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Invite Sea Shepherd to your school or community to learn more about marine conservation though our range of presentations or explore our free online learning platform. 

About Sea Shepherd's Education Program

Right now, it is critical that we understand what is happening to the planet and work together to develop better systems for living in harmony with the ocean. 


Sea Shepherd offers the perfect platform to start discovering ocean education and dive deeper into conservation issues. For many years, we have been working in schools to share information about the ocean ecosystems, the marvellous species that inhabit the sea, threats to the ocean and how people can be involved with protecting marine life.


Download our presentation information sheet to find out more. 


If you're a teacher, download our Australian curriculum guide for our presentations.

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Our school program comprises a variety of talks, which can be adapted for class levels and interest areas, excursion opportunities and classroom resources. 


Our talks are a good entry point into the program and are focused on key species, issues, campaigns, history and ambitions. 


The Sea Shepherd movement is fueled by passionate volunteers, and as such, our capacity is dependent on the availability of volunteer presenters. 


To submit a request for a school visit or online presentation please download the request form here and email to


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Online learning resources

Access our free online learning platform, with resources for teachers, home schooling groups and students, along with some fun activities.


Our education resources are a unique way to experience our firsthand insight into the many issues impacting the ocean and marine wildlife, gained through over 40 years of marine conservation on the frontline. 


Thank you. Please consider sharing with your family and friends to help save more marine lives!