Our ocean is being destroyed and it needs to stop NOW.  Help us ensure the global fleet of Sea Shepherd vessels remains on the frontline of ocean defence by making a tax-deductible donation before June 30th.


Help save the ocean!

Since 1977, Sea Shepherd has successfully used direct-action tactics to defend, conserve and protect our ocean and enforce conservation laws. Our ships, crewed by passionate volunteers, have saved over 6,000 whales from the deadly harpoons of the illegal whaling fleets in the dangerous waters of the Antarctic, putting an end to whaling in the Southern Hemisphere. We have stood up to baby seal clubbers, hauled in miles of illegal fishing gear, and relentlessly chased one of the world’s most notorious poaching vessels for 110 days until they destroyed their own ship in defeat. But it was only through the generosity and support of people like you that we were able to achieve these incredible outcomes.


Please make a tax-deductible donation before June 30th and help keep our ships active on the high seas and our crew on the frontline protecting marine life. 


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Make a tax-deductible donation before the 30th of June. 


With your support, we will continue to engage in direct action campaigns to protect the world’s ocean from human-made threats such as illegal fishing, climate change, marine plastic pollution and habitat loss. Your contribution today keeps our ships and dedicated volunteers on the frontline, protecting all marine life for future generations.


How your donation will help

- $250.00 will support our international operations in the ongoing fight against illegal fishing


- $100.00 will support our operations in the protection and conservation of all endangered marine life


- $50.00 will keep our Sea Shepherd fleet at the frontline of ocean defence


- $25.00 will support onshore operations to rid our ocean and waterways of plastic pollution



Please give as much as you can to ensure that together, we will have the greatest impact to save our ocean.



Up to 20% of all fish caught globally is the product of illegal fishing. 


Sea Shepherd partners with governments around the world to stop illegal fishing vessels from decimating our ocean. Watch the video below to see how we are shutting down dozens of illegal fishing operators and saving millions of marine lives, and our ocean.

A donation tax receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of your donation.


Our current campaigns are some of the many activities Sea Shepherd undertakes in our battle to protect the ocean. Donations are used where they are needed most and help us continue our work saving marine life worldwide.

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