Male Sea LionSea Shepherd's flagship, the M/Y Steve Irwin pulls away from Williamstown
bound for Abbot Point coal port and Adani on Operation Reef Defence (Photo Credit: Sea Shepherd).

TODAY from Sea Shepherd’s Southern Operations Base at Williamstown, Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel, the M/Y Steve Irwin departed for a mission to defend the Great Barrier Reef from threats posed from the Adani coal mine.

"The Carmichael Adani coal mine, rail link and coal port poses serious threats to Australia’s much loved natural icon, the Great Barrier Reef," stated Jeff Hansen, Managing Director of Sea Shepherd Australia.

"This natural world wonder is made up of thousands of reefs, hundreds of islands and over 600 types of corals. This World Heritage area is home to countless species of colourful fish, molluscs and starfish, plus endangered turtles, dolphins, whales and sharks. If we can not save the Great Barrier Reef, what can we save?” Jeff continued.

“This July and August, the M/Y Steve Irwin, will tour the east coast of Australia on Operation Reef Defence, with a call to action, and to showcase the beauty of our Australian icon that’s being bullied from a foreign destructive invasion from Adani. We will sail and rally with the Stop Adani Alliance, the community, businesses, tourism sectors, media, and politicians to make our position clear that Australia will not trade the Great Barrier Reef for one of the world’s most destructive coal mines. 

"Our flagship, the M/Y Steve Irwin, that has successfully taken on Japanese whale poachers in the Southern Ocean, and protected the whales in the Kimberley and the Great Australian Bight, will now set its sights on stopping Adani. We encourage everyone to get on board this vital campaign for our Great Barrier Reef, for our oceans, and for a liveable climate for our children.

“The stakes are high, the future of our Great Barrier Reef, the health of our oceans and a liveable climate for our children, for no matter where you live on planet earth, we can not allow Adani’s climate catastrophe coal mine to proceed. If we lose this one, we all lose, so losing this fight for the reef is not an option. It's up to us all to make a stand, and make a choice: coal or coral? A real future for our children or an unliveable climate for them? It's time to tell it how it is,” Jeff added.

The Steve Irwin’s first stop will be Circular Quay, Sydney, arriving this Friday, the 20th of July and will remain until Sunday 22nd of July. The vessel open for free public tours, encouraging the public to make a choice between coal or coral, because we can’t have both. We can live without coal, but we can’t live without coral," Jeff added. 

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