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Since 1977, Sea Sheperd has been on the frontline fighting to protect marine life from threats like illegal fishing, ocean pollution and climate change. We’ve been working across the globe to save marine animals from extinction, but the fight isn’t over. 



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The problem

Shark nets and drumlines kill animals that are critical for ocean health and our survival on this planet. 


To make matters worse, there is no scientific evidence that they do anything for beach safety. All they provide is a false sense of safety. 


Beautiful threatened species like hammerheads*, grey nurse sharks and leatherback turtles* are all regularly killed by this program. Whales are also often entangled, with six caught in Queensland this year alone. One young whale had to be released with the hook and chain still lodged in its flesh. 


But your Christmas gift could help change this. ACT NOW. 



The solution

Ending shark culling in Australia is critical and achievable. There are modern, effective solutions available to protect people and marine life. 


This is just one example of the vital work Sea Shepherd is doing to protect marine life from going extinct. 


Together, we have shut down whaling in international waters and with your help, we can keep the oceans healthy so they can be enjoyed every summer. 


Help Sea Shepherd save marine life by supporting our critical investigations and campaigns. 



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