Operation Apex Harmony

Our Approach

Apex Harmony is Sea Shepherd’s shark defence campaign which began in 2014.

About the Campaign

The campaign started when the Western Australian state government -  headed by Colin Barnett - deployed drumlines to catch white sharks off Western Australian beaches. 

Along the way, we have campaigned against the New South Wales Government’s trial of shark nets in northern NSW between 2016 and 2018 and Queensland's ‘Shark Control Program’.


Shark nets and drumlines are an outdated and ineffective method of shark bite mitigation. These programs can be fatal to non-target marine wildlife, and they are not proven to decrease the risk of shark bites or injury to people.

Current Issues

Over the years, we have brought transparency to Queensland and New South Wales' destructive shark bite mitigations programs. These programs have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of sharks and rays, hundreds of turtles, as well as dolphins and whales. 

The Problem in Queensland 

Since 1962, the Queensland Government has been killing sharks and other marine life under the Queensland Shark Control Program (QSCP). 
While other states are upgrading to new, non-lethal shark bite mitigation technologies, Queensland is sticking with this outdated, lethal technology. 
Labor won Government in 2017 with a platform that included an undertaking of, “investigation and ongoing scientific review of non-lethal shark monitoring.” With your support, we are working to hold the Labor government to this and bring transparency to the destructive nature of the QSCP. 

In 2018, Apex Harmony undertook a 5-month trip to document the entire Queensland Shark Control Program. This trip saw our small boat Grey Nurse in the water from beaches north of Cairns to the border of New South Wales. During this trip, injured, dead and dying animals were found and reported on the drumlines from Townsville, Bargara, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

The Queensland Government implemented a 20m exclusion zone from it's shark nets and drum lines in June 2019, making it even more challenging for us to bring to light what happens in their gear. We are working on strategies that allow us to keep working effectively on this issue.

With five humpback whales entangled in Queensland's destructive shark control program in 2019 alone, together, we must......