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Sea Shepherd Wish List


Sea Shepherd ships Come visit our ship, The Bob Barker

Seaworks 82 Nelson Place - Williamstown

Meet the captain and crew and hear about their experiences


Sundays the Bob Barker will be open, 10am to 4pm.


We would like to thank those supporters who have generously contributed supplies and equipment to help our cause. Some of the supplies we list are permanent Wish List items because they are items which either need to be replaced regularly or are items for which there is a need for multiples.

If you have any of these items or are able to purchase any of these items on Sea Shepherd's behalf, your special support will be greatly appreciated.

How to Give an In-Kind Gift:

1.) You can purchase the item yourself. You will find the appropriate shipping address
on the specific Wish List page (see choices below. [Please keep in mind that when
shipping from a country outside Australia, additional customs costs may be
charged to your shipment.]


2.) You can call our office and provide us with a donation by credit card.
Your donations will help us in buying our necessary supplies.

Contact us at: australia@seashepherd.org.au or call: +61-3-94450323

**Go to this Amazon link as well and buy some supplies or a piece of equipment for the ships. It will be delivered straight to the crew at the dock and is a fantastic way to get much needed gear to us quickly! click the link HERE**

Donations Needed


Steve Irwin Wish List



Bob Barker Wish List



Sam Simon Wish List


Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot Wish List



The Galapagos NPS park rangers need donations of supplies.

Galapagos Wish List

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