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Sea Shepherd: A Movement
July 4, 2014

Set up in 1977, Sea Shepherd started out as small dedicated team lead by founder, Captain Paul Watson. Now in 2014 this small organisation has expanded world wide into a global movement, with a mission to protect the bio-diversity of our oceans, primarily with direct action. Sea Shepherd clients range from whales, right down to plankton, however our mission is of the outmost importance to all humanity, because if the Oceans Die, We Die. Check out this wonderful video which shows where Sea Shepherd stands today as a movement to save life on planet ocean, to save the earth.


Antarctica: The World's Heritage
March 11, 2014

"Antarctica gives you a taste of what our oceans could have been like before human exploitation. It gives you a perception of what really is important in today's world – A timeless, ancient place of breathtaking beauty and priceless ecological value. In a time where the fate of the natural world, that human survival relies on, hangs in the balance, we must protect Antarctica. If we cannot save a place like Antarctica, then what can we save? Antarctica and its oceans should not only become a World Park, with World Heritage status, it should be protected by an international authority with the policing powers to stop it being marauded. Until that happens, Sea Shepherd Australia will do all it can to protect Antarctica's living ecosystem."

- Jeff Hansen, Managing Director, Sea Shepherd Australia


PRESS CONFERENCE, Hobart Australia, Tuesday January 8 2013

Speakers in this video: Operation Zero Tolerance co-campaign leaders Bob Brown, Jeff Hansen, and former Federal Minister for the Environment, Ian Campbell, announcing that the Australian Chapter Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will direct the organisation's ninth Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance.


The SSS Sam Simon is Unveiled

The SSS Sam Simon is the newest vessel to join
Sea Shepherd's fleet.

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