Andrew CorrellAndrew J Correll
Photographer - Australia

Going on the Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign, Operation Relentless, is far removed from my day-to-day role as a regional manager for a national IT company. As Philip Wollen recently noted at the Melbourne fundraiser, whales are loved the world over, and the world has voted as one to halt commercial whaling. Given this, if we can't even save the whales from being killed we are truly lost.  

I believe that apathy is a real curse to the modern world. There is no neutral - if you don't oppose wrongdoing then you are supporting the wrongdoers. There are many wrongs on this planet and we can't fight all battles, but we need to start somewhere. For me saving the great whales is the perfect place to start. Be it by becoming a monthly donor via Sea Shepherd Direct Action Crew, becoming an onshore volunteer, or going on a campaign, we need in some way to say enough is enough. The great whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary are off limits.

I have recently returned with my family from Taiji, Japan where the Cove Guardians must watch the brutal murder of small cetaceans and do nothing. Now as we prepare to set off to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, I relish the chance to stop these poachers. I have heard the saying that life isn't worth living until you find something worth dying for. I understand this because what we are about to do is incredibly dangerous. For me life isn't worth living until you find something worth living for. As a photographer aboard The Sam Simon I have found my motivation and as my cabinmate Marcel says, "Bring it on."

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