Illegal Japanese whaling filmed by the Australian Government in Antarctica

Tuesday, 28 Nov, 2017

This is the footage that the Australian Government didn't want you to see. Since 2012, Sea Shepherd has been a part of a joint fight to get the Australian Government to release rare whaling footage obtained on a 2008 Australian Customs mission to the Antarctic. Here is the footage that the Australian Government filmed with tax payers' money, of the Japanese whaling fleet illegally whaling in Antarctica, in Australian waters. The footage was filmed as part of gathering evidence for the International Court of Justice, which found Japan's whaling to be illegal. WATCH AND SHARE the video below. 

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"Sea Shepherd has been relentless in their opposition to the Japanese whaling fleet, filling a void in doing the job that the majority of Australians want to see done" - Sea Shepherd Australia Managing Director Jeff Hansen. 


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