Australia is on board with the Allankay

Monday, 08 Apr, 2024

Easter Sunday marked an end to the 2024 Australian tour of the Allankay. The Allankay is Sea Shepherd’s marine conservation vessel leading the fight against industrialised krill fishing in Antarctica.


The tour aimed to drum up support and awareness for our Antarctic campaign – and it was a resounding success. Watch the short wrap video:

Thousands of people came aboard the ship for tours in Hobart, Melbourne, and Sydney, while thousands more joined onshore events in Lakes Entrance, Eden, Jervis Bay, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and online. Ranging from beach cleanups, Q&As, school visits, and even a massive joint protest against salmon farming in Tassie with our friends at The Bob Brown Foundation, we brought together people with a shared commitment to our whales, oceans, and climate.

Managing Director Jeff Hansen being interviewed for Channel 7 in Coffs Harbour. Photo Alice Bacou/Sea Shepherd

From Hobart to the Gold Coast, the Allankay sailed up Australia’s east coast fresh from Antarctica, informing supporters, communities, and media along the way the impact of krill fishing on whales. With coverage across ABC Radio, The Sydney Morning Herald, and 10 News, as well as many articles in local and regional papers, we ensured our campaign made headlines across the country.

Bob Brown addresses the flotilla crowd from the Allankay. Photo Alice Bacou/Sea Shepherd.
Local school children participate in the Eden beach clean up. Photo Youenn Kerdavid/Sea Shepherd
Supporters tour the Allankay in Hobart. Photo Youenn Kerdavid/Sea Shepherd

Our first-in-seven-year tour offered a rare chance for supporters to meet Captain Peter Hammarstedt and the rest of our Allankay global crew. We shared first-hand stories from aboard the ship, including our latest dramatic mission in the Southern Ocean (read on to find out more).

Peter Hammarstedt addresses the crowd at the Hotel Australasia in Eden. Photo Youenn Kerdavid/Sea Shepherd

To all those who attended the events, volunteered, donated, or followed the tour from afar – thank you! Together, we must continue to support the campaign to defend Antarctica and its wildlife from its newest adversary: industrial krill fishing.

Locals join with the Sea Shepherd crew for a beach clean up in Coffs Harbour. Photo Alice Bacou/Sea Shepherd

More about the campaign

We thought whales in the Southern Ocean were safe – we were wrong.

Krill fishing is crippling almost every part of Antarctica’s ecosystem. From the whales that depend on it to survive, to the important role they play in mitigating climate change, krill are the linchpin of the ocean.

Sea Shepherd’s Operation Antarctica Defence – led by the Allankay – is dedicated to stopping krill fishing. In 2023/2024, on the campaign’s second Antarctic mission, we captured footage of a fleet of industrialised krill supertrawlers ploughing directly through hundreds of whales in their feeding ground.

Our crew witness a supertrawler hauling in krill as whales try to feed in the Southern Ocean. Photo Youenn Kerdavid/Sea Shepherd

The footage shocked the world, revealing how destructive and bold this industry has become. Our evidence helped prevent the increase of krill quotas in 2024, so we know our mission to stop krill fishing is working. But it’s not enough.

A booming global krill industry from Norway to China means if we don’t ramp up our fight against this new adversary we could face twice as many supertrawlers in the Southern Ocean in coming years.

That’s why we’re gearing up to stop it.

We know how to stop marine-threatening industries – because we’ve done it before. From stopping illegal poaching to forcing governments to abandon their global whale hunts, Sea Shepherd has defended our whales, oceans, and climate for decades.

Sea Shepherd crew monitor a supertrawler in the Southern Ocean. Photo Youenn Kerdavid/Sea Shepherd

We know we need krill fishing to remain high on the political agenda as we fight for a ban on the industry in Antarctica. Last month’s Australian tour has succeeded in drumming up support for the campaign. We can’t stop now.

Sea Shepherd acts where international authorities can’t – or won’t. This work is only possible with the support of communities around the globe. Our supporters are the backbone of every Sea Shepherd mission to defend marine life.

That’s where you come in.

In order to effectively expose the actions of the krill industry and protect the Antarctic ecosystem, we've launched a grassroots-led investigation designed to map the industry and help consumers identify the corporations most invested in the exploitation of krill. With the help of the Allankay, we’ve been able to shadow and monitor the actions of the krill fishing fleet in Antarctic waters. Now, we need your help to track exactly who is using those krill around the world.

How does it work? Sea Shepherd has created an easy-to-use tool for volunteers to assist in mapping the krill industry. All you need to do is head to your local supermarket and/or pharmacy, take photos of krill-based products, and upload to our central database using our simple interface. Sea Shepherd will then use this data to assess and identify corporate targets for the next stage of our campaign work. Can you help end the krill crisis by helping document krill products on our shelves?



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