Defending the Great Australian Bight

Operation Jeedara

Stopping Big Oil from destroying the Great Australian Bight
Operation Jeedara 2016

Sea Shepherd Australia joined the Great Australian Bight Alliance to stop big oil companies, like BP, from drilling for oil in one the most pristine wilderness areas on Earth: the Great Australian Bight.


In August 2016, Sea Shepherd set sail to the Great Australian Bight to highlight it's pristine environment and ecological value and what would happen if an oil spill like Deepwater Horizon were to occur. 


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Partnering with scientists to protect Marine Parks in the Great Australian Bight
Operation Jeedara 2018

In 2018, we invited scientists from the South Australian Department of Environment & Water (DEW) on board the M/Y Steve Irwin to conduct critical underwater marine and terrestrial surveys of the Investigator Group Wilderness Area, in the world-renowned Great Australian Bight.

The campaign gave scientists access to the most remote islands of the Great Australian Bight, providing crucial evidence of the ecological value of the area.

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The Threat to the Great Australian Bight

Drilling in the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight will irrevocably damage the marine environment. Faced with the looming threat of an oil spill, the reality of deafening seismic blasts and climate destruction, the risks far outweigh the reward. 

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Operation Jeedara

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