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Friday, 19 Jan, 2018

Sea Shepherd Dive connects like-minded dive companies and enthusiasts to Sea Shepherd and to each other. Together, we will become more conscientious divers, drive up industry standards, promote the preservation of our oceans and support Sea Shepherd's mission.

About Sea Shepherd Dive

To join the Sea Shepherd Dive community businesses and individuals place marine conservation at the forefront of their diving activities. Sea Shepherd Dive partners donate monthly, adopt the program Rules and Ethics and a Code of Conduct that underpins their dive activities.


View our Partner Guidelines


To support Dive partners in their conservation mission, Sea Shepherd provides a series of benefits such as discounted merchandise, use of Sea Shepherd's Dive graphics, exposure on Sea Shepherd's social media platforms and support for outreach events from local Sea Shepherd volunteers.


Together, Sea Shepherd and Dive partners conduct dive clean ups, host educational, outreach and fundraising events to promote our shared values around marine conservation. 

Become a Sea Shepherd Dive Partner

Are you a dive centre or operator wishing to partner with Sea Shepherd Dive and benefit from additional bookings and foot traffic from Sea Shepherd Australia's support base? Read our Dive Partner Code of Conduct, then contact us for information on how to start working with Sea Shepherd on promoting a healthy marine environment for future generations.

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