Where are the Sea Shepherd ships right now?

Wednesday, 06 Oct, 2021

Since 1977, the Sea Shepherd fleet has been protecting marine wildlife through direct-action ocean conservation campaigns all around the world. Learn more about Sea Shepherd's fleet and the current frontline work of each vessel below. 

Mediterranean Sea

Current Status: On campaign pulling up illegal Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) during Operation Siso

About the Ship: The Sea Eagle is a 35-meter former pilot ship, now serving in the Sea Shepherd fleet. The ship was generously donated by Allianz, and will now serve in the Mediterranean sea to fight back against ocean plastics, ghost nets and illegal fishing.

 Lisbon, Portugal

Current status: Undergoing maintenance

About the Ship: The vessel, retired from service by the Japanese Government in 2010, was purchased thanks to a donation from the late Sam Simon, a Sea Shepherd supporter and co-creator of "The Simpsons". It was first used in our campaigns against illegal whaling in Antarctica, and has since participated in marine conservation campaigns all over the world.

 Lisbon, Portugal

Current status: Undergoing maintenance

Read about the Bob Barker's recent campaign in Gabon to combat illegal fishing 

About the Ship: The M/V Bob Barker was a former Norwegian whaling vessel, Thanks to a five million dollar contribution from American television personality and icon Bob Barker, Sea Shepherd was able to quietly purchase and refit the long-range vessel before it was first used as part of the Antarctic Whale Defense campaigns. 


Panama City, Panama

Current Status: Undergoing maintenance.

Read about the M/V Ocean Warrior’s recent campaign to track down and expose a notorious squid fishing fleet off the Galapagos Islands

About the Ship: The M/V Ocean Warrior is Sea Shepherd's first custom-built patrol vessel. It was purchased with a grant from the Dutch, Swedish and British lottery funds and constructed in Antalya, Turkey. With the speed, manoeuvrability and range to outmatch the Japanese whaling fleet the vessel was a game-changer for Sea Shepherd's Whale Defense campaigns in the Southern Ocean.

Mazatlán, Mexico

Current Status: Undergoing maintenance

About the Ship: The M/V Farley Mowat is one of two decommissioned Island-class patrol boats bought by Sea Shepherd from the United States Coast Guard in 2015. It is named after the late Farley Mowat: a Canadian writer and environmentalist. 

 Mazatlán, Mexico

Current Status: Undergoing maintenance

About the Ship: The M/V John Paul Dejoria is the second of two decommissioned Island-class patrol boats bought by Sea Shepherd from the United States Coast Guard in 2015. It is named after the Sea Shepherd supporter John Paul DeJoria: a famous American entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Mazatlán, Mexico

Current Status: Undergoing maintenance

About the Ship: The M/V Sharpie is one of the newest additions to the Sea Shepherd fleet. It is an Island-class former Coast Guard vessel that was donated to Sea Shepherd by entrepreneur Chris Sharp and unveiled in December 2017.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Current Status: Preparing for next expedition

About the Ship: The R/V Martin Sheen is a sailboat owned and used as a research vessel by Sea Shepherd. It was named in honour of the American actor and supporter of Sea Shepherd, Martin Sheen.

Mazatlán, Mexico

Current Status: Undergoing maintenance

About the Ship: The M/V White Holly is a former U.S. Navy vessel purchased by Sea Shepherd in 2018. It has been used in direct action operations against illegal fishing activities.


Current Status:  In port after completing the Baltic Sea Campaign 2021

About the Ship: The M/V Emanuel Bronner is a small ship owned and operated by Sea Shepherd as a Baltic Sea conservation patrol vessel. Unveiled in 2017, the ship was donated by philanthropist Michael Bronner and named after his grandfather, Emanuel Bronner. The vessel is responsible for helping to protect the endangered harbor porpoise in the Baltic Sea. 

Cabo Verde, Africa

Current Status: The Jairo Mora Sandoval is currently in use by the marine conservation organisation Biosfera I in Cabo Verde where it is protecting turtles and sea birds.

About the Ship: The vessel was purchased by Sea Shepherd in 2013 and named after Jairo Mora Sandoval, a courageous sea turtle conservationist murdered in Costa Rica.  

 Melbourne, Australia

Current Status: The retired Sea Shepherd vessel M/V Steve Irwin is currently a Sea Shepherd museum and mixed events space in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia under the care and management of the organisation Ship4Good. The ship is regularly open for public tours. Visit our events page to see upcoming tour dates

About the Ship: 

The MV Steve Irwin is the former flagship of the Sea Shepherd fleet. It was bought by the organisation in 2005 and was used in direct action campaigns for marine conservation and law enforcement. Most of its service for Sea Shepherd was spent defending the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary against illegal whaling operations.


*Ship locations accurate as of 6 October 2021

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