Sea Shepherd Australia Remote Beach Clean-ups in 2022

Friday, 15 Jul, 2022

Around the country, remote stretches of coastline are home to abundant marine life, important turtle nesting habitats and culturally significant sites. 


In 2018, Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris Campaign developed a clean-up programme to address the growing tide of marine plastic washing up in remote Australian locations where the impact is often hidden. Read on to learn about our clean-ups in 2022. 

Remote tropical islands are increasingly becoming the dumping grounds for ocean plastic pollution. Effective strategies are needed to protect these unique and often untouched environments, which are rapidly disappearing.

The challenges to operate in these areas have been overcome by passionate and dedicated clean-up teams working in collaboration with stakeholders, ranger groups and Traditional Owners. These groups have produced positive outcomes to minimise the effect of plastic pollution on marine life and to reduce plastic loading on coastal habitats.

Sea Shepherd working with Dhimurru Indigenous Rangers to clean Djulpan in the Northern Territory.

Sea Shepherd is working in partnership and engaging with national, state, and local authorities, law enforcement agencies and local and regional partners on various remote campaigns. From removing hundreds of tonnes of marine debris to protecting and conserving ecosystems or marine life, including International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List species, we are tackling the issue of plastic pollution in our ocean. 

To further protect marine life in these areas, Sea Shepherd is expanding our remote clean-up programme and will be tackling new locations in 2022. Stay tuned for news, findings, and results from our new collaborations and partnerships over the coming months! 

2022 Remote Clean-up Programme:

Remote Clean-ups in 2022

Click the tiles below to find out more about our remote clean-ups around Australia in 2022.

March - July 2022

Mulgumpin (Moreton Island), QLD

June 2022

Jurien Bay, WA

August 2022

Anindilyakwa (Groote Eylandt) Island, NT

September & December 2022

Indian Ocean Territories

September 2022

Ningaloo, WA

October 2022

Djulpan, East Arnhem Land, NT

Stemming the Tide of Marine Plastic Pollution

Learn more about Sea Shepherd Australia's Marine Debris Campaign that is protecting marine life from the scourge of marine plastic pollution. To-date, passionate volunteers have removed over 7 million of plastic from Australia's coastlines.



Image: A hermit crab uses a plastic lid for a shell on the Cocos Keeling Islands. 

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