The Aussie Nurdle Hunt 2021

Tuesday, 16 Mar, 2021

This month, Sea Shepherd Australia's Marine Debris Campaign is once again going on the hunt for 'nurdles' and we need your help! 

So what are nurdles and why are we looking for them?

Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. These pellets are the building blocks of the plastics industry and billions of them are used each year to make all the plastic products.

Spills and mishandling by industry can mean nurdles end up at sea with many washing up on our shores. Nurdles can escape into waterways if spills occur, which can happen at any stage of the production, transport or conversion process.

Like other plastics, nurdles can be mistaken for food by marine wildlife like seabirds, fish, and crustaceans. Once polluting our environment, they can pose a threat to these creatures and habitats for years to come.

We need your help to find and remove these dangerous plastics from our beaches, so join Sea Shepherd at one of the many nurdle hunt clean-up events happening around the country.



 •   Sunshine Coast - Saturday 20th March


 •   Adelaide - Saturday 20th March


 •   Perth - Sunday 21st March

 •   Perth - Saturday 27th March

 •   Perth - Sunday 28th March


 •   Melbourne - Sunday 21st March


 •   Hobart - Sunday 21st March


The results of our Australian nurdle hunts will be shared with the main organisers of the Great Global Nurdle Hunt, and combined with other global data on nurdles, will establish and inform wider dialogue with industry and governments. We want to illustrate that the hidden issue of plastic pellet ‘nurdle’ pollution is widespread and a problem here in Australia.

We hope you can make it to a Sea Shepherd Aussie Nurdle Hunt in your area and build the evidence base to help stop plastic pollution. By joining our Aussie Nurdle Hunt, you will help protect our precious and fragile marine system. The ocean is counting on us; will you stand with us?


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