Our campaign to end shark killing programs

Operation Apex Harmony

Operation Apex Harmony

In Australia, Operation Apex Harmony is working to end the destructive and ineffective shark bite mitigation programs of the New South Wales and Queensland governments as well as monitoring the positive changes that have been implemented in Western Australia. 

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Operation Apex Harmony
The Problem in Queensland

Since 1962, the Queensland Government has been killing sharks and other marine life under the Queensland Shark Control Program (QSCP). 


While other states are upgrading to new, non-lethal shark bite mitigation technologies, Queensland is sticking with a program that it’s had since 1962.


In 2017, Labor won Government with a platform that included an undertaking of, “investigation and ongoing scientific review of non-lethal shark monitoring” and we are working to hold the Labor government to this, as well as to bring transparency to the destructive nature of the QSCP.

Operation Apex Harmony
The Problem in New South Wales

The first of NSW's shark nets was installed in Sydney in 1937, with others gradually deployed at 51 beaches from Newcastle to Wollongong to expand the program. These shark nets are indiscriminate, outdated and ineffective, and come at a huge cost to our marine life.


Since the program's inception, over 20,000 animals have been caught in these nets, with many losing their lives. 




Operation Apex Harmony
A Victory for Western Australia

The controversial Western Australian shark cull program took place between late January and April 2014. Sea Shepherd's 2016 documentary, 'The Shark Cull' exposes the brutal cruelty of the cull.


By bringing transparency to effects of this program -  and its failures -  as well as utilising Sea Shepherd supporters to appeal against the three-year proposal, the Environmental Protection Authority recommended in September 2014 that the program cease due to its unknown environmental impacts with the WA Government ending its controversial drum line program.


WATCH AND SHARE our documentary 'The Shark Cull' exposing the cruelty of the controversial Western Australian shark cull program. 

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