Australian ‘Shark’ Janine Allis Joins Sea Shepherd Australia's Board of Directors

Friday, 17 Sep, 2021

Sea Shepherd is proud to announce the appointment of award-winning businessperson Janine Allis to Sea Shepherd Australia’s Board of Directors. 

Ms Allis brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the role. Her accomplishments include; 

- Founding Boost Juice and Retail Zoo

- Being selected as an investor ‘shark’ on the reality television show Shark Tank

- Acting as a Boardroom Advisor on Celebrity Apprentice

- Competing on Australian Survivor

Ms Allis has been appointed for the strengths she will bring to our mission to defend, conserve and protect the ocean.

On joining the board, Janine Allis said, “I feel privileged to have experienced priceless encounters in the ocean, from the Mediterranean, Caribbean to back home here in Australia, seeing first-hand the beauty of the sea, and how fragile it can be.”

"I’m excited to bring my passion and love for the ocean, combined with my extensive business experience and inject it into the Sea Shepherd team, as I’ve been inspired not only by their successes, but also their never give up attitude to make the impossible possible in their pursuits to protect our ocean. I’m charged to see what history we can make together, for the ocean.”

- Janine Allis
Pictured: Award-winning businessperson Janine Allis

"Hold onto your seats everyone, one of the Shark Tank ‘Sharks’ Janine Allis is joining the team at Sea Shepherd. All I can say is poachers beware, as we have pulled out one hell of a weapon joining our movement for the ocean to help us lay the strong business foundations on land, to keep our ships out to sea on the frontline of ocean defence.”

Sea Shepherd Australia's Managing Director, Jeff Hansen

“Like any ecosystem, Sea Shepherd's strength lies in diversity. The Board will benefit greatly from the addition of Janine, a successful entrepreneur whose business experience will contribute the innovative approaches that we need to help grow the Sea Shepherd movement as we tackle ever greater challenges"

Chair of Sea Shepherd Australia, Peter Hammarstedt

Read Janine's full biography on our Board of Directors page

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