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Engine Room Wish List


Bob Barker:

Allen key set (imperial x2)
Allen key set (metric x2)
Assorted bolts M6 - M16
Assorted ¼" die grinder bits: sanders, burr bits
C clamps (2" / 4")
Combo spanners (6mm / 8mm / 9mm / 11mm / 20mm / 21mm / 22mm / 28mm)
Copper washer set
HSS drill bits - 1-13mm in 0.5mm steps
HSS drill bits - 13mm shank, 14-25mm
Metal tag embosser
Metal scribe
Oxy / acetylene cutting equipment (torches / hoses / regulators)
Point and shoot camera
Reel for 1" diesel fuel hose - 15 meters
Sheet metal snips
Steel tool storage unit
12volt automotive / marine battery charger
2+Earth 1.5mm2 Cable (1 reel)
3+Earth 1.5mm2 Cable (1 reel)
2+Earth 2.5mm2 Cable (1 reel)
3+Earth 2.5mm2 Cable (1 reel)


Steve Irwin:

Band saw (portable); Makita
Carbide coated drill bit set (1mm-6mm / 6mm-13mm)
Digital verniers
Electrical parts cleaner
Electrical switches, outlets, electrical boxes, plug ends, dimmer switch
Heat shrink; various sizes; light and heavy duty
Imperial feeler gauges
Lanoter Grease
Pipe fittings; brass and stainless steel
Spray paint (black or grey)
Stainless steel hardware boxes (screws small and big, bolts, nuts, etc.)
Strong 6" magnet trays
Wire crimper pliers
Wire rope cutter; up to 10mm
1/2 Dr Socket Set


Sam Simon:

Ammeter (or ammeter attachment for Fluke multimeter)
Pipe taps and dies - size 1/8" - ¾" BSP
Pneumatic diaphragm pump
Quick-release couplings for air hose
Refrigeration equipment: gauge manifold, leak detector, scales, reclaiming pump
Wire wheels for bench grinder

You can purchase a number of items and have them sent directly to the ship via our Amazon Engine Room Wishlist.

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Engine Room Wish List

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