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Petition to stop Blackmores sale of Krill Products

Blackmores EcokrillHelp us encourage Blackmores to stop profiting from the sale of the Antarctic’s main food source, Krill.

Join us in demanding Blackmores stop selling their line of Omega-3 Products, “Eco-Krill”.

Fill in the form below along with your comments and we’ll send your submission straight to Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate.

Submission Text:

Ms. Holgate,

The Antarctic shouldn’t be a place for profit, I ask that Blackmores immediately stop selling “EcoKrill” and help preserve the world’s last pristine ecosystem.

Blackmores has said that you “believe that our insistence on using high quality ingredients should never come at the expense of the environment.” We completely agree. We however don’t agree when it comes to MSC. Leaning on an MSC certification does nothing to ensure the sustainability of your fish stock, it instead justifies the exploitation of Krill and the animals who depend on them.

Studies have shown that Krill populations have decreased nearly 80% over the last thirty years, and increased fishing will only exacerbate the problems facing this ecosystem already stressed to the brink. Declining krill populations have already contributed to the decrease of some penguin populations by almost half, we can't afford to profit while the Antarctic suffers.

In closing, if the environment truly is paramount in determining your quality ingredients, there are plenty of other ways for us to receive Omega-3 nutrients. Stand with us in protecting the Antarctic from further damage. Stop selling EcoKrill now.



Petition to Blackmores

Please sign this petition to demand Blackmores to stop selling their Omega-3 "Eco-Krill" products.

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