Help the Allankay defend our ocean!

Sea Shepherd vessels play a key role in protecting our ocean and its precious marine wildlife. The presence of a Sea Shepherd vessel is a clear and bright signal to illegal fishing operators; if they prey upon our ocean, they will be caught.  The Allankay needs critical modifications completed before she can head back out on campaign, and we need your help.

Save marine lives

Every marine animal fulfils a key role in the health of our ocean and when a species becomes extinct, the flow-on effects are immeasurable. We MUST protect the delicate balance of our marine ecosystem. With you on our side, our stance for marine protection will remain firm and our ships are the key to this protection. It is all-important that Sea Shepherd ships remain on the frontline of defence, and we need your help!


With your generous support, Sea Shepherd vessels will continue to play a fundamental role in stopping illegal fishing around the globe. Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a major contributor to global overfishing, and it is pushing many of our marine species to the brink of extinction. But without intervention, IUU fishing will continue to wreak havoc on our ocean. 

Thank you. Please consider sharing with your family and friends to help save more marine lives!