Protecting Quandamooka Country

Tuesday, 25 May, 2021

For the third year in a row, Sea Shepherd’s Marine Debris Campaign has returned to Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) carrying out an intensive clean-up that has again exposed the impact of marine plastic pollution on this remote island off Brisbane, Queensland.

Thirteen Sea Shepherd crew from across SE Queensland took part in the weekend long clean-up, covering eight kilometres of the island’s coastline, ranging from mangroves to long stretches of beach.

Sea Shepherd volunteers at Mulgumpin (Moreton Island). Photo: Rebecca Griffiths

At Mulgumpin, the Quandamooka people are the original custodians having protected and managed the land and sea country for thousands of years.

The Moreton Bay area is home to hundreds of species of fish and six of the world’s seven sea turtle species including threatened green turtle, hawksbill turtle and loggerhead turtle. The Bay supports three species of dolphin, herding dugong, many species of shark and ray and thousands of molluscs.

Despite our crew being met with heavy wind and rain, this did not dampen their determination or spirits! The team pressed on, for the ocean. 

The wet weather made spotting and removing the debris from the wet sand on the beach, dune areas and the mangroves more challenging.

The top category of items recorded during the clean-up was foamed plastics followed by hard plastic remnants. The crew picked up many single-use plastic bottles, plastic bottle lids and even balloons. The majority of this trash can be linked back to land-based sources coming from places like Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Images from the clean-up: 

A volunteer searching for plastic pollution in the mangroves. Photo: Rebecca Griffiths
A discarded fishing nets found during the clean-up. Photo: Rebecca Griffiths
Single-use plastic bottles found at Mulgumpin. Photo: Rebecca Griffiths

Marine plastic pollution continues to dominate our coastlines and waterways, regardless of whether it is an urban, regional or offshore coastal areas.

Sea Shepherd is proud to be taking direct action on Mulgumpin’s coastal areas with our clean-ups removing harmful marine debris for the protection of marine wildlife.

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