Stemming the tide of plastic pollution in our oceans

Marine Debris Campaign

Marine Debris Campaign

Australia's coastlines have never been more vulnerable. Our oceans are drowning from the tidal wave of plastic pollution. For marine life, this means the fight to survive each day is relentless.


Our Australia-wide marine debris campaign has been driving community change through education and beach clean-ups, empowering people to realise that every piece counts. 


Interested in learning more? Email for further information or follow our dedicated Sea Shepherd Australia Marine Debris Campaign Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Take Action for Our Oceans

Help us by telling the Australian Parliament why we need a national ban on single-use plastics and microbeads, as well as better design and labelling requirements.

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Marine Debris Campaign
Combatting the growing tide of marine debris

Join our fight against plastic pollution  


In 2016, we started a nationwide campaign to clean-up Australia's waterways and beaches. Since then, passionate volunteers have removed over 2.6 million pieces of trash from polluting our oceans.   


Sea Shepherd is committed to promoting and facilitating family friendly coastal and river clean-up activities and inspiring the community, businesses and industry to take action in support of the protection and conservation of local marine environments. 

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Marine Debris Campaign
The Problems with Plastic Pollution

Plastic is both durable and indestructible - it's one of our greatest innovations, but also one of the worst. 


Marine plastic pollution has created a major environmental problem and without action it is estimated that the plastic in our oceans will outweigh our fish by 2050.

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Marine Debris Campaign
The Solution

The convenience of plastic is creating devastating environmental and social impacts, but it’s not too late to stem the tide.


50% of all plastic produced makes single-use items with a life span of just 12 minutes, and this is where your power lies. Take action today by eliminating these single-use items from your everyday life and picking up trash before it enters the ocean.

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Marine Debris Campaign
Clean-up Events

Take Action – Join a clean-up


Each month, Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Teams around Australia host local beach and waterway clean-ups.


Get involved by joining a Sea Shepherd clean-up near you!

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Marine Debris Campaign
Marine Debris Data Sheets

Since Sea Shepherd launched our Marine Debris Campaign in Australia in 2016 our volunteer marine debris teams have recorded what has been found at each of our 550+ clean-ups, where in excess of 2.6 million pieces of marine debris has been removed by over 23,000 amazing people. On average around three quarters of all debris collected is made from plastic.


As citizen scientists, sharing our data with the community is something we are passionate about – from knowledge we can create change.

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