Our Mission to Protect Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Operation Reef Defence

The campaign
Operation Reef Defence

During Operation Reef Defence, the M/Y Steve Irwin toured the east coast of Australia to acknowledge and engage the work of the Australian communities standing strong for the Great Barrier Reef. 


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How Adani's coal mine will impact the Great Barrier Reef

Development of the proposed Carmichael Adani coal mine, rail link and coal port would require a massive dredging program right through the heart of the reef as well as bring an additional 500 coal ships to the region each year.


Already, the Great Barrier Reef is feeling the effects of climate change with unprecedented bleaching events recorded in 2016 and 2017 that have resulted in mass coral mortality. Adani’s proposed coal mine will only exacerbate these impacts.

Operation Reef Defence
The #StopAdani Movement

Sea Shepherd is a proud member of the #StopAdani Alliance: a growing grassroots movement of local action groups across the country, working to stop Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal mine. 


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