Relentless Tour

Relentless Tour - HAS FINISHED!


In preparation for our 10th Antarctic anti-whaling campaign this summer, Sea Shepherd is touring the country, meeting with our supporters and friends to deliver important messages regarding Operation Relentless.

We have a big job to do with getting our fleet ready for campaign, and by attending this event you will be helping us raise much-needed funds to help send our vessels down to the southern oceans, to help protect them from being illegally killed by the Japanese whaling fleet. We have saved over 4,500 whales so far and with your support we will save even more whales again this year!

For all other Australia events, visit the Australia Events Page

Thank you Australia for your support of Sea Shepherd. Given that our ships are making final preparations for the immanent Operation Relentless Campaign, there will be no more tours of our ships at Williamstown.

 If you want to come to one of our local events, these are all advertised on the chapter web pages or our social media networks .

 Thank you again, and to continue with your support of Sea Shepherd you can donate or become a Direct Action Crew Member'.

For archive purposes you can see what the poster looked like below.

Relentless Tour

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