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Sea Shepherd Sydney


If you are interested in volunteering in the Sydney area please contact

Chek out our Facebook page for future events:

Upcoming Events:

Avalon Winter Solstice Festival, Sunday 21st June

They Sydney Chapter will be having a merchandise /awareness stall at the Avalon Winter Solstice Festival, Sunday 21st June, 9am - 4pm, will be a fun filled day with Sea Shepherd doing whale watching talks from the Southern Headland from 8am so make sure you come along as there will be some fantastic merchandise available for purchase you can also have a chat to the volunteers about Sea Shepherd Australia/Global and what we do also how to get involved!

Winter Solstice


The Norah Head Whale Dreamer's Festival, July 5th.

Definitely a date for your diary, this will be our 4th year at this awesome event, we will have a merchandise/awareness stall where you can purchase some of our fantastic merchandise also have a chat to the onshore and also offshore volunteers about Sea Shepherd what we do, how to help and also get involved.

2015-Whale Dreamers Festival



Past Events:

May 1st, Premier of Bati Graves, Bleeding Earth song.

Jools Farrell had the pleasure of being invited along with Louise S Raedler Waterhouse, Hon. Consul of the Kingdom of Tonga and Sylvie Ellsmore, The Greens NSW as a guest speaker on the night with proceeds from the night going to Sea Shepherd Australia.




April 23rd, Premier of 3D IMAX Humpback Whale Movie

The Sydney Chapter had the pleasure of being invited by IMAX Theatre for the premier of this wonderful documentary on Humpback Whales narrated by Ewan McGregor, Sydney Coordinator, Jools Farrell was the guest speaker on the night. The Sydney Chapter would like to thank everyone who attended despite the horrendous weather conditions on the night with flooding and torrential rainfall.




24th Marc 2015

Jools Farrell spoke at Sydney Boys High School recently about Sea Shepherd, Antarctica and our other campaigns, it was a great day with all the students loving the presentation



Sydney Vegan Festival, March 22nd

Great day for the Sydney Chapter at this years Vegan Festival, there was lot's of interest in the merchandise/awareness stall, people buying our merchandise and also asking lot's of questions in regards to our current campaigns also how to get involved, overall a great day had by all.




The Veronicas Concert, Friday 20th February, Enmore Theatre, Newtown

Great night at The Veronicas Concert with lot's of the fans showing great interest in the Sydney Chapters awareness stall, asking lot's of questions as to how to get involved and how they can help us as well as giving us good donations on the night.  Fantastic to see The Veronicas waving around the Sea Shepherd flag at the end of the night, was also awesome for the volunteers on the night getting the opportunity to meet Lisa and Jessica, such lovely girls with so much passion for what Sea Shepherd Australia does!



World Whale Day/World Love For Dolphins Day, Saturday February 14

The Sydney Chapter was joined by Living Ocean, ORCCA, Two Hands Project/Eco Divers, Wild About Whales, NoNSWShark Cull, Pittwater Council, Marine Conservation Section, The Whale Spotter for this wonderful day for the whales and the dolphins. There was lot's of interest from everyone who visited us on the day to learn more about whales, dolphins and what Sea Shepherd and the other groups do, the Sea Shepherd awareness/merchandise stall was very popular with lot's of people buying merchandise and asking lot's of questions about our current and past campaigns.


World Love for Dolphins Day2015


100th Anniversary Dukes Day, Freshwater Beach, Saturday 10th January

Great day at this wonderful event, beautiful sunny warm day with lot's of people interested in talking to us about Sea Shepherd and what we do also buying merchandise..

Dukes Day 1Dukes Day 2


Ocean Care Day, December 7th, Manly Beach

Successful day at the Sea Shepherd Sydney Chapter merchandise/awareness day for Ocean Care Day, Manly Beach with lot's of people asking questions, buying merchandise and joining up as onshore volunteers but then the heavens opened up with very strong winds, lightening, hail, thunder, we all still left with big smiles on our faces!

OCD Tent


Ocean Defense fundraiser for Operation IceFish, 14th November, Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach:

Sea Shepherd Sydney Chapter and Sea Shepherd Australia would like to thank everyone who attended our Ocean Defense Fundraiser on Friday, 14th November to raise the much needed funds for our upcoming campaign in the Southern Ocean, Operation IceFish. We would also like to thank our donors and volunteers who so generously donated their time & products for the event!

Tom Williams 
Macquariedale Wines
Byron Bay Brewery
Addiction Food
Clear Surfboards
Rare Bags
Merimbula Marina Whale Watching
FFF Fine Foods
Jivamukti Sydney
Sadhana Kitchen
Greg White, Corporate Theatre
Louise Purtle, Sydney Auctions
Karo Tak
Green Mohair Suits
Josh Watkins
Danny O'Toole
Klaus Stiefel, Pacificklaus, Scuba Diving Photography
Malin Frick
Jake Parker


(most recent events first)

Cruelty Free Festival, October 26th.

Fantastic day at the merchandise/awareness stall with lot's of people purchasing merchandise and also wanting to know more about Sea Shepherd.



Clean Up For The Whales, October 18th, Manly Beach.

Volunteers from the Sydney Chapter worked together with 'The 5000', NatureLuster, Two Hands Project, EcoDivers to clean up the beach as well as having divers in the water, the amount of rubbish we collected in an hour and a half was disgraceful but we all felt great having done our bit for the oceans!

Clean Up for The Whales14


Ash Grunwald, Mona Vale Hotel, September 19th.

Great night with fantastic music by Sea Shepherd supporter, Ash Grunwald

Ash Grunwald


Comicon, Garden Island, Sydney Harbour, September 13th - 14th

Great weekend at Comicon with lot's of interest at our merchandise/awareness stall, people buying merchandise also asking lot's of questions about Sea Shepherd.

Orlando Bloom, William Shattner and Tom Williams visited the stall for a chat.

Comicon 2


September 4th 2014 - Ravenswood Girls College

Jools Farrell and Fiona McCuaig spoke to Year 6, Ravenswood Girls College for the 2nd time about Sea Shepherd Australia and also Antarctica, again a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable group.

Talk at Ravenwood Girls College Sept 4


August 3rd 2014 - Vegan Expo

Great day, lot's of fantastic vegan goodies to be had as well as lot's of interest in our merchandise/awareness stall, Jools Farrell was also one of the guest speakers for the day.

Vegan Expo August 32


July 8th 2014 - Norah Head Whale Dreamers Festival

Absolutely fantastic day had by all, loads of people visiting the merchandise/awareness stall, Humpback Whales migrating north right behind where our stall was situated, even had a magnificent Southern Right Whale come and visit us for most of the day, she then gave birth to a calf that night.

Whale Dreamers Festival Norah Head July 82


June 30th 2014 - Debate on Whaling at the Australian National Maritime Museum

Jools Farrell and Fiona McCuaig spoke about whaling along with Chris Pash, Jonny Lewis and other speakers.

Debate on Whaling ANMM June 30 22


June 12th 2014 - Roseville Girls College

Jools Farrell, spoke at Roseville Girls College, Year 6 on Antarctica and Sea Shepherd to a very enthusiastic and knowledgable group, Jemila Corbett also auctioned off a piece of artwork she did herself on ebay and raised money for Sea Shepherd Australia.

Roseville College talk2


May 29 2014 - Love Activism Fundraiser

Love Activism Fundraiser for Sea Shepherd, Jools Farrell, Guest Speaker, was a fantastic night, lot's of local musicians and comedians donated there time for this fantastic fundraiser.

Love Activism May 29th


April 13 - June 15th 2014 - MV Sam Simon in Sydney

MV Sam Simon in Sydney at the Australian National Maritime Museum, ships tours every day from 10am to 4pm as well as a merchandise/awareness stall, lot's of people doing ships tours as well as buying merchandise also talks by Sea Shepherd Sydney Volunteers and also crew of the Sam Simon for Inspiring Stories for the ANMM

Sam Simon Leaving Sydney June 15


March 29 2014 - Vegan Festival

Fantastic day at this wonderful festival, lot's of interest in regards to Sea Shepherd and our campaigns as well as merchandise sales.

Vegan Expo - March 292


March 22 - Sail Expo, Royal Alfred Yacht Club

Great day at our first invitation to the Sail Expo, lot's of yachties and boaties very interested in what Sea Shepherd does and also people buying our merchandise.

Sail Expo RPAYC March 222


January 26th 2014 - Big Day Out

Great day had today by everyone, lot's of interest and people wanting to know more about Sea Shepherd Australia also lot of people wanting to  buy merchandise.


23rd February 2014 - Soundwave

The volunteers of the Sydney Chapter had a fantastic day at Soundwave, Sunday 23rd February. The merchandise/awareness stall was very popular with lot's of people buying merchandise and donating generously also many people asking questions about Sea Shepherd Australia, our campaigns also how to get involved and how to help, a great day was had by all.

sydney soundwave


World Whale Day
Mona Vale Surf Club
15th February 2014

Despite the liquid sunshine we had yesterday for World Whale Day at Mona Vale Surf Club, we had a fantastic day with a lot of people very interested in the displays on show , lot's of people wanting to know more about Sea Shepherd Australia, how to get involved, also buying lot's of merchandise and donating generously. Thank you to Eco Divers, Two Hands Project, The Whale Spotter and Living Ocean for joining us also thank you to the president of the surf club for donating the space to us, Keith Christie and Vanessa Mignon for allowing us to show their beautiful whale photos. Great day for the whales!

1890527 649436748469027 1058227209 o

1957657 649437045135664 1272469036 o


Dukes Day
Freshwater Beach
11th January 2014

The Sydney Chapter was invited to the 99th anniversary of Duke's Day at Freshwater Beach, Sydney, on Saturday, 11/1/2014, a great day was had by all with plenty of interest at the merchandise stall also lot's of people wanting to talk about what Sea Shepherd Australia does so was fantastic on the awareness side.
Jools Farrell also was asked to speak about Sea Shepherd Australia in regards to what we do and how the public can help which was fantastic as there was close to a thousand people on the beach for the surfing contest.
IMG 1282


Sydney Chapter November Fundraiser for Operation Relentless Tour
House of Parliament
28th November 2013

An extremely good night was had by all at the Sydney Chapter fundraiser, tickets were sold out, there was some fierce bidding for our fantastic live and silent auction items which were all donated, Peter Hammarstedt's speech was absolutely fantastic as was Jeff Hansen's, a special thanks to Cameron Hollows who was our MC for the evening as well as The Honorable Marie Ficarra who was our host for the night also special thanks to Uncle Bruce for his mesmerising didgeridoo playing and Jack Froggatt who provided the entertainment.

Thank you to RedHill Estate Wines, Byron Bay Brewery and  Arvo Beer for donating the alcohol for the evening

Group photo 2

Group photo


Chelsea Tea House fundraiser for Operation Relentless
Chelsea Tea House, Avalon Beach
1st & 2nd November 2013                                                                      

The Sydney Chapter would like to say a HUGE THANKYOU to Chelsea Tea House, Avalon Beach, Hana Darling & Danny Ross from 'The Voice', Joe & Steve for providing great music, the local businesses, who donated food and prizes, to make this fundraiser fantastic and very successful .with 100% of proceeds going towards 'Operation Relentless'!

IMG 0088

Operation Zero Tolerance/Sea Shepherd Presentation
Guest Speaker: Jools Farrell
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Newport, NSW
Friday, July 19th.

It was wonderful to be invited to give a presentation at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club for their monthly speakers corner luncheon, there were over 80 people present on the day, they were all very impressed by the presentation where a power point and short video was shown, lot's of questions were asked after the presentation and quite a few of the guests were very impressed with what Sea Shepherd does do besides anti-whaling.
The merchandise stall, manned by Jake Parker and Mark Farrell, was also very busy as well.

IMG 0988

Norah Head Whale Festival
Norah Head Light House
7th July Sunday

For the 3rd time the Sydney Chapter was invited to the fantastic Norah Head Whale Festival, it was a fantastic day as usual with a lot of people very interested in the Sea Shepherd stall, asking lot's of questions wanting to know more about Sea Shepherd and also buying plenty of merchandise, we were also very fortunate to have the humpbacks migrating north right behind us as well.

It was a wonderful day and we definitely are looking forward to going back again next year.

Image-3     Image-6


On Monday August 5, Sea Shepherd Sydney chapter hosted the Sydney leg of the Australia and New Zealand speaking tour at Glebe Town Hall.

Will is an award-winning, independent author and journalist. His work, in particular his book Green Is The New Red: An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege, has brought the world's attention to the U.S. government's post-911 repression of environmental and animal rights activists, also known as the Green Scare.

Senator Lee Rhiannon of the Australian Greens gave an introduction to the crowd, sharing her own story of growing up in Australia as a target of the Red Scare. The sentiment of fear and violence drew strong parallels to Will's accounts from the U.S.

Will gave a concise account of U.S. authorities' drive to criminalise the green movement in the States, which included a very candid report of his own experiences including being arrested for handing out leaflets and subsequently receiving a home visit from FBI agents who threatened to put him on a domestic terrorist list.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Will Potter, Senator Rihannon, Kindness Trust for supporting the tour, and to everyone who came out to this incredible evening.

For more information on Will Potter, visit:

 10 Will-Potter-for-Sea-Shep     08 Will-Potter-for-Sea-Shep

Sunday, 30th June 2013
John Newton's Book Launch

Sydney Chapter volunteers with Kim Steyger Hubner from Living Oceans at the launch of John Newton's latest book launch, 'A Savage History, Whaling in the Pacific and Southern Ocean' with guest speaker Bob Brown.

Bob Brown-John Newton Launc

Bondi Whale Festival
Sunday, 30th June 2013

The Sydney Chapter with Howie Cook at the Bondi Whale Festival despite the rain and rather cold conditions spreading awareness and selling merchandise for SSCS.

Bondi     Howie

20th June 2013
Antarctica and Operation Zero Tolerance presentation at Ravenswood Girls School

Jools Farrell and Fiona McCuaig were invited to give a presentation to the Year 5 students of Ravenswood Girls School, the students were all very excited and enthusiastic about the presentation, it was a wonderful day for all involved.


Wednesday, 12th June
John Newton's Book Launch: A Savage History: Whaling in the Pacific and Southern Oceans

The Sydney Chapter was invited to the launch of this fantastic book which Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd features in, our representative for the Sydney Chapter was Suzi Morgan.

Book-Launch     Book-Launch2

June 1 2013
National Whale Day

 Our Sydney Chapter volunteers doing their bit for National Whale Day. The public were very impressed by the Sea Shepherd clean up and brochures were gladly taken when offered, good day had by all.


Volunteers: Gerald Millington and his dog Zoe, Kim Matousek, Erin Jennings, Matt Barker, Carmen Olmedo Fabara and Freddie Olivier.


Sunday 5th May, 2013
Living Ocean/Sea Shepherd Galapagos Film Night

Living Ocean/Sea Shepherd Galapagos Film Night with Guest Speaker, Jools Farrell, speaking about her recent experience as crew member on the MY Sam Simon, Operation Zero Tolerance.

Living Ocean in conjunction with Sea Shepherd held a sold out film night at Avalon Beach, the guests were very impressed with the film also a short clip of campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance and had plenty of questions at the end of the presentation by guest speaker, Jools Farrell.

Talk-web     Shark-Fins-web

18th April 2013
School Presentation - Operation Zero Tolerance

Maria Regina Primary School, Avalon Beach, Years 5/6 and Parents.

Jools Farrell, Sydney Chapter Coordinator and Ships Medical Officer/Quartermaster on MY Sam Simon was invited to give a presentation to the students, on the day the students were very excited, loved the presentation and were full of great questions also the majority of the students were big SSCS fans as well.

Image-4-small     Image-6-small


28 March 2013
Robert Plant Gig

Robert Plant, legendary solo artist and front man of Led Zeppelin recently graced the Sydney Entertainment Centre with his presence. He performed with his latest act Robert Plant presents the Sensational Space Shifters. Robert invited Sea Shepherd's Sydney onshore chapter to host a merchandise and information stall at the event. This phenomenal artist's interest in the ocean is evidenced in his songwriting, having penned songs titled 'Down by the Seaside' and 'The Ocean', with many other songs containing oceanic imagery. The event was a great success with many of Robert's fans actively engaging in the issues facing our oceans and positively responding to the efforts of Sea Shepherd to tackle these challenges.

Sea Shepherd Sydney were honoured to attend the performance and would like to extend our gratitude to both Robert and the Sydney Entertainment Centre for this amazing opportunity.


18 - 15 March
Sylvie Guillem

Sylvie Guillem is widely regarded as one of the greatest ballerinas of her generation. Sylvie is also a strong and vocal supporter of Sea Shepherd. From March 8-15 Sylvie packed out the Sydney Opera House, performing '6000 miles away' for a string of sold out performances. Sylvie arranged for the Sydney Chapter to hold an information stand at the venue during each of her performances. Before every performance a flyer about Sea Shepherd was placed on each seat encouraging the audience members to speak to the volunteers present and to get involved with Sea Shepherd. The audience was incredibly receptive to the work Sea Shepherd is undertaking for our oceans resulting in quite a few new Sea Shepherd supporters and donors!

*Insert picture which is already on webpage*

We were honoured to be attend the performances, and would like to extend our gratitude to both Sylvie and the Sydney Opera House for this amazing opportunity.

22 January 2013
Big Day Out Sydney

In front of a sold-out crowd of approximately 50,000 punters in Sydney, the Red Hot Chili Peppers showed their steadfast support for Sea Shepherd - literally.

Utilising massive, on-stage digital screens, the Chilis displayed Sea Shepherd imagery in a pre-performance visual show on the Big Day Out main stage. The visuals included Sea Shepherd logos and campaign images, as well as a call out from the band that read: RHCP ASKS YOU TO PLEASE SUPPORT OUR FRIENDS AT SEASHEPHERD.ORG.

In Sydney, the Sea Shepherd visual displays were greeted with cheers from the crowds who, after sweltering in the heat of Sydney's hottest day on record, still had the energy to vocalise their support for Sea Shepherd.


The Descendents Tour with the Bouncing Souls and Bodyjar!!!
Thursday 7 February - Luna Park

Sea Shepherd recently joined punk rock legends DESCENDENTS on their Australian tour this Feb with their friends Bouncing Souls + Bodyjar!!!

While the 4 Sea Shepherd ships are out at sea and are in pursuit of the factory ship Nisshin Maru, the onshore crew will were at the Bris and Melb show to give everyone the heads up on the current situation of Operation Zero Tolerance.

Fundraiser for Sea Shepherd
8th December 2012

It was an amazing evening at the Lithgow Club and we had awesome support from our local area and community.

Jason who is organising this event had spent a week at a time living and working on the M/Y Bob Barker as a whale Welder, whilst in port at Balmain. He is completely behind our cause and is trying to teach as many and as much as he can about Ocean Awareness and its needs!

Ocean Pacifika
Sunday 25 November  

For the third time we attended the Ocean Pacifika event at Bondi Beach. The volunteer crew had a fantastic day with loads of interesting conversations with the festival visitors about the upcoming Sea Shepherds campaigns. Neptune made sure that the vollies who decided to have a quick swim in the ocean made it safely back to the stall as he likes what Sea Shepherd is doing for his oceans.


9th November
A Night For the Oceans Fundraiser

Our Sydney event was enjoyed by everyone! A massive thank you to everyone who came out to support Sea Shepherd. What a wonderful night!!! A special thank you to our host, The Hon. Marie Ficarra, the team at Parliament of NSW, all of the Sydney on-shore crew, the crew of the Bob Barker, Australian Director of SSCS Jeff Hansen and, of course, the amazing CAPTAIN PETER HAMMARSTEDT. WHAT A LEADER!!

05_SS_Sydney_Fundraiser_2012__Glenn_Lockitch_2012     11_SS_Sydney_Fundraiser_2012__Glenn_Lockitch_2012


Photos thanks to Glen Lockitch

 We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who made the night possible, particularly:

  • The Hon. Marie Ficarra - Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of NSW and host of the event
  • Mark Lincoln - Director of LUSH Australasia
  • Usher Tinkler of Tinkler wines - for donating the wine for the evening
  • Phillip Lemessurier from Corduroy Wines - for donating the wine for the evening
  • Trystam Hayden of Lord Nelson Brewery - for donating the beer for the evening
  • James Lange - for performing on the night
  • Greg White of Corporate Theatre- for providing the A/V for the night
  • Dr Cam Hollows - for MCing
  • Michael Dever at EzyBidz & Michae Almer at Concepts Direct - for taking care of the auction
  • Russell Lamb from Eco Downunder - supplies the SSCS towels that we supply as well as linen on the ships
  • Renee Somerfield - Vegan model
  • The wonderful of Parliament House and, of course, our amazing the Sydney Chapter volunteer

And of course, to a massive thank you to everyone who donated auction prizes for the night!

  • Xray Doll
  • Oz Whale Watching
  • Showtime Attractions
  • MV Reliance
  • Vampirate Surfboards
  • Clear Surfboards
  • Circle of One, Macron Music and Xavier Rudd
  • Glenn Lockitch
  • Jake Parker
  • BOAB Boats
  • Allegria Jewellery
  • Cam Rees
  • Penrith White Water
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra
  • Sydney Youth Orchestras
  • City Recital Hall
  • Musica Viva
  • The Concourse, Chatswood
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra
  • Nudie juice
  • Gillian Mountwater
  • Balloon Aloft
  • McWilliams Mount Pleasant Estate
  • Mauve Vella
  • People who printed the images (Bondi)
  • Marlin Campers
  • Castle Hill Country Gold Club
  • The Australian Hotel
  • Glemore At The Rocks
  • Worldwide printing, Bondi Junction
  • Moonshadow Cruises
  • Imagine Cruises
  • Let's Go Adventures
  • 4WD Tours 'R' Us
  • All Seasons Hotels

October, 4 2012
Sea is For Change

The Sydney Chapter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society would like to say a big THANK YOU to Toby and the whole team of SHANGHAI CHARLIES TATTOO PARLOUR for raising more than $9,000 for the upcoming Antarctica campaign - what a fantastic effort. It was a great fundraising event and the Bob Barker crew really enjoyed the different art work on display.

Sea is for Change was a group exhibition curated by Toby Gawler and Shanghai Charlies Tattoo Parlour to raise money for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The show included some of Australia's best tattooers and artists who donated their time and art for charity.


Seaisforchange15_small      Seaisforchange13_small

Photos from Salt In The Snow

Crew Member Fiona McCuaig 
at V-Star's Sustainability Event

Fiona McCuaig has been presenting at schools, organisations and sustainability events in Sydney - talking about Sea Shepherd's campaigns and the health of the oceans. 


This month she spoke at V-Star's Sustainability event in the Shelbourne Hotel in Sydney CBD where she explained the five main issues effecting the health of the oceans and how individuals can make instant changes by the choices they make. 

Fiona was also invited to speak at Zonta's prestigious Women's Leadership Final Award night. She spoke about her journey into activism and the importance of taking the first step from thoughts to action to follow one's passion.

Fiona is happy to do presentations to schools and organisations - contact her at



September 2nd

Protest @ Circular Quay

A message from Bob Brown:

Dear Friend,

On Sunday 2nd September (Fathers' Day) come along and bring Dad to see the Sea Shepherd ship The M/V Steve Irwin at Circular Quay at 11.00am and help save the world's biggest humpback whale nursery.

Right now the M/V Steve Irwin is on its way back from the remote Kimberley Coast where upwards of 10,000 humpbacks are gathered and hundreds of babies have been born this spring. BUT Woodside, backed by Shell, BHP Billiton, BP, Chevron and Mitsubishi, is planning the world's biggest gas factory with a huge breakwater and dredged channel right through the nursery.

Thirty four million tonnes of dredge spoil will be dumped back into this pristine marine ecosystem which is also home to rare dolphins, turtles and dugongs.  The project threatens 130 million year old dinosaur tracks, traditional Aboriginal cultural sites and species such as owls, bats and bilbies.

Analysts say it would be CHEAPER for Woodside to build its gas hub elsewhere.

You can help stop this heritage attack - Join me, The Steve Irwin crew and a host of other campaigners to help save the whales and Kimberley Coast here in Sydney on  at 11.00am September 2nd.

Your sincerely,

Bob Brown


AND, IF YOU LIKE.... After the speakers come with us on a healthy walk over the Harbour Bridge to PM Julia Gillard's residence, Kirribilli House for a peaceful presentation and appeal to the nation's leader to save the Kimberley and its Humpback Whale Nursery.

Contact:  Peter Stahel (0433 005 727)

An event organised by Sea Shepherd, The Bob Brown Foundation, The Widerness Society and the Office of Cate Faehrmann MLC.







8th & 9th September
Oceanic Dive Travel and Watersports Expo (ODEX)

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Olympic Blvd, Sydney. 10 am - 5 pm.

The event is a family friendly 2-day extravaganza of product showcases, media launches and seminars relating to scuba diving, dive destinations, underwater imaging, freediving and of course Marine Conservation.

The Sydney on shore volunteer crew will be there to chat about Marine Conservation and how you can help in your area. The volunteers will also have some of our fantastic merchandise on hand for you to purchase.

For more information please visit ODEX.


This is Kurtis Lamb from Sydney on one of Sea Shepherd Conservation Societys new Skateboards. Kurtis and his brother Mitchell love skating around the neighbourhood on their skateboards.



July 1st, 2012

Norah Head Whale Dreamers Festival

For the second time we attended the Norah Head Whale Dreamers Festival and just like the first year we had a fantastic day with loads of interested people wanting to know more about what Sea Shepherd do.  The merchandise tent was busy for most of the day.  Fiona McCuiag was a guest speaker and she gave a fantastic talk to the eager crowd.  We proudly flew the Sea Shepherd flag high on the flag pole next to our tent.

We were also happy to receive a very generous donation from Warren Greenway from a company called "Brackets and Jam".  They held a raffle and donated all proceeds to Sea Shepherd.

SANY0050      queenwood



June 21st, 2012
Queenwood Girls School

Recently the crew of the Brigette Bardot and the crew of the Bob Barker paid a visit to Queenwood Girls School at Mosman, just before the Bardot left for Operation Requiem.  The students were absolutely fantastic and extremely responsive to the talk.  The girls gave a very generous donation of art supplies and money for the children in the South Pacific which the crew of the Bardot will be delivering during Operation Requiem.

By Sydney Coordinator Jools Farrell

queenswood3      queenswood2



March 4th, 2012
Clean up Australia Day 

The Awesome Sydney Chapter of Sea Shepherd and the Pymble Scout group at Bobbin Head, Sydney, for Clean Up Day Australia!


February 26th, 2012
Soundwave Sydney 

The amazing on shore crew of Sydney had a fantastic day at Soundwave this year, raising awareness and collecting donations to help keep our vessel's going all year round. We would like to thank Michelle Mossfield, Jennifer Thew, Mike Westcoot and Gerald Millington for spending their day supporting the Oceans!



Thank you Sydney


Sea Shepherd would like to say a big "Thank You" to the people of Sydney for the generous amounts of wonderful food donations made to our crew on the M/V Bob Barker while it was docked there. Many individuals and local businesses filled their cars and trucks with much needed supplies for our crew.

There are 88 Volunteer crew onboard all three of our vessels and we are very grateful to the people of Sydney to have three cooked meals a day to keep them going while in the Southern ocean.

Thanks again Sydney!

November 11th, 2011
"A Night with the Captain"

Support for Sea Shepherd in Sydney is growing at a rapid rate.  For proof, one need look no further than the NIGHT WITH THE CAPTAIN fundraiser event held at King Street Brewhouse. The event was attended by Captain Paul Watson, who spoke to the crowd about the impending SSCS Operation Divine Wind campaign, as well as crew members from the Bob Barker, who took time out from their campaign preparations to meet the Sydney supporters.Not only did the event sell-out, but supporters also continued their generosity throughout the night, digging deep into their pockets.   Across ticket and merch sales, donations and bidding on both the silent and live auctions, the night was the highest earning SSCS fundraiser in Australia to date.

 The success of the night is thanks in no small part to James Lange who donated his time and talent to perform on the night, the Sydney chapter volunteers, as well as everyone who donated items for auction, including:

Lush, Ann Townsend, Ascella Wine, Australian Hotel, Ballons Aloft, Beach Without Sand-Avalon Beach, Can Hollows, Cargo Bar, Cawarra, Cosmetics, David Page, David & Graham Wright from Scharer's Brewery,  Diane Yanire, Allegria Designs,Doorstep Organics, Eco Linen, Epirbhire, Gemma Thorton, Glenmore Hotel, Glenn Lockitch, Goodwill Wine, Hot Buttered Surfboards, Leon, Brown - SSCS Bob Barker crew member, Michael Amler from Concepts Direct, Michael Dever from True Blue Collectables, Ozone Health Bar, Mosman, Penrith Whitewater, Raised By Wolves, Mona Vale, Saltmotion Manly, Sam Sielen - SSCS Bob Barker crew member, SeaBreeze Hotel-South West Rocks, Serena Cheung, Scott Petri, Vampirate Surfboards, Mona Vale, Vicki Birt – Hunter Hideaway, Farmstay, Warner Music, Zander Photography

By on shore crew volunteer Michelle Mossfield.

       Sydney_20111111_nightcapt_crew                Sydney_20111111_nightcapt_capt



November, 2011 

Tours of the Bob Barker in Sydney  

Sydney had huge crowds over the three days that the M/V Bob Barker was docked at Circular Quay, with the Sydney chapter running out of merchandise and massive queues for the ship tours right up until the ship returned back to White Bay.The M/V Bob Barker has now left Sydney and is berthed in Hobart, preparing for its upcoming Antarctic campaign Operation Divine Wind.

syd_20111111_circularquay_bob     syd_20111111_circularquay_crew

October 22nd, 2011
Cannonball Masque

A rollicking night was had by all at The Vanguard in Newtown, when the Cannonball Masque came to town.

Led by Brisbane’s burlesque glam rock monstrosity Bertie Page Clinic, Sydney’s hip-shakin’ rockers Contraban, Melbourne’s psychedelic groovers My Dynamite, dark cabaret outfit The Ragtag Band and a selection of circus and burlesque treats including Lena Marlene and Coppelia Jane.

The Sydney Sea Shepherd crew were well represented with Jools, Gerald, Ness, Alana and Lisa who dressed for the occasion and a great night was had by all.

By on shore volunteer Lisa Nolan

syd_20111022_cannonball_pirates     syd_20111022_cannonball_bertiepage


July 23rd, 2011
Drinks with the Bob Barker Crew

A great night was had by all who attended this fun evening. Special thanks to Tara Blinkhorne, Events Manager of The Australian Heritage Hotel as well as all the wonderful staff, Scharers Brewery and Murrays Brewing Company for generously donating the beer for the evening.

Congratulations as well to the winners of the raffle prizes! Thanks so very much to all who attended and for your wonderful support of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

110723_Sydney_DrinksBB_Andrea     110723_Sydney_DrinksBB_Crew

110723_Sydney_DrinksBB_AndreaCrew     110723_Sydney_DrinksBB_Stall


July 15th, 2011
Rise Against on board the M/Y Bob Barker

U.S. punk legends Rise Against visited the M/Y Bob Baker before their gig in Sydney. They shared a meal with the crew and everyone had a great time. The band talked about the visit to the Bob Barker on stage at their gig and on Triple J radio. Rise Against have shown huge support for Sea Shepherd over the years, and we are so proud to have them on board!

110715_Sydney_RiseAgainst_Deck     110715_Sydney_RiseAgainst_Flag 


June 17th, 2011
Bob Barker Visits Sydney

The M/Y Bob Barker arrived in Sydney Friday June 17th to a warm welcome at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay. During the weekend several thousand families passed the ship emblazoned with its new ‘blue camo’ paint job and over a thousand people enjoyed a tour of the conservation vessel before it relocated to Balmain.

A big thank you to the crew of the M/Y Bob Barker who have come together from around the world to work tirelessly to protect the oceans. A big thank you to the onshore support volunteers who came together from all over greater Sydney to run the event. The biggest thank you to Sydney for your ongoing support of Sea Shepherd. Dozens of generous food donations were received throughout the weekend from individuals and businesses and several thousand dollars were also donated.

Check out more photos from the Bob Barker's visit on our facebook page.

110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_Ship     110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_Tour

110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_Bridge     110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_Guests     110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_Visitors

110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_Crew     110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_FlagOperaHouse

110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_MarieFicarra     110617_Sydney_BobBarkerVisit_GeorgeNegus

In these two photos: L - The Hon Marie Ficarra MLC with Sea Shepherd Aust. Director Jeff Hansen and Crew. R - Media legend George Negus, Kirsty Coburn, Surge Negus and Crew.

Photos: Brad Buchel, Glenn Lockitich and crew

June 5th, 2011
Bondi the Beautiful Fair, Bondi Beach

Lisa, Sam, Brad & Elizabeth, attended “Bondi The Beautiful Sea Fair” for World Environment Day. Sam’s tattoo impressed so many passers-by and ensured the donation tin received a heavy workout!  A fun day, a great team effort and a great result.

Sydney_110605_BondiFair_Stall     Sydney_110605_BondiFair_Tattoo


Photos: Lisa Nolan


May 9th, 2011
Outreach Event at Sydney University

Fiona McCuaig was invited as special guest speaker at Women's College, Sydney University, on Monday 9th May. She attended the formal dinner night with 180 undergraduate students.

Fiona attended the Women's College for 2 years in 1997-1999. It is part of the University of Sydney and is a leading college for “women who shape the future.” The speech was 20 minutes and Fiona talked about Sea Shepherd, the Whale Defense Campaigns and the importance of protecting our oceans.

The students were able to speak to Fiona before and after the event. Attendees were mainly comprised of students studying veterinary science and International Environmental Law. Fiona has been nominated for the Women's College Alumnae award 2011.



March 12th, 2011
Bondi Lifeguards Support Sea Shepherd - Bondi Beach

On the weekend, Bondi Lifeguards showed their support for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society by wearing caps and flying flags emblazed with the iconic Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Logo. Support for Sea Shepherd is at an all-time high with many Australians overjoyed with the massive success of Sea Shepherd's seventh Antarctic whale defence campaign, titled 'Operation No Compromise'.

"Sea Shepherd were so effective in their tactics this year that the whaling fleet called it quits a month early, resulting in almost 900 whales saved and restoring the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. We could not do what we do without the support of the people of Australia and the Bondi Lifeguards who live and breathe what we protect every day" said Australian Director, Jeff Hansen.

Hoppo, head Bondi Lifeguard said "People often don't think of the ocean past its beaches.Sea Shepherd reminds us how important ocean ecosystems are". 

"The support shown by Bondi Lifeguards comes after a very successful Sydney campaign launch for 'Operation No Compromise', held in November 2010 at the Bondi Pavillion. The event, 'Bondi No Compromise', raised over $36,000 towards fuel for the M/Y Steve Irwin", said Sydney On-shore Crew Member, Elizabeth Buchel.

Bondi Lifeguard Chappo said "Sea shepherd protects ocean habitats and wildlife from unnecessary slaughter. They are an organisation I'm proud to support".

Sydney_110312_Bondi_Lifeguards     Sydney_110312_Bonid_Lifeguards_2    

                       Bondi Lifeguard Gonzo              On-shore Crew Member, Elizabeth and Bondi Lifeguard, Quinn


Bondi Lifeguards Chappo, Quinn and On-shore Crew Member, Elizabeth
(Photo credit: Brad Buchel)

February 27th, 2011
Soundwave Festival - Olympic Park

Sea Shepherd Sydney on-shore volunteers Elizabeth, Brad, Atalaya and Gerald attended the Soundwave Festival at Olympic Park. Lots of people visited our table, supporting Sea Shepherd by purchasing t-shirts or caps or sticks. Jeff Hansen, Sea Shepherd's Australian Director, flew in from Perth to speak at the Pennywise performance. A huge thanks to Soundwave and Pennywise for all their support!



February 15th, 2011
Outreach at Sydney Grammar School

Zoe Beckett (Brigitte Bardot crew) and Sydney On-Shore Crew Member Brad recently attended Sydney Grammar Preparatory School in Edgecliff where Year 6 students are studying Antarctica. Zoe lead an informative question and answer session with over 60 students. Zoe’s presentation outlined the importance of the Antarctic ecosystems and explained what Sea Shepherd does to prevent illegal whaling in the Southern Oceans Whale Sanctuary.

One eleven year-old proudly proclaimed that “Australia has the largest territorial claim to the Antarctic." The Australian government, though, cannot be so proud as it still hasn't made active steps to stop the Japanese whalers poaching whales from Australian waters.


Photo: Brad Buchel

February 2nd, 2011
End of the Line Screening, a Sea Shepherd Fundraiser - Bondi Openair Cinema

Bondi Open Air Cinema generously donated proceeds from the screening of "The End of The Line" to Sea Shepherd. The night was attended by approximately 80 locals with Sydney volunteers Brad and Elizabeth on hand selling all the latest Sea Shepherd merchandise. Zoe Beckett (Brigitte Bardot crew), currently on leave from the Operation No Compromise campaign also attended, introducing Sea Shepherd to curious new fans and answering questions from eager supporters. A big thanks to the staff at Bondi Openair for helping get the message out about ocean conservation issues, and to the Bondi community for your ongoing support.

Sydney_110202_Bondi_Openair     Sydney_110202_Bondi_Openair_2

Photos: Brad Buchel

November 19th, 2010
Bondi No Compromise! - Bondi Pavillion

Bondi No Compromise was a roaring success, raising over $36,000 for this year’s Antarctic campaign, 'Operation No Compromise'. The event completely sold out, with some supporters, sadly, having to be turned away at the door. Fiona McCuaig, Sea Shepherd crew member, acted as MC. Speeches were made by Dominic Wy Kanak, Jeff Hansen, Glenn Lockitch, Jonny Lewis, Lee Rhiannon and Captain Paul Watson. Guests were entertained with live music by Clementine Crawford, Mylee Grace & Ozzie Wright and Mojada. Exitingly, during the live auction a guest bought a bottle of Antarctic Nail Ale for $1850, breaking the record for the world’s most expensive beer.

We would like to thank all our supporters, guests and the onshore volunteers who helped make this event a success. We would also like to thank our sponsors, including Willow Creek Winery, Clearlight Designs, Verve Printing, Antarctic Nail Ale, Uberdog, Supreme Security Specialists, Jonny Lewis, Mark Eliott, Balance Water, Vampirate Surfboards, Dean Cropp, Skinny Blonde, Soldiers Point Holiday Park, Port Stephens 4WD, Imagine Cruises, All Seasons Port Stephens Salamander Shores, Toucan Display Systems, Bondi Open Air Cinema, Arthead, Momento, Funky Pies, Futura, Ravesi’s, Fosters Carlton United Brewery, Bondi Beach Cellars, Yoga by the Sea, True Blue Cruises, Bonds Clothing, Eva Rinaldi, HarperCollins Publishers, the Maritime Model Museum, Let’s Go Surfing, The Corner House, Bodhi Restaurant and Bar, Katzi, Kissin’ Cussin’, Springcourt Shoes, Lush Cosmetics, Marine Discovery Centre, and the Relaxation Project.

For more pictures, visit Sea Shepherd Sydney’s facebook page:


Sydney_101119_Bondi_No_Compromise     Sydney_101119_Bondi_No_Compromise_3

Photos by Gemma Thornton

Sydney_101119_Bondi_No_Compromise_2     Sydney_101119_Bondi_No_Compromise_4

Photos by Glenn Lockitch

Sydney_101119_Bondi_No_Compromise_5     Sydney_101119_Bondi_No_Compromise_6

This fantastic custom surfboard, kindly donated by Vampirate Surfboards, was one of the most sought after items at our private auction on the night!


Sydney volunteer Aaron with Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown


November 4th, 2010
Anti-Whaling Day - Sydney Demonstration

Sea Shepherd volunteers in Sydney did a great job at spreading the anti-whaling message on World Wide Anti-Whaling Day. Crew members Fiona McCuaig and Glenn Lockitch, who were both on the Bob Barker on the Waltzing Matilda campaign, spoke at the event, where we garnered much attention and support for the cause!

Sydney_101104_Anti_Whaling     Sydney_101104_Anti_Whaling_2

Sydney_101104_Anti_Whaling_3     Sydney_101104_Anti_Whaling_4

Photos: Glenn Lockitch

August 21st, 2010
Sea Sick Festival

Sea Shepherd supporters Capri, Xadi, and Lucy organized SEA SICK, a music fundraising event in Mona Vale on August 21st, 2010. Bands such as Shape, Lovers Jump Creek, Zeahorse, Sticky Fingers, and The Drunken Sailors performed an awesome concert to help raise awareness about our troubled oceans and to raise funds for Sea Shepherd's work. Thanks to all involved for a great night!


Photo: Sam Edmonds

Sydney_100821_SeaSick2    Sydney_100821_SeaSick3

                        Brad, Russ, Capri, and Xadi                                                   Sam, Brad, Elizabeth, and Jools


June 27th, 2010
Bondi Whale Festival

A wintry Sydney breeze didn't deter hundreds from flocking to Bondi Beach for the Bondi Whale Festival. Whale lovers kept warm by buying Sea Shepherd beanies and long-sleeved shirts. Thanks to the Marine Discovery Centre for hosting a great day of whales, waves, and sand!



May 2nd, 2010
Vegan Festival

Once again the annual Vegan Festival was a thriving success. Held on Sunday May 2, at the Petersham Town Hall, the event attracted hundreds of vegans and dedicated animal lovers. We sold out of various items and were thrilled by the positive response. Thanks so much to the Vegan Society for the continued effort and support.


April 29th, 2010
Xavier Rudd Concert

On Thursday 29 April, Sea Shepherd Sydney were invited to stall at the Xavier Rudd concert at The Enmore Theatre in Newtown. A rockin' night was had by all, with Xavier's fans proving to be generous and strongly supportive of Sea Shepherd's activism. Thanks Xavier for the tunes and thanks Sydney for all of your enthusiasm!


April 8th, 2010
'The Edge Of The World' Sydney Premier with Captain Paul Watson

The private screening of “The Edge of the World” with Captain Paul Watson in Sydney was attended by a full house on Thursday night. Movie goers were inspired after watching the documentary following Sea Shepherds desperate battle with the Japanese Whaling fleet in Antarctica. Captain Paul Watson held an in depth Q&A session after the screening and mingled with supporters at the closure of the event. A special thank you to Lush for your support and the gift packs on the night!


November 5th, 2009
Transparentsea with Dave Rastovich

After 36 days travelling from Byron Bay to Bondi, Sea Shepherd Sydney met the hobi-trimarans and their crew in a paddle out with local surfers. Transparentsea raised awareness of the plight of our oceans, caring for the coastline and the creatures we share the oceans with.

Transparentsea Dave Rastovich Whale Sculpture091105_Sydney_Transparentsea_Group_Photo


November 1st, 2009
Cruelty Free Festival

Sydney’s annual Cruelty Free Festival shares with the community up to date information on business’ and companies dedicated to providing goods and services created with no harm to animals.



October 19th, 2009
Whale Sculpture Demonstration at Japanese Embassy

The minke whale sculpture displayed was consigned by Matt Lowe and is generously donated to SSCS for display. This display was designed to  draw to attention to the upcoming whaling season and was well received by the thousands that commute through Martin Place (locate outside the Japanese Consulate in Sydney).



October 5th, 2009
The Steve Irwin Docks in Sydney Harbour

For the first time, the Steve Irwin docked at Sydney Harbour. A week at Circular Quay saw over 8000 people board the famous vessel, and record amounts of food and supplies donated for the upcoming Operation Waltzing Matilda. Sea Shepherd Sydney took a RIB out to meet the Steve Irwin outside Sydney Heads and escort it in and assist the crew and ship with onshore services and support during the Ships visit.



August 13th, 2009
'The Cove' Sydney Premier with Ric O'Barry

The Sydney Premiere of The Cove, an award winning documentary on the annual Taiji dolphin slaughter with creator Ric O’Barry appearing for Q and A with the audience. The Cove screening across Australia has brought unprecedented response from the Australian public, with Fremantle (Perth) looking to disassociate their sister city relationship with Taiji until the slaughter halts.

Sea Shepherd Sydney would like to thank Taronga Zoo Conservation Society, Taronga Vets, Sydney Water Police, Greens Councillor Christina Kirsch, Oceanworld Divers and staff, Voiceless-the fund for Animals, Greg McKee Animatronics, Surfwatch Australia and all who attended the Sydney premiere of The Cove.



November 18th, 2008
'A Night With The Captain' at the Argyle

A VIP fundraiser with Paul Watson talking about the upcoming Musashi Campaign and Animal Planets “Whale Wars”. The Argyle provided an excellent and intimate environment for Paul to discuss the upcoming Antarctic campaign and SSCS history.


August 18th, 2008
Bondi Markets

Sea Shepherd Sydney’s first public event at Bondi Markets in Sydney.






Jervis Bay Festival

Weekend Outreach stall and Trivia Fundraiser night in Jervis Bay.

Jervis Bay GroupJervis Bay Boat





Manly Ocean Care Day

A environmental awareness day held on the world famous Manly Corso at Manly Beach.

Manly Ocean Care Day





Thank you True Blue Whale Watching!


A big thank you to True Blue Whale Watching for all their generous support of Sea Shepherd Sydney.


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