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News & Commentary

Hvannasund grind. Photo: Axe Zaal
August 27, 2016

More Pilot Whales Slaughtered in the Faroe Islands

For the third time this year, pilot whales have been slaughtered in the Danish Faroe Islands. The ordeal began at 7am today when a pod of 40 pilot whales was reported to local authorities off Skálatoftir, on the island of Borðoy. The pod was then driven by 12…
Male Koala – Kangaroo Island
August 26, 2016

Greens, Xenophon, Port Adelaide, Yankalilla and Kangaroo Island rally in defence of the Bight

Operation Jeedara Update by Jeff Hansen – campaign lead Port Adelaide Friday the 19th of August at 0700 we took the pilot onboard the Steve Irwin, in preparation for coming into Port Adelaide. The Flinders Ports pilots were a nice couple of gents who were…
The mighty Steve Irwin, sails into Port Adelaide after its journey documenting the wonders of the Great Australian Bight. Photo: Sea Shepherd South Australia.
Aug 20, 2016

Steve Irwin vessel returns from Great Australian Bight into Port Adelaide

Steve Irwin vessel returns from Great Australian Bight into Port Adelaide, encountering a place rich in beauty and biodiversity, worthy of Word Heritage status Today the Steve…
This is a tame day in the Great Australian Bight and BP want to drill for oil here. Photo: Eliza Muirhead
Aug 18, 2016

The Great Australian Bight - Worthy of World Heritage recognition - Operation Jeedara Update

August 18, 2016 - As I write this we are en route back to Port Adelaide, South Australia. It will be the first time a Sea Shepherd vessel has come into port in South Australia and…
Environmentalist Bob Brown and actor David Field join Operation Jeedara at Fowlers Bay, South Australia. Photo: Eliza Muirhead
Aug 15, 2016

Conservationist Bob Brown and Actor David Field join the Steve Irwin vessel in the fight for the…

Today former Senator and leader of the Australian Greens, Dr. Bob Brown and actor David Field, joined the Steve Irwin vessel in Fowlers Bay, South Australia as part of Sea…
The M/Y Bob Barker watches over the F/V Alemar Primero as São Toméan and Gabonese authorities carry out inspections. Photo: Alejandra Gimeno
Aug 09, 2016

Operation Albacore Results in Detention of Spanish Long-liner in São Tomé

On the 6th of August, the Spanish long-line fishing vessel Alemar Primero was boarded in waters belonging to the Central African island state of São Tomé and Príncipe by São…

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