Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Sea Shepherd has received rewards and recognition from many other organizations around the world. We feature some of these here.


Charity Navigator

Charity_NavigatorSea Shepherd Awarded Coveted 4-Star Charity Rating by Leading Charity Evaluator

Sea Shepherd, the most committed direct action marine conservation organization in the world, has been awarded 4-stars by Charity Navigator, a leading charity evaluator based in the United States. Approximately one-quarter of the charities evaluated by Charity Navigator have received 4-stars, their highest rating. Sea Shepherd's rating clearly indicates that it has outperformed most other charities in the United States and that it is amongst the best when it comes to responsible fiscal management.

"We are proud to announce Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has earned our 4-star rating for its ability to efficiently manage and grow its finances. This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator differentiates Sea Shepherd from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust," said Ken Berger, President and Chief Executive Officer of Charity Navigator.

As the nonprofit sector continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, savvy donors are demanding more accountability, transparency, and quantifiable results from the charities they choose to support with their hard-earned dollars. In this competitive philanthropic marketplace, Charity Navigator highlights the fine work of efficient charities such as Sea Shepherd and provides donors with essential information needed to give them greater confidence in the charitable choices they make.

"Since the founding of Sea Shepherd over 30 years ago, one of our guiding principles has been to use donor funds as effectively as possible to fulfill our marine conservation mission to defend ocean wildlife worldwide. The trust and goodwill of our donors can never be taken for granted and we constantly work to earn it. Being awarded the highest rating from Charity Navigator is the ultimate confirmation of these efforts and a strong indicator to our donors that their funds will be utilized efficiently to save as many marine animals as possible," said Sea Shepherd's Founder and President Captain Paul Watson.

Charity Navigator's application of data-driven analysis to the charitable sector has been profiled by Forbes, Business Week, and Kiplinger's Financial Magazine. It evaluates 10 times more charities than its nearest competitor and attracts more visitors to its website than all other charity rating groups combined. This makes it the leading charity evaluator in the United States. Charity Navigator's irrefutable data shows that users of their site gave more than they planned to before viewing their findings. It is estimated that in the last year Charity Navigator influenced over $10 billion USD in charitable gifts.

Sea Shepherd welcomes your donations on our secure donation page. Charity Navigator's review of Sea Shepherd can be viewed at:


Dutch Postcode Lottery

Dutch Postcode Lottery

The Dutch Postcode Lottery was founded in 1989 as a means to raise money for organizations who advocate for nature conservation and humanitarian aid. Half the money raised annually through this lottery is donated to carefully selected non-profit organizations.  Since its founding in 1989, the Dutch Postcode Lottery has donated in excess of 3.8 billion euros as part of its commitment to aid non-profit organizations in the essential work they undertake.

The Dutch National Postcode Lottery is the third largest private charitable donor worldwide.

In 2008, Sea Shepherd was awarded 500,000 euros.  In 2009, Sea Shepherd was granted a multi-year donation contract ensuring additional funding in future years.  The first donation of this multi-year award was 500,000 euros.  This extremely generous cumulative donation totaling 2,500,000 euros is in recognition of Sea Shepherd's long-term commitment to marine conservation globally and it is amongst the largest since Sea Shepherd was founded in 1977.  In these challenging economic times, these funds will help to ensure that Sea Shepherd is able to continue its growing campaign successes and to defend ocean wildlife worldwide. The Dutch Postcode Lottery's support will also stand as a landmark of institutional legitimacy for Sea Shepherd's marine conservation mission and a financial beacon for present and future supporters whose donations help to sustain the organization.

Dutch Postcode Lottery (in Dutch)


February 14, 2013 - Sea Shepherd Receives € 900,000 from Dutch National Postcode Lottery

October 30, 2012 - Dutch National Postcode Lottery Prolongs Collaboration with Sea Shepherd

February 22, 2012 - Sea Shepherd receives € 900,000, from Dutch National Postcode Lottery

February 12, 2011 - Sea Shepherd Receives one Million Euros from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery

August 28, 2010 - Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Rewarded by Dutch Postcode Lottery

February 19, 2010 - Sea Shepherd Receives an additional €1 Million Euros from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery

February 21, 2009 - Sea Shepherd Granted 2009 Funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery 'Postcodeloterij'


Geert Vons and Daan Molenaar receiving the check
from Judith Lingeman - Photo: Roy Beusker

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