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Today there’s a new threat facing Antarctica and the marine wildlife that depend on it, requiring us to head south once more: the krill fishing fleet. Sea Shepherd Global has the experience and the resolve to defend the Southern Ocean’s unique ecosystem, a vital keystone in the health of our planet. Operation Antarctica Defense, the maiden campaign of Allankay, follows a long history of Sea Shepherd successes protecting the Antarctic.

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Sea Shepherd Catches Super Trawlers Stealing Food from Mega Pod of Whales

March 9, 2023 - On Monday Sea Shepherd Global caught two super trawlers with their massive nets deployed plowing through a mega pod of over one hundred fin whales as they fed on krill off the South Orkney Islands, Antarctica. “The two super trawlers made no effort to change course. It even appeared as if they deliberately steered toward the spouting megapod, knowing that where there are whales, there must be krill," said Captain Peter Hammarstedt from on board Sea Shepherd Global’s newest vessel Allankay.

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Our New Ship
Introducing the Allankay

21 February 2023 -- We’re excited to announce we’ve added a new vessel to our fleet, currently en route to the Southern Ocean to take on the present-day challenges that face the Antarctic ecosystem. Purchased thanks to a donation by a generous couple from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the Allankay is a 54.5-meter former Patagonian toothfish fishing vessel, ice-strengthened and suited to working in polar climates.


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