Have Your Say on Single-Use Plastics in New South Wales

Sunday, 19 Apr, 2020

The NSW Government is seeking community input on its plan to tackle single-use plastics, reduce waste and pollution and increase recycling. Take action for the oceans - send a submission today! 

The NSW Plastics Plan discussion paper Cleaning Up Our Act: Redirecting the Future of Plastic in NSW outlines a pathway to reduce single-use, unnecessary and problematic plastics and plastic pollution and help build the circular economy in NSW.

The strategy importantly aims to reduce the use and prevalence of single-use plastics, lessen pollution and includes extended producer responsibility schemes to fund litter collection and end-of-life plastic management wall of which Sea Shepherd supports.

In 2017–18, NSW consumed 1.1 million tonnes of plastic (mainly packaging and household items).

NSW Government

This discussion paper sets out broad outcomes, including:

- Phase-out key single-use plastics (Including finally banning lightweight plastic bags)

- Reduce plastic litter items by 25% by 2025

- Triple the proportion of plastic recycling by 2030

- Facilitate NSW to become a leader in plastics research and development

Mandated phase-outs of certain single-use plastic items have been happening in every other Australian state and territory and many places overseas. Under the NSW proposal they are considering items such as straws, plates, bowls, cutlery, cups and stirrers, polystyrene food and beverage containers, heavier/boutique plastic bags and oxo-degradable plastics. 

Now is your chance to help set the direction for how NSW deals with plastic by letting the NSW Government know your thoughts. 

Online Surveys:

Click here to take the 5 Minute Short Survey

Click here to take the 20 Minute Detailed Survey

Write a submission: 

Your feedback from this consultation process will help develop the final NSW Plastics Plan and inform ongoing implementation.

*Both Submissions and the survey close on Friday the 8th of May.

We believe that by designing out plastic waste and introducing more robust legislative tools for industry, businesses and individuals, together with public education we can reduce the amount of plastic that ends up on our precious shores, or in our rivers and oceans.

We need swift and bold action on plastic. Speak up to protect marine life and share your views with the NSW Government. We can’t do this alone - together we can #StemTheTide of marine plastic pollution.

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