Sea Shepherd Featured on South Africa's 50/50

Monday, 13 Feb, 2006

50/50 is one of the most popular television programmes in South Africa and for over 20 years has reported on conservation efforts in South Africa and around the world.

Per the 50/50 website: 50/50 has influenced environmental policy, stirred the public against environmental injustice,s and promoted the work of dedicated conservationists and has helped to create a stronger awareness of conservation and environmental issues in South Africa.

The voyage of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel Farley Mowat was featured on 50/50 on February 12th in a show seen by millions of South Africans.

Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Captain Paul Watson was originally interviewed by Bart Smithers of BFT Productions for the programme in September of 2005 when he attended the Hermanus Whale Festival in Cape Town. The show also included interviews of the Farley Mowat crew recorded when the ship reached port in Cape Town in January of this year.

This program has greatly contributed to the awareness of people in South Africa to the issue of illegal whaling in the Southern Oceans of Antarctica.

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