Our campaign to end shark killing programs

Operation Apex Harmony

Operation Apex Harmony

Apex Harmony’s mission is to defend, conserve and protect sharks in order to maintain healthy oceans.


Around the world, sharks are threatened by many human activities including finning, fishing bycatch, commercial fishing, habitat degradation, climate change and government-endorsed control and culling programs.


Off the coast of Africa, our efforts in shark protection revolve around combatting the catch and kill of sharks by industrial fishing methods. In Australia, we are currently campaigning against Queensland and New South Wales’ lethal shark bite mitigation programs. 


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Our Approach

For decades, Sea Shepherd has been actively campaigning for the protection of sharks.


On Australian shores, Operation Apex Harmony continues to shed much-needed light on the destructive nature of state-sanctioned shark control programs through investigation, documentation and publication. By bringing our message to the Australian public, we are mobilising support for the long-term protection of sharks under Australia’s environment laws. Learn more about our work in Australia


Around the world, our campaigns at sea use innovative, direct action tactics to protect sharks from illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Learn more

Operation Apex Harmony
Why are Sharks Important?

Sharks have a bad reputation, and this often stands in the way of us understanding their real importance.


As apex predators, sharks are essential for a healthy ocean. 

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Operation Apex Harmony
Take Action for Queensland's Migrating Whales

From April to November each year, Australia's coastlines come alive with the mass migration of whales from their summer Antarctic feeding grounds. But sadly, whales that travel through Queensland waters are met with the threat of indiscriminate shark nets. In 2020 alone, six whales were unnecessarily caught in Queensland shark nets. 


Take action today - tell Queensland to urgently remove these nets. 

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WATCH AND SHARE our documentary 'The Shark Cull' exposing the cruelty of the controversial Western Australian shark cull program. 

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