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Operation Zero Tolerance

In our ninth season in Antarctica, Sea Shepherd is embarking upon its biggest campaign yet to defend at-risk whales!

We’re returning stronger than ever to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary with a fleet of four ships, one helicopter and more than 100 international crewmembers — the whales’ Navy!


During the past eight seasons, Sea Shepherd’s direct-action interventions have saved the lives of more than 3,600 whales and exposed illegal Japanese whaling to the world.

This year, our campaign is aptly dubbed Operation Zero Tolerance because we aim to send the whalers home without them killing a single whale.

We have a great track record of success to build upon. The last two seasons, we sent the whalers home early with just a fraction of their kill quota.

Japanese whaling is a dying industry — continuing only due to government pride and massive subsidies.

Hundreds of millions in debt, the industry cannot continue to sustain such huge financial losses.

With your help, we will meet our goal of sinking the Japanese whaling fleet economically to finally bring peace to the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Zero tolerance. Zero cruelty. Zero kills.

Please join us!

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FleetAdverse weather ends whaling season - After being escorted out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary by Sea Shepherd Australia, the Japanese whaling fleet made an about-face and headed back south, not for practicality, but for a dismal attempt to show pride in their cruel and illegal slaughter of more


Nisshin MaruOnce More Into the Southern Ocean Breach - The Japanese whaling fleet is now acting like a serial killer in a bad horror movie - when the heroes turn their back and the credits are about to roll, the killer rises up again, this time with harpoon in hand to kill another defenseless whale.  The retreating Japanese fleet has turned around and are heading South more


Dead whale pulled onto factory ship Nisshin MaruNinth Circuit Court of Appeals Hands Down Ruling in Favor of Japanese Whale Poachers - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society U.S. nonprofit calls the ruling a “bad decision,” but says the gavel hasn’t come down quite more

Nisshin Maru Bob Barker CollisionTensions Rise in Clash With the Japanese Whalers - Sea Shepherd Australia has successfully blocked a third attempt to refuel the Japanese whaling fleet, which is illegally operating in contravention of an Australian Federal Court ruling prohibiting whaling in Australian Antarctic more

Nisshin Maru Rams Bob Barker and Sun LaurelNew HD Footage: Japanese Whaling Fleet’s Factory Vessel Pushes Sea Shepherd Ship Into Whaling Fleet’s Fuel Tanker - Previously unreleased high quality footage of the exact moment that the Nishhin Maru pushed the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker into the South Korean fuel tanker, the Sun Laurel, has just been received and released by Sea Shepherd more

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