Sam Simon Wish List

Sam Simon Wish List

Updated October 2013

For questions regarding supplies, please send an email to

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This list is a priority donation list of supplies needed on the Sam Simon.  Donating supplies enables our crew to keep working and helps ensure our ship will be ready to protect marine wildlife worldwide!

**Go to this Amazon link as well and buy some supplies or a piece of equipment for the ships. It will be delivered straight to the crew at the dock and is a fantastic way to get much needed gear to us quickly! click the link HERE**

Sam Simon Deck Department

  • Masking Tape
  • Flap discs and grinding discs for angle grinders (80 grit is best but any will do).
  • Rollers & handles (230mm, little ripper 100mm foam)
  • Bunnings gift cards.
  • Paint Brushes (assorted sizes)
  • Turpentine, methylated spirits
  • Steel – sheet 5mm thick, angle, flat bar
  • Plywood - 12 & 18 mm
  • Marine varnish
  • Black gealcoat
  • Hypalon glue
  • Hardwood and pine boards
  • 4” cutting discs
  • 2 x 70 or 75 HP outboard engines
  • 15-35-40-50mm Phillips head zinc plasco chipboard screws
  • Hinges hooks latches and barrel bolts various sizes
  • Polishing and buffing discs for 4” grinders
  • Industrial Sewing Machine to sew canvas
  • Perspex or plexiglass
  • Climbing slings
  • Vegan arctic boots (no leather)
  • Radio chest harnesses
  • Doonas, Quilts, Duvets for bedding
  • Nomex fire balaclavas  
  • Welding Rods (especially 3.2mm General Purpose)
  • Quaility Hole saw set
  • Plastic fuel containers 20Litre 
  • “sealskin” brand cold wather gloves
  • Heavy duty chemical gloves


  • Laptop
  • U.P.S. (Uninterrupted Power Source) for computer
  •       Boilermaker/Welder for cutting/welding project
  • 'Wilden' style pneumatic diaphragm pump for oil transfer/spill response
  • 3/8” (10mm) air hose (≈20m lengths)
    • Nitto quick-release couplings for air hose
    • Inverter ARC welder
    • Welding rods: GP, Low Hydrogen, Stainless
    • Insulation Resistance Tester (megger-meter)
    • Ammeter (or ammeter attachment for Fluke multimeter)
    • Bench Grinder 415V 3-phase
    • Wire wheels for bench grinder
    • Pipe taps and dies – size 1/8” - ¾” BSP
    • Search light or spotlight - check with us regarding electrical specs
    • Refrigeration equipment: gauge manifold, leak detector, scales, reclaiming pump
    • Hour meters to suit 60Hz, 415v (10 off)
    • Ceramic filter for drinking water
    • R22 refrigerant
    • Infra-red thermometer
    • Drill press 415V 3-phase
    • Pipe bender ≈ ½ inch to 2 inch



  • Fresh fruit and Vegetable
  • Frozen fruit
  • Tortillas wraps
  • Corn chips
  • Black beans
  • Vanilla essence
  • Non dairy cream and yogurt
  • Nuts (pecans, macadamia, pistachio, pine nuts, brazil nuts, walnuts..)
  • Seeds (sesame, sunflower)
  • Sauces (chilli, salsa, soy..)
  • Preserves (sundried tomatoes, artichokes..)
  • Noodles
  • Peanut Butter
  • Baked beans
  • Bread
  • Dill
  • Dried fruits
  • Dates
  • Fresh tofu (silken and hard)
  • Chickpea flour
  • Dishwashing gloves
  • 30L sealing barrels (bunnings have them)

Please contact with any enquiries .

Send donations to:
M/Y Sam Simon, c/- Seaworks. 2 Ann St, Williamstown 3016, Australia

Thank you very much for your support!

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