Operation Kimberley Miinimbi Update

Tuesday, 01 Oct, 2013

Victory in the Battle to Protect Waldaman from Woodside's Gas Hub!

A message to Woodside in the Kimberley, WA.

Following the announcement that Woodside and its partners had pulled out of plans to develop a gas hub at Walmadan, Sea Shepherd Australia Director, Jeff Hansen, visited the town of Broome in Western Australia to visit the community that fought alongside Sea Shepherd during Operation Kimberley Miinimbi - a campaign which helped ensure the protection of the world's largest Humpback whale nursery off the coast of James Price Point.

A humpback whale at Walmadan, WA.

During his trip, Jeff visited Walmadan spent time with many of the groups and locals that fought hard for the protection of their land, spent a morning out at sea with a newborn Humpback whale and its mother and encountered a washed-up juvenile humpback whale.

Sea Shepherd Australia also hosted the local community one evening, presenting videos documenting the work that Sea Shepherd carries out not only in Australian waters, but also in the Galapagos, the Gulf of Mexico, and Antarctica.

Watch and share our video documenting Sea Shepherd's return to the Kimberley following the success of Operation Kimberley Miinimbi. 

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