Our campaign to end shark killing programs

Shark Defence Campaign

Shark Defence Campaign

The mission of our Shark Defence Campaign is to defend, conserve and protect sharks in order to maintain a healthy ocean.


Around the world, sharks are threatened by many human activities including finning, fishing bycatch, commercial fishing, habitat degradation, climate change and government-endorsed control and culling programs.


On Australian shores, our Shark Defence Campaign continues to shed much-needed light on the destructive nature of state-sanctioned shark "control" programs through investigation, documentation and publication. By bringing our message to the Australian public, we are mobilising support for the long-term protection of sharks under Australia’s environment laws. 


Using our small boat the Grey Nurse, our campaign actively monitors and reports on shark nets and drumlines in Queensland and New South Wales, acting as a vocal advocate for their removal.



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Make 2024 shark net free

Just off our NSW coastline, marine life are silently suffering in shark nets.  


These indiscriminate devices catch and kill turtles, rays, dolphins, sharks and countless marine animals every year.  


Alongside Action for Dolphins, we are fighting to make 2024 shark net free. 


Do you want to help? Sign our petition today! 

The Silent Killer: The True Impact of Shark Culling

Queensland and New South Wales' governments don’t want you to see behind the scenes of their cruel and indiscriminate shark culling programs, so we’ve unearthed images from within the program and crunched the numbers to show the true impact of shark culling. 

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Why are Sharks Important?

As apex predators, sharks are essential for a healthy ocean. 


Find out more interesting facts about their importance in the ocean ecosystem. 


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The Impact of Shark Culling on Migrating Whales

From April to November each year, Australia's coastlines come alive with the mass migration of whales from their summer Antarctic feeding grounds. But sadly, whales that travel through Queensland waters are met with the threat of indiscriminate shark nets and drumlines. In 2022, seven whales were unnecessarily entangled.


Take action today - tell Queensland to urgently remove these nets. 

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