Untrashing Djulpan: The Documentary

"Ŋilmurru bukmak djäka wäŋawu - All of us together, looking after country.

In 2018, Sea Shepherd joined forces with the Dhimurru indigenous rangers of North-East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory for a remote marine debris clean-up mission. Djulpan is a remote beach, far from any town or city. It is a culturally significant place for the Yolngu people and an important nesting ground for turtles. However, for the past decade, the Dhimurru rangers have been faced with an increasing tide of plastic pollution arriving on their coastline. Together, the team's plan was to remove as much plastic from the beach as possible. What they found was beyond comprehension; 250 million pieces of rubbish along the 14km stretch of remote beach. 'Untrashing Djulpan' tells their story.

This cleanup was made possible thanks to a donation from Austral Fisheries, as part of remembering Ryan Donoghue.

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