Marine Debris Campaign

Our Australia-wide Marine Debris Campaign aims to protect and conserve our marine environment by preventing and removing the unprecedented amount of plastic entering our ocean and waterways. 


Around the country, our passionate volunteers are taking direct action and cleaning up our coastlines. Learn more about our work below.


Our all-ages, family-friendly and inclusive beach and river clean-ups are hosted all around Australia by passionate volunteers who conduct clean-ups in their area once a month.

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In addition to community clean-ups, our volunteers also conduct remote clean-ups in difficult-to-reach areas around the country, shining a light on the pervasive problem of plastic pollution.


Read on to find out more about our remote clean-up projects. 


Our volunteers travel off the beaten track, cleaning up areas of Australia's coastline and collecting critical data about plastic pollution: the unseen epidemic on our beaches. Click the tiles below to read more about each remote project. 

Remote Clean-up Project

Cocos Keeling Islands

Remote Clean-up Project

Arnhem Land

Remote Clean-up Project


Remote Clean-up Project

Christmas Island

Remote Clean-up Project

Remote Queensland Islands

Remote Clean-up Project


Thank you. Please consider sharing with your family and friends to help save more marine lives!