Partnering with the Seabin Foundation for Ocean Health

Thursday, 13 Jun, 2024

We are excited to share that we have partnered with the Seabin Foundation to provide valuable content for their new online education program, OCEAN HEALTH.

Seabin Foundation is committed to working with communities and with the data and science associated with Seabin Smart Technology to address the problem of ocean pollution, more specifically of plastics in the ocean.

The OCEAN HEALTH course inspires students as change-makers, delving into Seabin technology, data, ocean health, and plastic pollution. It's a transformative journey to equip students with the knowledge to make a tangible difference in the world.

Many inspiring ocean conservation organisations have come together to create this comprehensive course designed to educate and inspire young adults (16+) and adults about the importance of protecting our oceans and the impact of marine pollution. Through seven modules, delve into the pivotal role oceans serve as Earth's life support system and uncover the concerning impacts of plastic pollution and other threats to ocean health.

Discover innovative blue tech solutions and explore the intricate link between river systems as conduits of waste to the ocean and the repercussions of ocean acidification and more.

In addition to learning about these critical topics, you'll also discover inspiring initiatives undertaken by organisations worldwide in the battle for healing our oceans. This course is crafted to cultivate a new generation of environmental leaders, fueling their passion to pioneer transformative solutions for our precious oceans. The course features amazing video content, engaging quizzes, reflective activities, and once completed, pathways to volunteer, get involved, or pursue higher education in ocean conservation.

The course is completely free. To learn more and enrol, click the button below.

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