Operation Apex Harmony

Using our main asset, the small boat - Grey Nurse - we actively monitor shark nets and drumlines in Queensland and New South Wales, bringing transparency to the programs by recording images and footage.


Our campaign uses social media and traditional media to bring our message to the public in local areas affected by government decisions and the broader community in each state.

Operation Apex Harmony
Creating Awareness

We have successfully brought attention to the numbers of marine animals; sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins and whales caught and killed by these programs for decades.


Since 2017, we have campaigned effectively in Northern New South Wales where the government implemented an extremely unnecessary trial of shark nets. Community attitudes have changed thanks largely due to the images and footage we have been able to release to the public, which has maintained pressure for change.

Operation Apex Harmony
The Alternatives

There are many proven non-lethal shark safety devices that can reduce the risk of shark bites and keep people safe. 


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Operation Apex Harmony
Our Shark History

Sea Shepherd is known for fighting tirelessly for whales, dolphins, tuna and seals, but we've also silently taken on the battle for sharks – an animal few understand is worth fighting for.

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Sea Shepherd Shark Protection
Global Shark Defence

Each year over 100 million sharks are killed around the world. Watch our 'Stop the Shark Killers Now: Extinction is Forever' video to learn more about our work protecting sharks. 

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