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Steve Irwin:

We urgently need to raise $200,000 for critical work on our flagship vessel, the MY Steve Irwin.

The ships two main engines and three auxiliary engines need to be completely overhauled – every cylinder head, piston, liner and ring needs to be removed, cleaned, checked and repaired. New parts need to be installed and everything needs to be meticulously put back together again.

A team of experienced engineers are on board but we don’t have the funds to continue the work. If we can’t complete the engine overhaul, the ship will not be fit for sea.

In its 10th year of operation with Sea Shepherd, the MY Steve Irwin has sailed more ocean defence campaigns than any other vessel in the current fleet. We urgently need your help to get the MY Steve Irwin back on the water by February 2018 to continue our crucial work for the oceans.

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Engine Room Wish List

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