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Wednesday, Apr 01, 2020

Queensland is the latest state to take on single-use plastics in a bid to reduce waste and plastic pollution. Follow the steps below to help #stemthetide of marine plastic pollution today. 

Queensland’s Government is set to introduce legislation in 2020 which would enable a ban on the supply of specific single-use plastic items, starting with straws, hot and cold drink stirrers, plates and cutlery as Stage 1. The ban on these items would start on 1 July 2021.

Stage 2 would involve further analysis on additional single-use plastic items including coffee cups, other plastic cups, takeaway food containers, plastic balloon sticks and heavyweight plastic bags that may result in an extension of the legislation.

We know regulatory frameworks create results in Queensland. The ban on single-use plastic bags has helped reduce the amount of plastic bag litter in the environment by 70%, and the state's container refund scheme, implemented on November 2018, has helped reduce litter by about 35%.

The Sunshine State has now released the Single-Use Plastic Items Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement, developed to evaluate banning these particular single-use plastic products. 

With half of all plastic produced designed to be used only once—and then thrown away, the time for legislative action can’t come soon enough.

The RIS is looking at FOUR options: 

  • Option 1: Maintain the status quo  
  • Option 2: Introduce a legislated ban on the supply of single-use plastic straws, stirrers, plates and cutlery
  • Option 3: Implement non-regulatory approaches, including greater education and awareness 
  • Option 4: Install additional litter collection and clean up infrastructure.

Sea Shepherd believes we need a combination of Options 2, 3 and 4 with additional problem plastic items to be added.  

You have a chance to have your say using the following options:

Click here to take the 5-minute Online Survey 


Write a Submission



Post To: Single-use Plastic Consultation 

Department of Environment and Science 

Office of Resource Recovery 

PO Box 2454 


Closing date for feedback is 30th April 2020.

We believe that by designing out plastic waste and introducing more robust legislative tools for industry, businesses and individuals, together with public education, we can reduce the amount of plastic that ends up on our precious shores, or in our rivers and oceans.


We need swift and bold action on plastic. Speak up to protect marine life and share your views with the Queensland Government. We can’t do this alone but together, we can #StemTheTide of marine plastic pollution.


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