Great Butt Hunt

Monday, 06 Nov, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris crew have teamed up with No More Butts to launch The Great Butt Hunt!


You may be thinking, what is The Great Butt Hunt? Cigarette butts pose a huge threat to our precious environment, and are often the TOP item removed at our Sea Shepherd beach clean-ups.


This December, we are holding two events, aimed at removing as many cigarette butts from the marine environment as possible, while also spreading education about the broader issue and impact on our personal health and the health of the ocean. 


Join us in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria or the Gold Coast in Queensland!


Mornington Peninsula


Gold Coast

Not in one of these locations, no worries! You can still take the opportunity to head down to your local area and pick up cigarettes and other trash. Every piece counts! 


We're also regularly holding beach clean-up events around the country, so make sure you head over to our events page here!

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