The Allankay is coming to Australia, prepare to board

Sunday, 25 Feb, 2024

Sea Shepherd does what international authorities can’t – or won’t. We defend marine wildlife and the oceans they depend on.


Just when we thought whales in the Southern Ocean were safe - we were wrong. In 2023, our ship the Allankay found a fleet of industrialised krill supertrawlers in Antarctica, ploughing through hundreds of whales directly in their feeding ground.


We know our mission to stop krill fishing is working - the evidence we collected has already helped prevent the increase of krill quotas in 2024. But it’s not enough.


A booming global krill industry means if we don’t continue our fight against this new adversary in the Southern Ocean, we could face twice as many supertrawlers in coming years. That’s why we’re gearing up to stop it.


March 9-29th, we're sailing the Allankay up Australia’s east coast. We'll talk about krill and the impact on whales, and raise funds for our ongoing commitment to protect Antarctica. Will you join the movement to defend Antarctica?


Come aboard the Allankay and meet the Crew!

See our full tour of events including regional fundraisers, dinners, beach clean-ups, and Crew meet and greets below!


Find an event near you:

March 9th & 10th

Come aboard the Allankay Hobart!

March 11th, 2024

Ocean Advocacy Breakfast + VIP tour aboard the Allankay

March 11th, 2024

Fish Farms Out Now flotilla Hobart

March 16th & 17th

Come aboard the Allankay Melbourne!

March 17th to March 29th

Convoy Melbourne to Gold Coast

March 18th, 2024

Lakes Entrance, Victoria - Beach Clean

March 20th, 2024

Sea Shepherd Ocean Advocacy Meet the Crew + Beach Clean Up, Eden!

March 21st, 2024

Defending Antarctica: Live Webinar and Q&A with Captain Peter Hammarstedt on the Allankay

March 21st, 2024

Sea Shepherd Jervis Bay Beach Clean-Up!

March 23rd and 24th, 2024

Come aboard the Allankay Sydney!

March 25th, 2024

Sea Shepherd Newcastle Beach Clean-Up!

March 27th, 2024

Sea Shepherd Meet the Crew Community Fundraiser + Beach Clean Up, Coffs Harbour!

March 28th, 2024

Sea Shepherd Byron Bay Lighthouse Sunset Sail-By!

March 29th, 2024

Sea Shepherd Beach Clean Up + Allankay End-of-Tour Celebration, Gold Coast!

We rely on donations to keep our ships running. Here is a list of items that are currently needed onboard the Allankay ship. Please get in touch with, if you have any questions.


Bridge :


Steiner Commander or Navigator Binoculars
Bridge Wildlife Camera Canon EOS R5 and lens Canon RF 600mm F11 IS STM Lens
2xSpare bulb for searchlight HMI/UV bulb 400W incl. front glass sealing For CL25 preferably Xenon
4x box A4 plain paper
2x packages of laminated sheets
4x head lamp, must have RED light
1x multimeter
2x powerful waterproof LED torch
2x roll of velcro tape
1x Admiralty list of Radio signal volume 6 part 7
1x Admiralty sailing direction South America both volumes
1x Karcher steam cleaner


Safety :


2x extra BA sets, preferably Scott safety
4x 9l composite SCBA bottles
Firefighter wellies, Ideally MED wheelmark or solas approved
Firefighter trousers, jackets hoods and gloves,ranging size small to size large. Ideally MED wheelmark or solas approved
2x Cold water Dive regulators (for dives in 0 degrees C sea water temp)
4x Dive tanks, fully serviceable
Drysuit service
Regs and BCD service


Galley :


Vegan product, cheese substitutes, meat substitutes
Fresh Fruits and Veggie, (at every port call)
2x commercial grade Microwave (240v 60htz)
Food Safe Chopping boards
1x Japanese Style knife set
1x Kitchen aid hand mixer
1x KitchenAid stand Mixer attachment :
-3piece pasta Roller and cutter
-Ice cream bowl
-Spirlizer Attachment (for veggie)
3x Oven Pizza stones
Pizza Pans
Metal serving platter/gastro
Professional Vitamix
Non Stick pans
Le Creuset cast Iron pot
Large stainless steel pot with matching lid
Bundt cake pan
2/3x Pitcher
1x Mandolin with different Slicing attachment
1xVitamix food processor


Deck :


Vegan/ Ocean safe cleaning products, multipurpose, Floor, surfaces and windows
Vegan/ Ocean safe shampoo and body soap
Vegan/ Plastic free sponges
Vegan/ Ocean free laundry detergent/ powder
1x 1500kg cargo net
1x 5000kg cargo net
50x 1ton FIBC duffle top
1x Drill press Jet tools JWDP-12, or equivalent
1x table saw Dewalt DWE7491X, or equivalent
2x 22mm Marine plywood sheet
2x16mm Marine plywood sheet
2x 10mm Marine plywood sheet
50x rolls of duct tape
50 rolls of masking tape
12x 275 newton PFD
25x single bedding sets
10x Vegan/Environment friendly Pillows


Engine Room :


1x 1/2" Chemical resistant pump Trident Australia
1x 1" Chemical resistant pump Trident Australia
1x 2" regular Pump Trident Australia
1x Makita DTW1001 cordless impact wrench
1x Makita DVC 862L cordless vacuum
2x Makita DML805 Cordless LED light
1x Makita DDF484 cordless Combi Driver
1x Makita DTD172 cordless driver
1x Makita DGA 519 Cordless angle grinder
6x Makita 18v Batteries
60l of Engine oil SAE 5W-30M
24l of Transmission oil : ATF Dextron III.
Vegan/Ocean safe, Micro plastic free heavy duty hand soap, loads for our hardworking dirty engineers
2x Submersible stainless steel pumps
1x Soldering station/soldering iron+soldering heat gun
1x Engine coolant test - Caterpillar ELC
1x Slide hammer - bearing removal tool/kit
1xER rugged tablet
1xWorking lamp, torches, lights, headlights (rechargeable, with docking
Cork gasket material 5mm sheets for manhole covers, at least 15m2
2xRatchet combination spanners set 6-32mm
2xKnipex plumbing grips (various sizes - S,M,L,XL)
1xFO Consumption flow meter - flange mounted, flow 500 lt/h
Plumbing material - unions, nipples, elbows, reducers - various sizes
(1/8,1/2,3/4,1,1 1/4 ", etc)
4xWelding gloves
1xWelding helmets - automatic
Whiteboard markers - refillable
Printer paper
3x Calipers - metrical
Thread files


Medical :


Vegan Sun factor, high index
1x O2 Concentrator 220v 60htz
1x Ultrasonic small field unit
1x Ventilator OXYLOG
8x CAT tourniquets




Audio Visual
55-65inch LCD smart TV
VOIP Phones
Preferrably YAELINK (wifi) need 20
DIN terminals- 1.5mm,2.5mm,4-6mm,10mm
Stainless steel enclosures
MCB's- DC,2A,3A,5A
AC (Double Pole)- 6A,10A
Navigation Equipment
Gyro Compass
Wheel Marked Screens
Magnetrons compatible with our radars (very keen for these)
More IMO compliant screens
Liquid flux pens
Resistors sets-10kOhms needed/Anything between 1Ohms and 10kOhms sets
Capacitors sets
E.G. S25VB
Electrical Soldering Iron
Dremel Gas Soldering Iron Set
replacement parts for spares




Tone Tracer tool 
Socket sets
8mm - 16mm preferred
1/4 ratchet
3/8 ratchet
Spanner sets
6mm - 19mm
Adjustable spanners
up to 27mm
Electricians Screw Drivers
Phillips (big.small)
TERMINAL (bigsmall)
Torx (range)
Flat (big small)
Werx is great
SWR meter
Electricians scissors
Cable strippers




Comrod VHF antennas
Mast Type
P-mount type
Class-A VHF radios
preferably Sailor
LMR400 cable
LMR400U cable
iCom 2100D UHF radios
Lanyards (fall arrest type)
Coaxial supplies
Compression gland
7mm - 10mm
AIS unit (wheel marked)


IT Systems:


Balance 305 (or better)
24port enterprise switches
DELL SAMSUNG PM883 2.5" SDD drive which are compatible with out servers or alternatives
Hynix HFS1T9G3H2X069N SE5110 Series Dell OEM 1.92TB SATA 6Gbps TLC 2.5 SSD
Dell 962FP 1.92TB SATA 6GB RI 2.5" SSD HFS1T9G3H2X069N
Or similar / compatible
Peplink AX One access points
Peplink One Mini access points
RJ45 Plugs with push through wiring
Xerox Printer
Toner- Region Unlocked
Xerox 6515 or similar
Lenovo m93p or similar
Approx 24inch 2k LCD screens
VESA mounts
NAS (for media centre)
Self-amalgamating tape
A4 Paper
Toner for existing printers (Chad to confirm components (THEY SHOULD BE IN YMS))
Inks for jet printers (Chad to confirm)
Buttsplice duraseal
.Zip ties for days- All sizes
Smaller gauge wire
12/24v buttons and switches
Australian to European adaptors
Proper tool box
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