hold a stall at the screening of Cowspiracy at State Library of Western Australia.  A sold out event ensured a successful day for Sea Shepherd. 

We thank Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc. for allowing Sea Shepherd to hold a stall at this event and for screening this eye opening Documentary.



December 12 – 2014 – Matt Gresham Album Launch

X-Factor contestant and independent musician Matt Gresham invited Sea Shepherd to the launch of his new album “Beautiful Emptiness” at The Quarry Amphitheatre.

It was a fantastic day out, listening to great music and raising awareness for Sea Shepherd.  We were pleased at the amount of people coming through the gates wearing Sea Shepherd clothing and appreciate all the support we received throughout the night.

Thank you Matt for having us and we wish you all the best for your tour.



December 6 - 2014 – Fremantle King’s Square

A massive turn out of volunteers in the beautiful sunshine for our first stall in two months was an astounding success with the result exceeding all expectations.   The huge volunteer turn out ensured all corners of Fremantle were flooded with Sea Shepherd supporters shaking their donation tins.

We would like to send our sincere thanks to all the volunteers who turned up on the day and the public for supporting us through buying merchandise, talking with us and donating to our cause.



16th November – 2014 – National Ocean Defence Tour – ART Auction

As part of the National Defence Tour for Operation Icefish, Sea Shepherd Perth held an Art Auction at the Fremantle Sailing Club.

A big thank you to all those who attended our major event of the year. We had a wonderful turnout with alot of happy faces about the place.

The ever charismatic Peter Hammarstedt and Sea Shepherd Director Jeff Hansen stole the show with their inspiring speeches.

We would especially like to thank all of our artists, donors and volunteers for helping make this event so memorable. All proceeds raised went to supporting the 2014-2015 Antarctic Campaign, Operation Icefish.



19th October – 2014 - Fremantle King’s Square Stall

Not even torrential rain, wind and almost everything else mother nature could throw at us, could stop us from holding a great stall in Kings Square in Fremantle.

A total of 25 Stalls were supposed to be setup in the Square, but, by the end of the day, Sea Shepherd, as always, was still there while the others were long gone.

Thank you to all those who made the effort to brave the rain to talk with us, purchase merchandise and support our tin shakers who did a great job despite being sodden wet and freezing cold.

Unfortunately, this stall was the last stall attended by our leader, great mate, Father, Grandfather, dedicated activist and Sea Shepherd Volunteer of the decade, Louis Bell. Louis passed away in the late hours of Monday night and has left a huge hole in our hearts. Louis started the Sea Shepherd Perth Chapter and built up one of the largest and most successful Sea Shepherd Chapters in the world. Louis will live on in our memories and a photograph of Louis now takes centre stage at all of our stalls.


Dolphin Scuba Open Day – 18th October 2015

Dolphin Scuba in Welshpool invited Sea Shepherd Perth to hold a stall on their open day. The event was an astounding success and the volunteers had a great day talking with fellow divers about the beautiful underwater world. 

All agreed that we must do everything we can to protect the vital ocean eco systems. We hope that everyone who stopped and talked with us realised the importance of conserving these ecosystems and that they too can make a difference!

Sea Shepherd Perth would like to thank Dolphin Scuba for the invitation to this event and their hospitality. We are already excited for next year’s event!



19thOctober – 2014 - Fremantle King’s Square Stall

Not even torrential rain, wind and almost everything else mother nature could throw at us, could stop us from holding a great stall in Kings Square in Fremantle.

A total of 25 Stalls were supposed to be setup in the Square, but, by the end of the day, Sea Shepherd, as always, was still there while the others were long gone.

Thank you to all those who made the effort to brave the rain to talk with us, purchase merchandise and support our tin shakers who did a great job despite being sodden wet and freezing cold.

Unfortunately, this stall was the last stall attended by our leader, great mate, Father, Grandfather, dedicated activist and Sea Shepherd Volunteer of the decade, Louis Bell. Louis passed away in the late hours of Monday night and has left a huge hole in our hearts. Louis started the Sea Shepherd Perth Chapter and built up one of the largest and most successful Sea Shepherd Chapters in the world. Louis will live on in our memories and a photograph of Louis now takes centre stage at all of our stalls.

Captain Paul Watson dedicated this poem to Louis after learning of his passing.

A Shepherds Lament

The Guardian of the Western Gate.
Who cared about our Ocean’s fate.
The tough old bell no longer rings,
Yet from the sea the great whale sings.

Under the sun, and in the rain,

This commitment made very plain.

A rock hound with a tender heart,

Keeping us on Antarctica’s chart,

From the deep blue, the dolphin cries,

From the blue sky the sea birds sigh.

The sea salutes this gallant man

As our tears fall upon the sand.




Sunday 29 September 2014 

Xavier Rudd at the Fremantle Arts Centre

Thank you to our good friend Xavier Rudd for inviting Sea Shepherd Perth on the Fremantle leg of the current national tour.

Despite the torrential rain and wind, our volunteers worked tirelessly selling merchandise that was flying off the tables!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table for a chat (and to purchase some warm hoodies!)

Sea Shepherd Perth thanks Xavier for his continued support.


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Friday 6 September
The Battle to Save the OceansThe-Battle-to-Save-the-Ocea

Saturday 7th September
Music on the Murray


Backstage at Parkway Drive



5th June 2013
Public Lecture with Jeff Hansen, Australian Director: Fremantle Town Hall

Sea Shepherd Australian Director, Jeff Hansen welcomed Sea Shepherd supporters and members of the public to a lecture updating everyone about our recent activities in Antarctica as well as our plans for this summer's campaign, Operation Relentless. Some new campaign footage was shown to the crowd as well as our latest film about the Galapagos - a 30-minute insight into our work over there to try and stop the slaughter of sharks.

As always, the people of Fremantle showed their support for Sea Shepherd with eager questions about Captain Paul Watson's welfare as well as updates about the crew and ships. Having visited the Port many times in the past, the M/Y Steve Irwin holds a special place in the hearts of the people of the City of Fremantle and it was evident from the reception Jeff received at the event that Sea Shepherd's relationship with the locals is as strong as ever.

Jeff 5 JuneJeff June 2


20 and 21 April 2013

The Swan River of Perth is now 4.36 tonnes less congested as a result of NARC dive club's successful 3rd year for a weekend of underwater and land cleaning!

Sea Shepherd volunteers joined the teams of divers and land teams to help to clean the areas of Pier 21, the Left Bank and Red Herring in North Perth on the weekend of 20 & 21 April 2013.

In the early morning rain on Saturday 6:30am 40 divers split into 5 teams assigned with tasks to dive, collect rubbish from the divers or transport rubbish, with a timetable to cover the 7 jetties at Pier 21. The overall plan was devised by Chris Dodd and Andrew Perry who oversaw all safety aspects and the 5 team leaders ensured their teams were in the right places to undertake their tasks. The day ran like clockwork and the activity was reported on that evening's news.

The Sunday's clean took place on the opposite bank of the river where the divers were split into two teams. Again, when not diving the task was to remove the rubbish and assist the divers, then the roles reversed.

Many more Sea Shepherd volunteers turned up to help out with the land clean and to assist with the important count and recording of what had been found. 9,701 items were recorded including a bicycle, a cart wheel, 3 iPhones, tyres, bottles and drinks cans.

In the afternoon all volunteers were invited to have a drink and nibbles at the Left bank. Sea Shepherd were invited to have a merchandise stall there which was popular and did well.


A big thank you to everyone who was involved in the cleanup and came out in support of Sea Shepherd and this great cause!


12th April 2013
XAVIER RUDD CONCERT, Scarborough Beach

On the day Woodside announced their withdrawal from the Browse liquefied natural gas project (LNG) at James Price Point in the Kimberley reqion of Western Australia nothing could dampen our spirits as we set up our merchandise stall in the rain and pondered the amazing news of the day! Our Operation Kimberley Miinimbi was successful at bringing worldwide media attention to the issue which many individuals had already been campaigning about for years, to protect a region of outstanding beauty and biodiversity richness which contained sacred sites of the local Goolarabooloo indigenous people, and the largest humpback whale nursery in the world.

We were in for a celebratory night and as the rain eased and the people arrived at the Scarborough Amphitheatre there was much rejoicing and people shared the news of the announcement with hugs and high fives. Xavier Rudd has always spoken out about his opposition to the LNG plant at James Price Point and he did nothing to hide his appreciation of the efforts "from many great souls".

Local young singer-songwriter Morgan Bain opened the live music sets with a powerful performance followed by Tinpan Orange.

The Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger emblazened the large screen as the backdrop of the stage and a short video of footage from the Southern Ocean was played to the spirited audience just before Xavier started his energetic and captivating performance. It was impossible not to move to his rhythms as he played his guitars, didgeridoos and percussion and sang to us in the amphitheatre on what turned out to be a beautiful night.

The stall volunteers included Alex for whom this was only her second concert in her young life. The other 5 experienced old hands (Deb, Linda, Grace, Louis, Gerry ) and Alex were kept busy with merchandise sales, can shaking and capturing Xavier's performance on video but there was always time to dance and cheer. Great work by the volunteers on this enjoyable momentous evening.



23rd & 24th MARCH

A big thank you to all our volunteers who worked over the two-day Blues and Roots Festival in Fremantle recently, as well as to all our supporters who came out in force to support us!

The weather was superb and the atmosphere was buzzing.

Our merchandise stall was as popular as ever with a few of our items selling out half-way through the day. Of course, making money for Sea Shepherd was just half of the fun - it was also great to speak to people who knew little about Sea Shepherd and wanted to know more about what we do. Of course, the most popular questioned asked of us was "where is Paul Watson?" and whether he would be coming onto Australian soil anytime soon.

The music was what brought us all together and we were rocked by the sounds from Sticky Fingers, Steve Miller Band, Ban Harper, Rufus Wainwright, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Cliff, Paul Simon and the legendary Carlos Santana to name but a few! It was a long and exhausting couple of days but we couldn't stop moving to the music.

The highlight for two of our volunteers was the visit to our stall by Dwight Richards and members of Jimmy Cliff's band. We were lucky to get some prized autographs and photos with the guys! Such a friendly bunch they were.

With the event behind us and many great moments and memories fresh in our minds, we are already looking forward to next year's festival!


28th January 2013
Big Day Out Perth

The Big Day Out has come and gone but for those of us who were volunteering at the Sea Shepherd stall that day (Buddy, Megan, Grace, Lisa), the memories will live on for a long time.

As with all music events we are involved with, we were consumed with fun from the moment we arrived. We fussed over our merchandise, tweaking our arranged table here and there. After the first patron walked through the gate we were hyped up, buzzing with energy whenever a supporter came up and had a chat or bought a shirt or two. We had a few VIPs visit us at our stall as well - Australian Director, Jeff Hansen and his gorgeous wife, Marina and Omar Todd who is Sea Shepherd's international IT guru.

Momentum built to an all-time crescendo when The Killers came on stage and then...the BIG ONE....the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (RHCP)! Anthony Kiedis is on our International Board of Directors and when we all heard months ago that the RHCP were going to be playing at the Big Day Out, we were beside ourselves with excitement at the prospect that just maybe, the band might acknowledge their link to Sea Shepherd while on tour. We could not have foreseen the extent to which they did that - behind the band, as they played on stage was the Sea Shepherd logo blazing on all screens. This was a major coup for us and one that we will always be grateful to the band for.

The RHCP have to be one of the coolest bands around! Both Anthony Kiedis and Flea just ripped the atmosphere, pulising energy into an already hyped crowd. While they belted out all their favourite hits we were just mesmerised and honoured, just to be in their company and taking part in this fabulous event.


With the tour over and the RHCP gone, we are all still pinching ourselves at the great day we had. A big thank you to all our volunteers who were there from 8am until 11pm, giving their time for the oceans!

Photos and update thanks to Coordinator Lisa Rossi

Sea Shepherd Fundraiser
Sunday 27th January - The Railway Hotel

The Generators are a local band who are organising a fundraising event to support Sea Shepherd this weekend. They are launching their new EP and proceeds raised from the event will be used to assist us with our current anti-whaling campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance.

Sea Shepherd will also be present of course, with a small merchandise stall available whereby people can buy shirts and other Jolly Roger products. The gig will run from 4pm to 9pm at The Railway Hotel, 44 Tydeman Road, North Fremantle. Tickets are $15 which includes a CD or just $5 without.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate this Australia Day long weekend and help us in the process, we'd love to see you at this event.

Parkway Drive 19 Dec & Outreach Stall 23rd Dec

The Perth Chapter will be supporting legendary Australian metal-core band, Parkway Drive at Challenge Stadium on Wednesday 19th December. Hailing from Byron Bay the band has a solid West Aussie following and we can't wait to see them in person. We will have a small stall at the gig with a limited range of Jolly Roger merchandise to help raise funds for our campaigns.

Just a few days later on Sunday 23rd December we will also be having a Stall in Fremantle at the top end of High Street Mall, opposite the Town Hall. We will be there from 8am to 5pm, giving everyone the opportunity to do some last minute Christmas shopping while helping us raise extra funds for Operation Zero Tolerance which is currently underway.

Dark Funeral, Amplifier Bar, Perth
Sunday 25 November 2012

The Perth Chapter recently held a stall at the Amplifier Bar in support of the death metal band, Dark Funeral. The band who originates from Sweden was in Perth as part of an international tour, bringing with them their dark, satanic, black metal sounds that have made them a massive international success.

Their performance was spectacular as band members dressed in gothic costumes and corpse makeup, delivering ferocious dark melodies with incredible guitar riffs. Lead vocals, Steve Marbs (aka Nachtgarm) wowed us both on stage and off. His stage presence can only be described as mind-blowing and before and after the concert he even took time to come and talk to us and ask us how Sea Shepherd's campaigns are going. Going a step further, the band has been actively promoting us on their facebook page since the gig.

It was an absolute honour to be part of such an awesome event! We are all still on a bit of a high with this one and would like to say a big thank you to Steve and Dark Funeral for their amazing support and interest in Sea Shepherd. We can't wait for you to return to Perth!


Photo thanks to Steve Marbs

Art for the Ocean
Saturday 17th November, 2012

Well done to the Fremantle chapter last night for the ART FOR THE OCEAN 2012 event. Great atmosphere, amazing art work and wonderful onshore support base. Thanks to all the artists, musicians, Aligator Media, Mills Charters, cash converters, public and volunteers for making this event a reality and such a great success. We are another step closer to restoring the Souther Ocean Whale Sanctuary thanks to you all!

Many thanks and great respect, Jeff Hansen :)

July 20th
Petition Day to Save our Captain

A group of dedicated Sea Shepherd supporters came out in force last week to protest against Captain Paul Watson's detainment in Germany. The demonstration took place outside the German consulate in the City at midday. The efforts were part of a world-wide demonstration which took place that day at German consulates around the world.
Over in the United Kingdom Omar from Perth, Sea Shepherd's Technical Director attended the demonstration that took place outside the Germany embassy in Chelsea Place.

April 2th and 29th
Hilary's Beach Clean up

Members of the Perth Chapter joined forces with more than 150 volunteers from a range of marine groups to support a huge beach cleanup at Hillarys Boat Harbour.
Organised by Chris Dodd of Diving Frontiers, the event saw around 4 tonnes of rubbish removed from the harbour which included shopping trolleys, suitcases and even toilets!
The Perth team spread out amongst the jetties, rockwalls and dunes, gathering rubbish and documenting their ‘catch’ back at the drop-off point. With the work grueling at times and even a bit grotty, the group was all smiles as they relished in the satisfaction of knowing they were making a difference to the oceans and all the marine animals who inhabit there.
A big thank you to everyone for your efforts in helping the day be such a success!
By on shore crew volunteer and event coordinator Lisa Rossi

April 5th 2012
Xavier Rocked Perth

As a Sea Shepherd volunteer there's always an opportunity for us to have fun - whether it's the local weekend stall, a special event which Captain Paul Watson attends, or music gigs such as the one we attended last week at The Astor to watch Xavier Rudd perform.

Promoting his new album, Perth was the last stop on his national tour before heading to New Zealand. And what a finale it was!

Ever the performer he captivated us with his mesmerising tunes - earthy and spiritual with his trademark 'multi tasking' as he played several instruments simultaneously, like the didgeridoo and the guitar. To watch this alone was just mind blowing!

Two hours seemed to fly by so quickly. Xavier is one of those magical performers where you find yourself not wanting to take your eyes off him or be out of his range for even a second. He's somehow managed to capture the essence of that 'feel good' stuff great music is made out of. If it could be bottled, I'm sure it would be a best seller!

For our part, Sea Shepherd couldn't have been more proud to have been there and would like to thank Xavier for his incredible support. Our huge flag prominently displayed on stage the entire night, the support crew proudly wearing their Sea Shepherd shirts as they scuttled back and forth to assist Xavier with instrument changes, and of course our merry little team out in the foyer selling a record amount of merchandise to all the concert go-ers.

Thanks Xavier, and thanks to everyone who supported us that evening!



February 16th, 2012
Bullcreek Cub Scouts

The Australian Director of Sea Shepherd Jeff Hansen spent an evening enthralling and educating the Bullcreek local cubs, the children were very excited to have Jeff there and Sea Shepherd love teaching the next generation all about Marine Conservation issues and what they can do to help.

Thank you Perth and Fremantle

Sea Shepherd would like to say a big "Thank You" to the people of Perth and Fremantle for the generous amounts of wonderful food donations made to our crew on the M/V Steve Irwin and M/V Brigitte Bardot while it was docked in the area. Many individuals and local businesses filled their cars and trucks with much needed supplies for our crew.
There are 88 Volunteer crew onboard all three of our vessels and we are very grateful to the people of Perth and Fremantle to have three cooked meals a day to keep them going while in the Southern ocean.
Thanks again to the people of Western Australia!

November 12th, 2011
Captain Paul Watson, One Night Only

Thank you to the people of Perth!

Once again, Sea Shepherd would like to thank the people of Perth for helping us create another successful fundraiser!

As the event title suggested, we were lucky enough to have Captain Paul Watson in town for one night only to hear all about what the organisation has been up to this year as well as what's planned for Operation Divine Wind which is this summer's anti-whaling campaign in the southern oceans.

We made lots of new friends that night and also got the chance to catch up with some dear friends too - all of whom helped make the night so special. Thanks must go to Ian Campbell, James Lush, Wazza, Jo Vallentine, Liza Semler, Joe McRobbie, ControlControl and our own Jeff Hansen and Captain Paul himself.

If you would like to check out the photos from the event, please go to Liza Semler's web page, and follow these instructions:
Client Gallery
Sea Shepherd
Case-sensitive Password: AstorShepherd
By Sea Shepherd Events Co-ordinator and on shore volunteer Lisa Rossi

October 15th,2011
Sea Shepherd Perth clean up their Beaches

Sea Shepherd volunteers joined fellow conservationists in a major clean-up of Leighton Beach last weekend.

With clear skies overhead and a calm flat sea behind us as we sprawled all over the beach, picking up all kinds of rubbish that had been left there by careless beach go-ers. It's amazing what some people leave behind - clothing, bottles, rope, you name it - we found it! We even met 'Mark' (see photo below) who had just been out for a surf with his Sea Shepherd-design surfboard. If anyone is thinking of buying one, rest assured it makes an incredible statement and got our attention from a substantial distance away.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who came and helped! We will be getting involved in more beach cleanups in the future so please contact the Perth Chapter - - if you would like to be kept informed of future activities such as this.
By Sea Shepherd Events Co-ordinator and on shore volunteer Lisa Rossi

June 15th, 2011
Sea Shepherd gets baked with Steve Ignorant, co-founder of Crass

Steve Ignorant’s performance at The Bakery in Northbridge was one of those memorable nights that will leave an impression for years to come. The CRASS co-founder was here on his first ever trip to Perth, and in the midst of all his adoring fans there we were, the representatives of Sea Shepherd’s Fremantle Chapter, enjoying an amazing night by one of punk’s most legendary performers.

Totally unpretentious and approachable, Steve seemed just as happy to have Sea Shepherd at the event as we were to be meeting one of the greatest musicians of our time. We were all in awe of the fact that “we” were getting up close to one of the great influences of the 70’s punk movement!

As Steve and his band played to a captivated crowd of both old and new fans, what resonated with us was how relevant his ‘anti-establishment lyrics’ still are today, nearly 40 years since punk began. Speaking out and challenging the world around him are principles we should all take heed of.

So as we pondered the significance of punk and our brush with fame and all the incredible support we received from the concert go-ers that night, we all went home with huge smiles on our faces…and also picked up some nice donations for the Oceans at the same time.

May 27th, 2011
Sea Shepherd gets Punk'd with Frenzal Rhomb

Punk rockers Frenzal Rhomb set the Rosemount Hotel alive on May 27th, and members of the Perth Chapter were on hand to lend their support. This legendary band has been around since the early 90's and have a cult following, many of whom were trying desperately on the night to secure tickets to the sold-out concert, even trying to engage us Shepherds to help track down tickets. Sadly, we weren't much help.

As with many of the bands we support, we have as much fun as the patrons, meeting the band members, chatting with the fans and of course, spreading the word about our campaigns and selling merchandise. And FR's gig was no exception with all of us enjoying the music, the interaction with the bands and the public.

As you can see here, Grace and newcomer Casey are sharing a special moment with FR's Lindsay McDougall, while the photographer watches on jealously. If there's one thing that can be said about FR it's that they are super cool and super nice (aagh, does this sound a tad too "un"cool?!).

Anyway, Sea Shepherd would like to send a big thank you to everyone in Frenzal Rhomb for inviting us to be part of their night. You guys rock!!!

April 30th, 2011
Art for the Ocean exhibition

Our inaugural fundraiser,Art for the Ocean which was held at the Fremantle Prison was a great success with over $40,000 raised!

For just over 3 hours 300 guests enjoyed canapes and refreshments as they bid on art and swayed and rocked to the sounds of Seth 'Squid' Lowe, A Beggars Second and the great man himself, John Butler. It was an incredible atmosphere as supporters, artists, and members of the public came together for a common cause: to support Sea Shepherd's efforts in working towards protecting marine ecosystems and the biodiversity of our oceans.

The night was full of highlights. Reece Whitby did an amazing job as MC and the Gypsea team drew lots of attention as they sold raffle tickets dressed in specially designed Sea Shepherd swimwear. Australian Director Jeff Hansen shared insights into our most recent Antarctic campaign and updated everyone on what’s next for Sea Shepherd in terms of campaigns and activities. The climax of the night was definitely the live auction whereby Peter Lawrance revved the crowd as enthusiastic bidders bought unique items such as a carved surfboard titled,Manaia,a seahorse sculpture made from driftwood, original art and several one-off pieces of Sea Shepherd memorabilia. With such an incredible mix of energy in the room, it was no wonder that every one of the fifty donated artworks sold in the silent auction.

A night like this would not have been made possible without the many people, donors, sponsors and service providers who gave their time, energy and effort to this event. Sea Shepherd would like to extend a very big thank you to everyone for their support! And yes, as we mentioned in the opening line above, we aim to do it all again next year!
Check out the Art for the Ocean website for more photos.
Photographs: Mark Griffin of Jacaranda Photography

January 28th, 2011
Paul Dempsey Gig - Fly by Night Club

January has seen a stack of talent stream through WA already, with the wonderful Paul Dempsey the latest Australian musician to head West to entertain us. For anyone scratching their heads, he's the frontman for the band, 'Something for Kate'. While our opinion of him was already high, it was elevated even further after being given the opportunity to have a presence at his gig at the Fly By Night Club. Paul was incredibly open to us being there and came over and had a chat to us before the event kicked off. Oh okay, yes there were also photos involved!
If anyone has heard Paul sing and play you will know what a treat it is to hear him live! As he switched between guitars and sang one song after another, we were in awe of his energy and commitment - it was a steaming hot night with the venue feeling more like a sauna as the night wore on. But hey, we were not complaining!! What a great crowd it was with lots of people more than willing to come up and have a chat to us and generously place donations in our tins. This is really what makes an event like this so special - you never know who you will meet.
Paul was a fantastic host and even gave us plugs during the night with a special "order" for everyone to come and see us before they left. Aaagggh, what a great bit of profiling for Sea Shepherd! Thanks Paul! And thank you to everyone who stopped by to say Hi.
If any of you have a great idea for an event we should be involved with, please contact us at We are always on the lookout for opportunities.

January 1st, 2011
New Years Day Concert - Fremantle Arts Centre

What better start to 2011 than experiencing the legendary Xavier Rudd live on New Years Day?!
Fremantle Arts Centre was the perfect backdrop for this legendary musician as he wowed the crowd with his talents - guitar, harmonica, drums, oh...and make that two dijideridoos being played at once! His presence was mesmerising as Mal, Grace, Jeff and Lisa all swayed and jigged to the sounds and words that have become his trademark.
Our stall received a lot of intention from the many like-minded supporters in the crowd. Especially the Sea Shepherd stubby holders that seemed to be a welcome relief for many trying to keep their beloved drinks cold on the balmy night.
And of course, we didn't pass up on the opportunity to meet the man himself. What an absolute treat that was. Check out the photo Mal making the most of his meeting with Xavier. Whoo-hoo!!!

November 1st, 2010
Operation No Compromise Launch - Fremantle Town Hall

Once again, the City of Fremantle gave an incredible welcome to Captain Paul Watson and the crew of the MV Steve Irwin at Sea Shepherd's annual fundraiser, held at the Fremantle Town Hall on 3rd November.
Speaking to a crowd of approximately 350 members of the public, Captain Watson launched "Operation No Compromise", giving updates on the successes of the past year and sharing insights on the upcoming campaign.
Joined by Mayor, Brad Pettit, Greens Senator, Rachel Siewart and ABC radio announcer James Lush, the event was a great success, achieving an all-time record for Perth! It was of course, the result of the collective efforts of a bunch of volunteers who put in an incredible effort in to pulling the event together.
One of the best parts of the night was the special commendation that Louis received for all the amazing work he puts in as the volunteer coordinator for our Chapter. Well done Louis!
Extra special thanks must also go to Michael Brown, Mark Griffin, Peter Stone and Beatrice Masia for all their efforts in helping make the event such a memorable one.

August 29th, 2010
City to Surf Walk

On August the 29th Liza Dicks, Paul Livesy, Amanda Dwyer, Matt Eddy and myself Georgie Dicks (four Perth Sea Shepherd supporters) entered into the 12km City To Surf walk. Unfortunately, Britta Jansen who was also part of the team, could not walk on the day due to illness.
We held the Jolly Roger flag high with whale, dolphin, shark and pirate balloons flying above our heads.

Together we raised nearly $3,000 over a number of weeks (via the Active Everyday Hero website) prior to completing the walk.
Mum (Liza) thought it would be a great idea for Sea Shepherd to enter into the walk to not only raise money but awareness. It was a beautiful sunny day with record number of entrants and a great atmosphere along our walk in which many people shouted "Go Sea Shepherd!" and "Love What You're Doing!"

This re-enforced our beliefs that Sea Shepherd is seen to many as a fantastic non-profit organisation that really does take a strong stance for ocean conservation and preservation. The City To Surf is a great idea for Sea Shepherd, especially here in Perth as we can get ourselves noticed and get people involved in saving majestic whales, playful and intelligent dolphins, misunderstood sharks and fish on the brink of collapse. The time is now, we must act quickly to stop the collapse of multiple oceanic ecosystems and mass species extinction.

We hope to get more and more Sea Shepherd supporters to partake in the annual City To Surf walking event and to hold our flag high and walk proud. If we have more walkers think about how much awareness we can raise.
So next year we shall see you at the start line!

August 15th, 2010
Green Machine shows support for the Whales

Sea Shepherd Fremantle Chapter had a stall at the Perth boat show on the weekend of August 14th. The stall was organised by Fremantle volunteer Lisa Rossi and manned by many passionate ground supporters. Sea Shepherd received a lot of support and best wishes from the crowd attending the event, including from local hero Danny Green. Danny was a WBA Super Middleweight World Champion, Lightweight World Champion and current Crusier Weight World Champion. Healso represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games and Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Turns out that Perth Volunteer and Ships Communication Officer Omar Todd, who was also present on the day, went to school with Danny Green. Omar invited Danny to come to the stall and has offered Danny a VIP tour of the Steve Irwin when it arrives in Fremantle later this year. Danny expressed his support for the work Sea Shepherd does in defending the great whales and oceans for the benefit of our future generations.
Perth_100815_Boat Show_Green Machine

December 6th, 2009
Operation Waltzing Matilda launch party

Prior to the departure of the Steve Irwin before it commenced ‘Operation Waltzing Matilda’, Captain Paul Watson and his crew attended a special event held in their honour at the magnificent WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle.
The invitation-only cocktail event not only provided the opportunity for us to thank some of our key supporters, but it also allowed members from the local community with the chance to meet the people who work behind-the-scenes of our organisation.
In a wonderful show of support for Sea Shepherd, Terri Irwin and her children Bindi and Robert made a special trip all the way from their home in Queensland to be part of the festivities. Also in attendance were the Mayor of Fremantle, The Honourable Brad Pettit and Kate House, as well as the International CEO of Sea Shepherd, Stephen Roest.
Master of Ceremonies, Sam Longley, led the official proceedings and did a fantastic job of revving up the crowd and entertaining them with his amusing anecdotes.
As could be expected, the Irwin’s were a big hit with guests, especially Bindi who entertained the crowd with her song about saving the whales.
But one of the most moving parts of the evening came when Len Collard performed the Welcome to Country. Len then joined Thomas Dimer, Bevan Wauhop and Glenn Louthean from SMYL Community Services in a special presentation of a whale rescue blade to Captain Watson who was evidently touched by the sentiment given to him on behalf of the local Aboriginal community.
And as always, Captain Watson himself was in true form as he captured the attention of the room with a passionate speech that was nothing short of inspirational. He shared stories of his journey with Sea Shepherd over the years and his hopes and expectations for a successful Antarctic campaign for 2009/2010.
The generosity of the people at the event resulted in a successful silent auction raising much-needed funds for Sea Shepherd and of course, creating many new friends who have pledged their support.
To everyone who was involved with the Launch Party, including our event sponsors, the WA Maritime Museum and Australia Zoo, we thank you for your support. This was truly an event that will live on in many people’s memories for some time to come!
WOP Launch Party 1WOP Launch Party 2
WOP Launch Party 3Perth_091206_Launch_Party_Paul_With_Whale_Saving_Staff

March 27th, 2009
Mayor of Fremantle receives certificate of appreciation from Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd supporters in Perth met with the Mayor of Fremantle, Peter Tagliaferri, to present him with a certificate of appreciation from Captain Paul Watson for his role in helping to expel the Yushin Maru . 2 from Surabaya, Indonesia.

Captain Paul Watson had the following to say to Mayor Peter Tagliaferri:To Mayor Peter Tagliaferri:
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society appreciates the support of Mayor Peter Tagliaferri for contributing to the success of Operation Musashi, the Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign to shutdown illegal whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Mayor Peter Tagliaferri was instrumental in expelling the outlaw whaler Yushin Maru . 2 from the Indonesian Port of Surabaya in East Java.

In addition, Mayor Peter Tagliaferri contributed to increasing public awareness of illegal Japanese Whaling activities in the waters off Antarctica.
Signed Captain Paul Watson
Master of the
Steve Irwin
The certificate was printed on a piece of old chart paper from the bridge of the Steve Irwin. Mayor Peter Tagliaferri was very taken and overwhelmed by what he had received stating that: "I knew we had a window of opportunity and had to move fast. However, I did not do that much, as it's the crew of Sea Shepherd that are out there on the front line."

If it was not for Mayor Peter Tagliaferri, Ian Campbell and Senator Bob Brown, the Yushin Maru . 2 would have been repaired much sooner and more whales would have had their lives horrifically cut short. Their combined efforts left the ship out of commission for over a month.

Mayor Peter Tagliaferri even took it upon himself to reach out to the Mayor of Surabaya, detailing Australia's stance on the Japanese Whaling fleet.

The Perth chapter also presented the Mayor with framed pictures from previous Antarctic campaigns, including one where the Fremantle flag is at high mast on the Sea Shepherd ship with the Japanese whalers on the run.

June 6th, 2008
Sea Shepherd Perth Group Opens Augusta Whale Watching Season

Sea Shepherd's invitation to the opening of the Augusta whale watching season recognises the group's outstanding conservation efforts in the Southern Ocean Read about it here.
Peth Whale Watching GroupWhale breaching

May 9th, 2008
The Deep Blue Sea Roots Show

On Friday the 9th of May 2008, Sea Shepherd volunteers in Perth hosted a benefit for Sea Shepherd. Read about it here.
Lightning Jack performs

November 23rd, 2007
Gold Coin Collection by Rochelle Vissers in Western Australia

People often ask us, "What can I do to help Sea Shepherd?" A young City Beach girl has proven you can never be too young to start saving the whales. Click here for the full report
Rochelle Vissers and her report on Sea
Shepherd and Paul Watson

November, 1st-5th, 2007
Sea Shepherd Perth Hosts Captain Watsons Weekend Visit in Western Australia

Captain Watson, Jonny Vasic and Kristine Vasic visit Fremantle and Perth in Western Australia for several events and media interviews. Click here for the full report and more photos!
Whale watch sailboat the Windjammer displays the
Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Flag
Perth group works the stall at the Fremantle markets

August 10th, 2007
Pirate Party Fundraiser

On August 10th a group of students from the University of Western Australia organised a very successful Pirate Party fundraiser for Sea Shepherd. Click here for the full report and more photos!
Ivana, the girl who made it happen
Rowdy group of pirates partying

June 10th, 2007
Fremantle Market Table Event

From left: Gavin Storey, Paul McKie, Stephen Quayle (all new members) and Louis
Taken outside the Fremantle Markets at a recent Sunday tabling event

Claire French lends her support also

May 5th, 2007
May Day stall

Supporters Stephen Quale and Ian Martin hold an
information stall for the May Day festival in Perth
Supporter Stephen Quale talks to
interested festival participants
New supporter Marina joins the Perth group
to help with the information stall

October 2nd, 2006
Whale of an Event

Report by Fleur Shack
Sea Shepherd members and supporters were privileged to be part of The Cape Naturaliste Whale Festival, sponsored by the Department of Environment and Conservation, and The Natural Heritage Trust. The festival was held at the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse in Dunsborough, in the Shire of Busselton.
The event was put on to celebrate the yearly migration of humpbacks, southern rights, and blue whales, down the West Australian coast and around the capes. Guided tours were lead by local whale enthusiasts and marine specialists every half hour along the pretty walking tracks, to the whale lookout. Visitors stood quietly in awe, watching the regal humpbacks breaching and pec slapping.

Sea Shepherd volunteers ran a stall and handed out information to festival attendees. Sea Shepherd's Whale Defense Campaign video about Japan's unacceptable pursuit and slaughter of whales in the southern ocean sanctuary was screened at regular intervals throughout the day. Festival goers were visibly touched.

Special thanks must go to Liz McGuire who organized and promoted the festival. Liz is a Marine Education Officer for DEH. (The Dept of Environment and Conservation). Sincere thanks also to Heidi Taylor of Tangaroa Blue. Heidi is a renowned dive instructor, and marine conservationist, and Claire Underdown of the Geographe Bay Tourism Association, who assisted Liz and Heidi, with promoting this memorable event.

Thanks to everybody who attended and made this day such a success.
Whale of an event
Cape Naturaliste whale festival in Dunsborough on October 2, 2006
l-r:Liz, Heidi and Sea Shepherd members, Fleur, Alice, Louis, Graeme and Jenifer!

Dolphin Day Protest, Perth

Report by Fleur Shack
Members from the Sea Shepherd Perth Group and PAWS attended the International Dolphin Day protest in front of the Japanese consulate in Perth.
About 20 activists from various groups were in attendance and handed out information about the annual Taiji dolphin slaughter, collected signatures for the petition against this senseless massacre and chanted slogans such as "Ocean justice, dolphins are sacred."
Peth dolphin day 1Peth dolphin day 2
Protesters take to the streets


Report by Louis Bell, Co-Coordinator Perth/Fremantle Group
The Sea Shepherd Perth/Fremantle branch continues to build momentum. Our hard working volunteers have been holding stalls at markets and various environmental and whale festivals. We are a small but persistent bunch and continue to grow.
We are working hard to support the upcoming Whale Defense Campaign in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.
If you would like to get involved locally you can email
Volunteers spread the Sea Shepherd message

August 27th, 2006
An Evening with Sea Shepherd

Mr. Peter Payne, owner of La Tropicana Cafe 177 High Street Fremantle, generously hosted a gathering of over 50 Sea Shepherd supporters on Sunday night for the Australian Premiere of Sea Shepherd's Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign Video. In attendance notably was Jon Strachan of the Fremantle Council. Introducing Jonny Vasic, Sea Shepherd's International Director, was Nichola Paris of Senator Rachel Siewerts Office.
Mr. Vasic's presentation included a personal account of the incident during last years Anti-Sealing Campaign where 11 Sea Shepherd Crew members we arrested. As a result of what he heard and saw during the course of the evening Sea Shepherd is proud to include Peter Payne on a quickly growing list of new members as support for Sea Shepherd rapidly grows in West Australia. In addition to free vegetarian refreshments the attendees enjoyed a raffle organized by Ian Martin of The Big Issue.
One of the Coordinators of the Sea Shepherd Perth Group, Ms Jenifer Gibson, has been accepted as a crew member on the upcoming Whale Defense Campaign. The Farley Mowat and her new sister ship, the Leviathan will depart Melbourne in early December to defend the whales of Antarctica.
Jonny Vasic meeting supporters
Audience gathering for a Sea Shepherd evening

February 2006

Although we only formed in mid February, the Perth branch of SSCS in Western Australia has been very active in fundraising and outreach activities. We have been concentrating on making our presence known at environmental festivals and local markets as well as assisting the Farley Mowat crew in getting information on berthing facilities in Perth, in the event the ship has need of our strategically located port.
Our hard working volunteers
Richard Mann and Jenifer Gibson
manning our booth at an
environmental festival
Kala Bell
Jenifer, Louis and Fleur at a
local tabling event

Lure Restaurant  joins the fight to save Australia’s Tuna
Chris Willis, General Manager The Coro Hotel/Lure Seafood Restaurant  has agreed to remove SBT
from the menus out of good ethics and has offered to work cohesively with Sea Shepherd in the future.
Click here to read more

Letter to the City of Fremantle

19 July 2006
Dear City of Fremantle,
Changing course for Fremantle was a last minute decision. But it was the right decision to make.
We were at a critical juncture - Fremantle or Melbourne. The first decision was to continue onwards to Melbourne, but Fremantle would not take "no" for an answer. A flood of e-mails immediately filled our inboxes.
"Fremantle will give you a royal reception", one supporter wrote, "don't pass us Up".
So last minute, the bow of the Farley Mowat turned eastward. As if riding towards the rising sun, the Whale's Navy headed to Fremantle.
Fremantle kept all of its promises. It defied all expectations. In a city which we had never visited, we were welcomed home. We had more people lining up for ship's tours with donations than we had tour guides to escort them. While radio waves were alive with talk of the Farley Mowat's arrival, people called in to ask how they could be of help.
If Western Australia is a reflection of the rest of the Continent, then there is no doubt in our mind that 99 % of Australians condemn whaling. And with politicians like the Honourable Jim McGinty and Mayor Peter Tagliaferri in office, there is hope that we can end whaling in our lifetime.
Perhaps the biggest honour we received was when the Town Hall Office decided to make Fremantle the "official home port" of the Farley Mowat. Captain Alex Cornelissen accepted the Crest of the City of Fremantle along with the flag of Fremantle. It is with great pride that Captain Cornelissen has mounted the Crest in the bridge wheelhouse of Sea Shepherd's flagship.
The Mayor requested that Fremantle's flag be flown during the Antarctica Campaign and the crew of the Farley Mowat have promised to honor that request. As we set sail for the Antarctica, the City of Fremantle will be with us in spirit. There is no doubt that Fremantle is a friend to the whales. And history will look upon it as a city that was not afraid to take a stand in the whales' most dire hour.
To the citizens of Fremantle we would like to thank you. To the Hon. Attorney General Jim McGinty, Mayor Peter Tagliaferri, the Fremantle Port Authority, the First Nations of Western Australia, and our incredible onshore volunteers in Perth we send a million thanks.
When we left Fremantle, we left with the highest regard for the people of Western Australia. It is with great pride that we can say - when we return to Fremantle, we'll be coming home.
Sincerely Yours,
Peter Hammarstedt
Ships' Liaison Officer
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Letter to the Children of Dunsborough Primary School

Dear Children of Dunsborough Primary School,

A week ago, we arrived in Fremantle with our whale protection ship, the R/V Farley Mowat. We've received such a warm welcome from the people of Western Australia. But the moment that we will never forget was when your friend Heidi Taylor stopped by and told us your story.

The whole crew of the Farley Mowat would like to send you a million thanks. Thank you for reminding us that there is hope - that together, we can end whaling in our lifetimes. We've always seen hope in our youngest generations. It is you who will decide the future of our whale friends. And we are so proud of you for recognizing, at such a young age, that a world without whales is not a world in which in you would like to live in. As we sail to Antarctica, we will carry you with us in thought and spirit.

You should be very proud of yourselves. You have taken action! While adults in the government have sat idly by, you have gotten involved. As adults around the world have argued science and politics, you have realized the simple truth - that killing a whale is wrong. matter what the reason.

Thank you for making a difference. And thank you for being such a great friend to the whales when they've needed you! matter where life takes you, don't ever forget that an individual can make a difference.

Maybe one day we will see you as crewmembers onboard the Sea Shepherd. We certainly hope so!

Thanks for helping to save our whale friends!

Your friends,
Captain Alex Cornelissen and Ships' Liaison Peter Hammarstedt
R/V Farley Mowat
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Australia
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