Sea Shepherd History

Standing fast on the frontlines of marine conservation since 1977

Sea Shepherd is an international marine conservation movement that was founded in 1977 with the mission to defend, conserve and protect the ocean. 


Sea Shepherd Australia began in 2007. The country’s southern cities of Perth, Melbourne and Hobart all became launching sites to Antarctica for Sea Shepherd’s Southern Ocean Whale Defence Campaigns. Today, we have passionate and dedicated volunteers in every major capital city and regional towns all around the country.

Our Victories

Learn about just some of our recent campaign victories for the ocean


Over 80 vessels arrested for illegal fishing


1000 clean-ups around Australia


Equinor abandons risky drilling plans for the Great Australian Bight


The end of illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean


Sea Shepherd assists in the arrest of internationally-blacklisted fishing vessel Labiko 2


BP withdraws from oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight

2014 - 2016

Shutting down illegal toothfish poaching in Antarctica


The end of the Western Australia shark cull


Humpback whale nursery safe from proposed gas hub in Western Australia

Our Current Campaigns

Learn about our current campaigns to defend, conserve and protect marine life. 


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