Don’t Allow Extinction to Be the Fate of the Maui’s Dolphin

Thursday, 10 May, 2012

Don’t Allow Extinction to Be the Fate of the Maui’s Dolphin

Photo: Will Rayment - New Zealand Whale & Dolphin TrustPhoto: Will Rayment - New Zealand Whale &
Dolphin TrustTrying to protect the Maui’s Dolphin from extinction in New Zealand has been an ongoing concern for many academics and activists for over a decade. In the past few months, nearly 8,500 submissions were made, and 65 000 petition signatures collated from New Zealand and around the globe through NABU International and Avaaz websites. These submissions and signatures were presented to the New Zealand government on May 2nd ,five days after another Maui’s Dolphin death.

Intergovernmental departments will now meet behind closed doors to create a Threat Management Plan. This plan will decide the fate of the Maui’s Dolphin, which is on the verge of extinction. Even though the 2007 measures were inadequate, there is hope that this time common sense will prevail and the focus will shift to saving a rare and endagered species and extending the set net ban. Following this meeting will be another public submission phase where the Maui’s Dolphin will still need the strident efforts of all activists and animal lovers to contribute and remind the New Zealand government of its duty to protect an iconic part of New Zealand’s wildlife. We will let you know as soon as we can when to make a submission.

Under this current phase, negotiations will continue until November 2012, when the New Zealand government will release their management plan which will decide the fate of the Maui’s Dolphin. Take action today by emailing some of those people behind the closed doors of central government.

Prime Minister John Key :

Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson:

Minister of Primary Industries David Carter :

Or perhaps write to Peter Bodeker from the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council, who thinks that the proposed extended set net ban is a “ritualistic flogging of the fishing industry.”

Thank you for your concern, and I sincerely hope for your action!

Sea Shepherd New Zealand

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