Beware Sea Shepherd Counterfeiters!

Friday, 15 Jun, 2018

We know that most of you shop to support and we like to thank you wholeheartedly for doing so! All proceeds go directly to fund Sea Shepherd campaigns, so merchandise sales are vital to the organization. Unfortunately, we noticed the number of counterfeit items on the market is growing rapidly. Obviously our Jolly Roger logo is very popular!

Example of a website selling Counterfeit Merchandise

It’s hard to tell from just looking at a website whether it’s selling counterfeits (above) or authentic Sea Shepherd merchandise (below). To make sure that you’re getting the real deal, and that the proceeds are going to Sea Shepherd, be sure to only purchase merchandise online directly from official Sea Shepherd web stores.

One of the official Sea Shepherd Merchandise websites

Where do I buy official Sea Shepherd Merchandise?

On our landing page for merchandise you will find links to the various shops, but here’s an overview for your convenience:

- Germany
- France
- Switzerland
- US -
- New Zealand -
- Australia
- UK -
- UK Dedicated Jewelry 
- UK Official eBay - 

Most e-stores ship worldwide. We advise to shop at your nearest e-store and minimize the carbon footprint of your order. This will save you a lot on shipping and taxes!

We also have brand partners like Hoodlamb, KeepCup, Board Sox, Dr. Bronner’s, Flora and Fauna, The Chocolate Yogi, Toby and Louise, and Kustom we teamed up with to develop great products. Some of these brands have their own e-stores and we still encourage you to pay them a visit. If you’re not sure about an item, simply double check with us.

Now what to do when you come across unknown merchandise?

Well, don’t buy it! Tell your friends not to buy it also. We have a team checking out illegal reselling, scanning the web frequently. Platforms like Wish, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Printeefy are all on our radar. With registered trademarks, we are able to issue takedown requests. If you want to report an unknown merchandise source, please do so at your local Sea Shepherd chapter.

Thank you for sharing this message and your continuous support!
Jeroen Botter, Sea Shepherd Global Merchandise Director

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