Our Oceans Urgently Need Your Help

Wednesday, 01 May, 2024

Did you know that 20-40% of all fish caught globally is caught illegally?


Will you help support Sea Shepherd Australia’s fight to stop this illegal exploitation of our ocean?

Our ocean is fighting for survival, and every day, the threats are growing.

Blatant overfishing, illegal fishing in protected marine areas, plastic pollution, and discarded fishing gear are wreaking havoc on our ocean and the impact upon vulnerable marine wildlife is catastrophic.


According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing already accounts for the loss of 11 – 26 million tonnes of fish, every single year. And those numbers will continue to grow. This assault on our ocean and its marine life is not sustainable and without intervention, it will reach breaking point!

Please support our lifesaving campaigns

Every day, Sea Shepherd teams around Australia, and all around the world, tirelessly fight to stop the illegal exploitation and destruction of our ocean. But we cannot do it alone.


Your support is crucial. Donations, regardless of size, play a pivotal role in keeping us on the frontline of ocean defence. Your vital support will fund our campaigns to end illegal fishing, save threatened species and protect essential marine habitats.


Without intervention, illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing activities will continue. This includes widespread overfishing in protected marine areas, the use of destructive illegal fishing equipment and potentially serious labour abuses of fishing crews, including modern day slavery offenses and human trafficking.

We must act together.

The flow-on impact for our ocean and the countless marine animals who call it home will be devastating. We will see increases in marine animals killed as by-catch and marine life driven closer to extinction if we do not act together today.


Sea Shepherd’s direct-action campaigns have played a fundamental role in ocean protection for over 45 years. Our at-sea patrols actively deter fishing vessels from entering marine protected areas, our unique government partnerships have resulted in the arrest of over 96 vessels for illegal fishing and other fisheries crimes and in Australia, we have removed over 233 tonnes of plastic pollution from our beaches.


Our campaigns have saved an incalculable number of marine lives. This is conservation in action. These life-changing results were only possible because our generous supporters, people like you made tax deductible donations to fund our work.

Behind the Scenes:
How Sea Shepherd Combats Illegal Fishing

Sea Shepherd stands at the forefront of the fight against Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, deploying innovative strategies and international collaborations to protect marine biodiversity.


Read more about our latest campaign, Operation Tuvalu, and why IUU fishing is such a big threat to our oceans, what we are doing to fight it and who we work with.

Read more

We translate your generous donation into life-saving campaigns for our ocean and the countless marine animals who call it home. 


Our supporters play an essential role in our campaigns to protect our ocean and its precious marine wildlife. With little to no government funding received, our incredible community of supporters directly fund our work, saving marine lives.


We are immensely grateful to have you on our side as we tirelessly fight for our ocean!

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