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Sea Shepherd prepares legal proceedings against Denmark as Blood is Spilled Again on the Shores of the Faroe Islands

Whaling in EuropeMore blood has been shed on the shores of the Danish Faroe Islands in the second grindadráp (grind) of the year, in the same village where 43 pilot whales were slaughtered just three weeks ago.

At approximately 4pm yesterday, a pod of up to 200 pilot whales was spotted by locals on the island of Viðoy, before being pursued by 25 boats for over two hours to Hvannasund beach where 120 of the whales were killed. Hvannasund is one of 23 “approved killing beaches” in the Faroe Islands, where it is permitted for locals to slaughter pilot whales and dolphins.

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Create An Artistic Impression of the Grind

Artwork from Gideon and the Red Beach by Geert VonsSea Shepherd Global is inviting its supporters around the world to lend their artistic voices to the global chorus of outrage against the grindadráp, in order to raise awareness of this bloody practise through creative mediums.

Sea Shepherd Global wishes to extend an opportunity to generate unique, creative interpretations both literal and abstract that honour the memory of the countless pilot whales and other dolphins that have been slaughtered in the bloody fjords of the Faroe Islands.

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Blood Spills on to the Shores of the Danish Faroe Islands in the First Pilot Whale Slaughter of the Year

Dead pilot whales line the killing beach of Hvannasund. Image via nordlysid.foToday, at approximately 1200 local time, a pod of 30-50 pilot whales was slaughtered in the first grindadráp (grind) of the year, on the island of Viðoy in the Danish Faroe Islands archipelago.

The ordeal began this morning when locals spotted a pod of between 100-150 pilot whales passing by Svínoy. Several boats then drove the pod of whales approximately 11 kilometres to Hvannasund, where the whales were forced to beach, and slaughtered by locals. Faroese media outlets have confirmed between 30-50 pilot whales have been killed.

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Sea Shepherd Global Launches New Patrol Vessel, Ocean Warrior

Ocean WarriorSea Shepherd Global has launched its latest weapon in the battle to protect the world’s oceans; the new patrol vessel, Ocean Warrior.

After 18 months of construction by Dutch shipbuilding company, Damen, Ocean Warrior was lowered into the waters of Antalya Harbour in Turkey last Friday.

“This is a momentous day for Sea Shepherd, and for all of our supporters, and a bad day for poachers,” said CEO of Sea Shepherd Global, Captain Alex Cornelissen. “The launch of the Ocean Warrior marks a new era for our organisation, as we now have a ship with the speed and capabilities to match the fastest poaching vessels in the world.”

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Sea Shepherd Cleaning Up Australia for Plastic Free July

Cleanup event with Sea Shepherd AustraliaWith the toxic tide of marine plastic pollution devastating oceans and marine wildlife worldwide, Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris Campaign is getting behind the Plastic Free July initiative in a major way.  Plastic Free July is an annual global campaign which aims to create awareness of the environmental problems associated with plastics, in particular single-use plastic products.

During the month of July, Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris Teams are hosting a range of community events across Australia in support of Plastic Free July.

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Sea Shepherd Global Releases Distressing Footage of the Devastating Impacts of By-Catch

Operation AlbacoreThe crew of the Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, has captured distressing footage of the devastating impacts of by-catch.

The footage, which shows sharks being caught, hauled and discarded back into the ocean, was filmed by the Sea Shepherd crew on a recent patrol of the waters of the Republic of Gabon in central-west Africa.

The Bob Barker has been conducting patrols in the region since April as a part of Operation Albacore; a new campaign to tackle illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, under the direction of the Government of Gabon.

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Operation Driftnet a Resounding Success; Sea Shepherd Shuts Down Entire Illegal Driftnet Fleet

File: The Fu Yuan Yu 076. Photo: Tim WattersOperation Driftnet, a campaign launched by Sea Shepherd Global in February, 2016, has successfully ended the operations of a fleet of 6 illegal fishing vessels.

In an email to Sea Shepherd Global Director Captain Alex Cornelissen, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has communicated the results of their investigation. The Chinese government has temporarily suspended the fishing licenses of all of the vessels owned by the company, the Dong Xing Long Ocean Fishing Company. The six vessels of the Fu Yuan Yu fleet have been ordered to remain in port for an indefinite period. In addition, the captains of the fishing vessels have had their certification as Masters permanently revoked and each vessel has been fined the equivalent of $300,000 U.S. dollars.

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Actor/filmmaker Ross McCall Debuts Documentary About Pilot Whale Slaughter in Faroe Islands

Actor and activist Ross McCall on board Sea Shepherd’s MV Bridgitte Bardot, at the Faroe Islands in 2015Scottish actor Ross McCall released his 22-minute documentary short on YouTube this week chronicling his experience in the Faroe Islands.

The actor was on board the MV Bridgitte Bardot last year for Sea Shepherd’s 2015 Pilot Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Sleppid Grindini.

Every year, the Danish Faroe Islands partake in what is known as The Grindadrap. Locals in boats drive pods of pilot whales and dolphins on to their beaches where they are brutally slaughtered with retractable spears.

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  203. The Whales Have Won! — ICJ Rules Japan’s Southern Ocean Whaling 'Not For Scientific Research'
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  205. Sea Shepherd Ships Return From Successful Whale Defence Campaign
  206. “Bruce” Joins the WA Shark Bait and Kill Observer’s Team
  207. Sea Shepherd Captains Release Statement About the Pending International Court of Justice Judgment Concerning Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia v. Japan)
  208. Southern Ocean Whales Are Safe for Now - Whaling is Over for 2014
  209. WA Shark Cull Update - EPA rules out assessment despite 23,000 public submissions
  210. Sea Shepherd Australia and Dr Sharon Burden denied preliminary injunction for the sharks of WA
  211. Australian and New Zealand Governments Abandon Whale Sanctuary to Japan
  212. More Whales Slaughtered in Whale Sanctuary
  213. Australian Government Values Whales at $290 AUD Each
  214. Sea Shepherd Australia takes Western Australian Government, Premier Colin Barnett and WA Fisheries Minister to Supreme Court for the Sharks
  215. Sea Shepherd Ambushed in Night Attack While Governments Do Nothing
  216. Sea Shepherd Locates Whale Poaching Fleet, Prepares for Interception
  217. Morning of cruelty, inhumanity and slaughter in the South West
  218. Sea Shepherd Successfully Helps Guatemalan Officials Halt Poaching Operation
  219. Barnett Government Acknowledges that drum lines attract sharks
  220. Urgent - Stop the Shark Cull by Making a Submission to the EPA Today!
  221. Sea Shepherd Global & Sea Shepherd USA Team Up With Guatemalan Officials for Anti-Poaching Patrols
  222. Japanese Whaling Vessel Incursion Has Potential 'Relationship Consequences'
  223. Japanese Harpoon Ship Enters Australian Whale Sanctuary
  224. Whaling Ship Enters New Zealand Waters
  225. Whaling Fleet Approaching Australian and New Zealand Waters
  226. Western Australia's indiscriminate killing of precious marine life rages on
  227. Sea Shepherd Releases Raw Footage: Yushin Maru No. 3 Hits The Bob Barker
  228. Sea Shepherd Ships Under Attack from Whaling Fleet
  229. Sea Shepherd Secures The Slipway of the Nisshin Maru: Whaling Halted
  230. Barnett's Government's Shark Cull Program delivers first cruel and barbaric fatality
  231. Japanese Whalers Running Out of Steam
  232. Sea Shepherd Boxes-In Whaling Fleet, Suspends Poaching
  233. Operation Relentless Update
  234. Sea Shepherd Launches 'Operation Sunu Gaal'
  235. Harpoon Ship Stopped!
  236. Sea Shepherd Shark Update - France and Australia
  237. Japanese Harpoon Ship Closing In on Australian Whale Sanctuary
  238. Sea Shepherd Drives Whaling Fleet Into Disarray and Out of the Antarctic Treaty Zone
  239. Sea Shepherd Locates Whale Poachers
  240. Australians Oppose Cull of Protected Great White Sharks by Barnett Government
  241. Sea Shepherd Invites Artists Who Have Cancelled Their Seaworld Shows to Join the Cove Guardians in Taiji
  242. The Dolphins Are Not the Problem
  243. Sea Shepherd USA Seeking Submissions for its “From the Cove to Captivity” Video Contest
  244. Lush Relentless Whale Soap Range
  245. Sea Shepherd Awards NZ$11,500 for Info Leading to Conviction of Seal Killers
  246. Abbott breaks election promise on Whales
  247. A Reply to Sea World’s Open Letter and an Invitation to Make a Meaningful New Year’s Resolution
  248. Sea Shepherd Fleet departs for Operation Relentless
  249. Call to Action: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Legal Defense Fund
  250. Happy 90th Birthday, Mr. Bob Barker!
  251. Japanese killing fleet sets sail for the Australian Antarctic Whale Sanctuary
  252. Video on Shark Protection Presented to Latin American Environmental Prosecutors
  253. 75 - 80 Bottlenose Dolphins Captured Yesterday in the Cove; Captive Selection & Slaughter at ~ 1 PM PT Today
  254. Reality TV Star Simone Reyes Arrives in Taiji, Japan to Serve as Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian
  255. Statement regarding the ICR vs. SSCS USA contempt proceedings in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  256. Manotas, the First Sea Shepherd Galapagos Wildlife-sniffing Dog, Retires
  257. The Georgia Aquarium to Fight Denial of the Aquarium’s Permit Application to Import 18 Wild-Caught Belugas
  258. Blood Bath in the Faeroes
  259. Ready, Set, Conservation in Action: Sea Shepherd Launches Taiji Video Contest!
  260. Good News For Our Clients: Uruguay Has A Whale Sanctuary!
  261. Sydney welcomes the Sam Simon
  262. Celebrating the Life of Artist and Conservationist Stephen Watson
  263. Cove Guardians on the Ground in Taiji
  264. Clive Standen, Star of TV’s “VIKINGS,” Says “REAL Men Don’t Whale”
  265. Sea Shepherd's Advisory Board Members Call on the IOC to Not Support Tokyo’s Olympics Bid
  266. Another Grind Claims the Lives of Precious Whales and Dolphins in the Faroes
  267. Sea Shepherd and the Galapagos
  268. English Biologist Godfrey Merlen Weighs in on “Cultural” and “Scientific” Whaling
  269. Sea Shepherd Australia, Occy and Fuel TV unite for planet ocean
  270. Victory! NOAA Denies Permit to Import 18 Beluga Whales for Display at Georgia Aquarium & Partner Facilities
  271. Brazil Federal Regional Court Rules in Favor of the Southern Right Whales
  272. Sea Shepherd Action Alert - the Giant Pacific Octopus Needs Your Help TODAY!
  273. Empty The Tanks Mobilizes the Masses to Oppose the Captive Whale and Dolphin Industry
  274. Sea Shepherd Brazil Targets Illegal Trade of Endangered Brazilian Guitarfish in Sao Paulo
  275. Sea Shepherd Calls for the Immediate Removal of Sea Lion “Researcher”
  276. Report from the Hague - Final Week - Denied access to final International Court of Justice hearings
  277. Sea Shepherd Brazil Takes Action to Protect Southern Right Whales Off the Santa Catarina Coast
  278. Young conservationist kicking off seven-month Australian school tour to find hundreds of new environmental change ‘champions’
  279. Report from the Hague - Week two, oral arguments of the Japanese delegates, Weekly Summary
  280. Dr. Sidney Holt, “Savior of the Great Whales,” Praises Sea Shepherd for Their Work
  281. Report from the Hague - Week two, first round of the Japanese delegates, day one
  282. Sea Shepherd USA Backs Australia in Landmark Legal Case to End 'Research Whaling'
  283. After a year in exile, Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson will speak to the public on Live Radio
  284. Sea Shepherd Outrigger Team: Paddling For The Cause
  285. Congressional Committee Holds Hearing on Sea Lion Killing Bill
  286. Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd join forces in Operation Toxic Gulf
  287. Another Sea Shepherd Legal Victory in the French Courts
  288. Tell your Representative: Oppose Dangerous House Sea Lion Killing Bill
  289. Sea Shepherd wins victory for sharks in La Reunion
  290. In Celebration of World Oceans’ Day
  291. Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Steven Tyler join forces with Sea Shepherd for the oceans
  292. Bob Irwin onboard Steve Irwin vessel for first time, expresses deep concerns for Australia’s turtles and dugongs
  293. An Anniversary to Remember
  294. Pete Bethune and Sea Shepherd Settle Long-running Legal Dispute
  295. Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Reef Defense Campaign in Hawaii
  296. "The Mermaid Song" Download Now Available!
  297. World Renowned Scientist Dr. Louise Leakey Voices her Support for Sea Shepherd
  298. Sea Shepherd launches Operation Relentless, its 10th Antarctic whale defence campaign
  299. Dam Guardians Report “Hope,” Sea Lion #781, Finally Gets Assessment But No Intervention
  300. Sea Shepherd Dam Guardians Report Sea Lion in Severe Distress at Port of Astoria
  301. Dam Guardians Report “Brian The Lion” (Sea Lion C022) Killed By Oregon Dept Of Fish & Wildlife
  302. Woodside cancels plans for LNG processing plant at James Price Point
  303. Smashing Pumpkins Violinist and Composer, Ysanne Donating Proceeds from the Mermaid Song Project to Sea Shepherd
  304. Japan Confirms Sea Shepherd Success in the Southern Ocean
  305. Sea Shepherd Joins the Movement to Help Free Kshamenk
  306. One Sea Lion Dead, Others in Serious Distress Following Branding by ODFW
  307. More Than 30 Sea Lions Captured and Branded at Port Of Astoria By Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife
  308. Victorious return for Sea Shepherd fleet
  309. Adverse Weather Ends Whaling Season
  310. Once more into the Southern Ocean Breach
  311. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Hands Down Ruling in Favor of Japanese Whale Poachers
  312. Sea Shepherd Seeks Volunteers for Upcoming Dam Guardian Campaign
  313. Sea Shepherd Supporter Sam Simon to Play Among Champions on the “NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship”
  314. Tensions Rise in Clash With the Japanese Whalers
  315. New HD Footage: Japanese Whaling Fleet’s Factory Vessel Pushes Sea Shepherd Ship Into Whaling Fleet’s Fuel Tanker
  316. Sea Shepherd Australia Releases Further Compelling Video
  317. Japanese whale poaching vessel, Nisshin Maru, rams S. Korean fuel tanker, Sea Shepherd ships Sam Simon, Steve Irwin, and Bob Barker
  318. Japanese Whaling Fleet Oil Tanker Spill Confirmed
  319. Whale Poachers’ Refuelling Vessel Sun Laurel Enters Australian Waters
  320. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Inspires Attendees at Sea Shepherd’s National Press Club Briefing on Monday
  321. Sea Shepherd Australia Shuts Down Illegal Japanese Whale Poaching Operations
  322. Sea Shepherd Receives € 900,000 from Dutch National Postcode Lottery
  323. Sea Shepherd Ship Bob Barker is On the Slipway of the Nisshin Maru
  324. Sea Shepherd Takes Battle Against ICR to U.S. Supreme Court
  325. Concert for the Kimberley
  326. OCEANS: Sea Shepherd takes fight against Japanese whalers to Supreme Court
  327. Sea Shepherd's Red Hot Big Day Out - continued-
  328. Japanese Whaling Fleet Abandons Harpoon Vessel Nearly Empty on Fuel
  329. Sea Shepherd Severs Fuel Supply to the Whaling Fleet
  330. No Place Sacred - Woodside Prepares to Destroy Ancient Burial Sites and Humpback Nursery
  331. Sea Shepherd Investigation Results in Indictments for Serving Whale Sushi in California
  332. Sea Shepherd Belgium Performs a Flash Mob to Bring Awareness to the Slaughter of Cetaceans
  333. Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker Ship Loses Shonan Maru No. 2
  334. Armed Japanese Ship Ignores Australian Order to Leave Australian Waters
  335. Sea Shepherd Ships Intercept the Nisshin Maru
  336. Sea Shepherd Needs Your Help To Save Whales & Help Captain Watson
  337. Sea Shepherd Has Intercepted the Whale Poachers
  338. Operation Kimberley Miinimbi Update
  339. Red Hot Chili Peppers Show Big Love for Sea Shepherd at Big Day Out Music Festival
  340. Captain Paul Watson Granted Original Nation Passport
  341. Sea Shepherd Welcomes Legendary Free Divers to Our Board of Advisors
  342. Sea Shepherd Australia To Lead Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign
Current Sea Shepherd News (2013 to present)
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