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Nets are not the way to go to solve shark issue on NSW North Coast

Commentary by NSW Apex Coordinator – Allyson Jennings

Ballina's resident dolphins. Credit: Dr Liz Hawkins, Dolphin Research AustraliaOn Tuesday October 12th 2016, Premier Mike Baird announced that the popular northern New South Wales beach holiday destination of Ballina will have shark meshing installed off its beaches for 6 months. This is subject to federal government approval from Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg who has stated previously that he would consider supporting such moves to protect human lives first.

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Pearson Island Group - A wilderness area of global significance

Commentary by Jeff Hansen - Operation Jeedara - Expedition Leader

8th August 2016

Pearson Island Group - Steve Irwin and small boat en route.  Photo: Tim WattersToday the Steve Irwin crew, under the command of Captain Wyanda Lublink, were very privileged to visit the Peason Island Group.

Pearson Isles (also called the Pearson Islands, Pearson Group and Pearson Archipelago) is an island group located in South Australia about 65 kilometres west south-west off Cape FInniss on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula within the larger island group, the Investigator Group. The whole area is a marine reserve, thanks to the tireless previous campaigning of Peter Owen and the Wilderness Society, among other groups as part of the marine parks campaign. Sea Shepherd gratefully gained permits to visit Pearson in working through an extensive permit process (thanks to Natalie Banks) with the South Australian Government, who were very helpful.

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Sea Shepherd Australia commends NSW Parliamentary Committee recommendations but still more work to do

Commentary by Allyson Jennings - NSW Apex Harmony Coordinator

Shark Spotter. Photo: Sean GeerRecently, the New South Wales Legislative Assembly Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development handed down its final recommendations on the management of sharks in New South Wales waters. This was the culmination of a parliamentary inquiry, which started in August 2015, seeing many stakeholders involved in the process. Sea Shepherd Australia made a submission to the inquiry and National Shark Campaign Coordinator, Natalie Banks was also asked to give evidence at the hearing in Ballina late last year.

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Lack of transparency putting ocean users safety at risk in NSW

Eco Shark Barrier set up in Coogee, Western Australia. Photo: Natalie BanksIn October 2015, the New South Wales Government's Department of Primary Industries unveiled their $16 million shark management strategy to be allocated over a five year duration. This was to include a combination of technologies to be trialled at various locations along the NSW coastline from Sydney north to the border with Queensland. This strategy is overseen by Department of Primary Industries -Fisheries who also oversee the NSW Shark Meshing Program.

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Western Australian Government killing an IUCN Red listed protected Great White Shark won't save lives

White shark caught on the drum lines at Falcon Beach. Credit: Seven News Yesterday, under the order of shark cull leader Premier Colin Barnett, the WA Fisheries department deployed drum lines off Falcon Beach, south of Perth in Western Australia catching and killing a white shark that may or may not have been responsible for an attack on a surfer. 

WA Fisheries laid the drum lines, over 18 hours after the incident. They eventually caught a large three metre plus great white shark and they kept it so long on the drum line that it eventually drowned, then waiting till dark to drag it out to sea and dump it, away from the cameras. It’s clear that the WA Fisheries Department is trying to cover up their shameful crimes against nature.

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The Origin of Operation Albacore - a long walk, a long chase and a new front in the fight to protect African Wildlife

Commentary by Captain Peter Hammarstedt

Captain Peter Hammarstedt inspects fishing trawler seized in Monrovia, Liberia during 2013.
  Photo: Sea Shepherd As we headed north up the west coast of Africa, we ticked off countries one-by-one. Like the check- list of vessels that we set out to pursue on Operation Icefish, we crossed out countries as we speculated endlessly as to where the F/V Thunder would make port call. South Africa seemed unlikely. Germany and South Africa were in the middle of war games and several frigates were steaming off the Cape of Good Hope. Namibia... maybe? We knew the owner of the F/V Thunder to be Spanish and there were plenty of Spanish fishing interests operating out of Walvis Bay.

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Thirty Years of Vigilance Against Destructive Driftnets

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Just one of the Blue sharks, entangled and killed in the driftnet of the Fu Yuan Yu fleet. Photo: Tim WattersIn the years between 1987 and 1992, Sea Shepherd launched a number of campaigns to oppose and shut down high seas drift netting.

I took three ships into these confrontations, the DIVINE WIND, the SEA SHEPHERD II and the EDWARD ABBEY.

They were campaigns of intense confrontations. We rammed drift netters and confiscated and destroyed their nets, and with every campaign we focused more and more attention on this incredibly destructive industry.

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The End of the 'Bandit 6'

By Captain Siddharth Chakravarty

Capt. Sid Chakravarty holds the Interpol Purple Notice, issued to the Viking in 2014 for illegal fishing activities. Photo: Tim WattersThis morning the F/V Viking came into the anchorage in the port of Jakarta, Indonesia. From the bow of the Steve Irwin, I watched her meander through the vessels and head for a spot just a few hundred meters from where I was. The F/V Viking is an illegal fishing vessel and has been a wanted vessel for more than a decade. From the anchorage the vessel is expected to head into port for an investigation into her fishing crimes, after which she will be sunk by the Indonesian navy for breaching national and international law. Since 2003, this vessel has been fishing illegally in the Southern and Atlantic Oceans and the limitations of international law have allowed her to be a step ahead of law enforcement officials. She has finally run out of luck.

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